Top 10 Sam Smith Songs

Sam Smith Songs

Our Top 10 Sam Smith Songs list takes a look at popular English singer/songwriter. Sam Smith sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Their hit singles include “To Die For,” “Diamonds,” “How Do You Sleep?,” “Pray,” “I’m Not The Only One,” “Stay with Me,” “Too Good at Goodbyes,” “Dancing With A Stranger,” “Lay Me Down,” “How Will I Know” as well as other hit singles. They have won numerous awards such as an Academy Award, American Music Awards, ASCAP Pop Music Awards, Billboard, BET, Grammys, Golden Globe as well as several other awards. Their primary musical influences are Adele and Amy Winehouse. They grew up listening to Chaka Khan and Mary J. Blige.

Sam Smith is known for being non-binary. For those of you who may not know what that means, it means they don’t consider themselves a man or a woman. They refer to themselves as they/them.

Sam Smith was born Samuel Frederick Smith on May 19, 1992. Sam Smith studied music and songwriting under Joanna Eden for years. They got their break when they were a guest vocalist on the Disclosure song “Latch” in 2012. They released In the Lonely Hour in 2014. The album peaked at number two on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Lay Me Down,” “Money on My Mind,” “Stay with Me,” “I’m Not the Only One” and “Like I Can.” The album sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

The Thrill of It All was released in 2017. It peaked at number one on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Too Good at Goodbyes,” “One Last Song,” “Pray” and “Baby, You Make Me Crazy.” The album sold over one million copies. Love Goes was released in 2020. It peaked at number five on Billboard 200. It features the singles “My Oasis,” “Diamonds” and “Kids Again.”

Sam Smith is a trailblazer for being a non-binary singer. They are an important voice for the LGBTQ community. Their voice can be best described as blue-eyed soul. They found success early with their first album. They went on to receive numerous awards throughout their career. They are the counterpart to Adele. Their style of music is similar to Adele’s music. Sam Smith has a lot of hit singles so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with 10 songs. As usual, we were up for the challenge. This Top 10 Sam Smith Songs list will feature their best songs.

# 10 – To Die For

The first song on our Top 10 Sam Smith Songs list is “To Die For” from the Love Goes album. The song has a pop beat. The somber song is about self-discovery and loneliness. This song is about the loneliness that they go through in their lives. The story is told from a romantic point of view. This song is relatable to anyone who is feeling lonely. The lyrics will let you know that you are not alone in your battle of loneliness. It’s not a song that you will pick you up. It is meant to make you reflect on loneliness. This is something you can listen to if you’re not in love and you are around other people who are.

The music is melancholy and not meant for dancing. The music is simple and doesn’t rely on multiple instruments. The big instruments weren’t needed because it would have taken away from the message the song is trying to convey. There is a clip from the movie “Donnie Darko” throughout the song. They were trying to be different by adding this movie quote, but it wasn’t really needed. The melody of the song is outstanding. It is soothing and matches the theme of the song. Their vocals are stellar in this track. They sing the song as if it’s a personal one. You can tell they have gone through loneliness in their lives. Their vocals go up and down like a roller coaster throughout the song. Their vocals will touch your soul.

# 9 – How Will I Know

The next song on our Top 10 Sam Smith’s Songs list is “How Will I Know” from the In the Lonely Hour album. The song has a pop beat. The emotional song is about the mystery of love. It is about knowing if someone is in love with you. This is a cover of Whitney Houston’s hit song.

Since this is a cover song, you know the questions are coming. Should they have taken the risk and covered this song? Did they make the song their own? Usually the answer to the first question is no because it is a hit known by the original artist. This is one of Whitney Houston’s hit singles so it is a risk to cover one of her songs. Everyone shouldn’t cover one of Whitney Houston’s songs because she set the bar when she sings her songs. The answer to the second question is yes. They did make this song their own.

They changed the melody of the song. Whitney Houston’s version is up-tempo while Sam Smith’s is a ballad. Whitney Houston’s version is more upbeat while Sam Smith’s is a somber version. Their version is more vulnerable. Their version is more soulful than Whitney Houston’s. The original version has a bigger pop feel to it while this version is an acoustic version. The meaning of this version appears different from the original. Whitney Houston’s version is more of a feel-good song while Sam Smith’s is more melancholy. They keep most of the lyrics the same as the original.

They had big shoes to fill covering this track because Whitney Houston has the voice of an angel. They manage to do a great rendition. They don’t sing the song as well as Whitney Houston, but they do a great job. This song will always be linked to Whitney Houston, but Sam Smith’s version is a really good cover.

# 8 – Pray ft. Logic

The religious song is from the album The Thrill of It All. The song has an r&b and gospel beat. The gospel-inspired song is about them praising God. They want the listeners to know that you don’t have to go to church in order to believe in God. They also want the listeners to know that you don’t have to go to church in order to pray. This is perfect for anyone who isn’t religious, but believes in God. It teaches you that you can have faith and believe in a better life without being in a church. The lyrics are timely with everything that is going on in the world.

The beautiful message is something that everyone needs to hear. The song starts off softly and intimately. The song musically pops in the second half of it. The piano and drums are a good blend of r&b and gospel music. The music is sure to please fans of both genres. Sam Smith and Logic seem like an unlikely pair because they are from two different worlds, but they manage to make it work. The song opens up with Logic rapping in the beginning. He doesn’t just rap in the song. He also sings some of the lyrics. He is talented and proves that he can rap and sing.

Sam Smith’s vocals are soulful and beautiful. They start the song off softly and then turn the song into a power ballad. It is definitely worth a listen. The background vocalists sound like a choir. They take you to church as they sing the chorus. They harmonize very well with each other. This track may not necessarily work for mainstream radio, but it caters to Sam Smith’s vocal abilities.

# 7 – Diamonds

The metaphoric song is from the Love Goes album. The song has a dance pop beat. The contemplative song is about a lover who left them. In the beginning, the relationship was good, but when the person left, the relationship turned sour. Instead of this being a typical breakup song, it tells a story about a relationship that they didn’t regret. The lyrics are basic and to the point. Anyone who has had their heart broken by love will be able to relate to the lyrics. This sounds like a song Adele would have performed.

The music is bouncy and energetic. The music isn’t overproduced. It has the perfect dance beat. It is great for the clubs or just chilling out. The music is very catchy and will stay in your head. The beat may be misleading because it is energetic considering the subject of the song. Their vocals are fire in this song. They put their heart and soul in the lyrics. They sing it in a way where you can tell they are bitter about the break up. Their vocals become intense after the bridge. They slow things down and then build them up to a crescendo.

They will make you want to sing the song with them. The chorus will stay in your head long after the song is over. This is a song you will want to keep on repeat whether you are dealing with a bad break up or not. It is that good that you will want to hear it over.

# 6 – How Do You Sleep?

The sleek song is from the Love Goes album. The song has a pop beat. The anthemic song is about a relationship at the end of its rope. They are about to end the relationship. They are with someone who is a cruel partner. They are singing about the partner cheating and carrying on as if nothing is happening. They question how the partner can treat them badly. They want to know how the partner can sleep at night knowing that they cheated on them.

The dramatic song will resonate with anyone who is in a similar relationship. This topic has been done before, but they manage to make it sound fresh. They are in their wheelhouse with this type of song because they write songs about bitter relationships. The music has a classic 90s sound despite being written in the 2000 era. It features a mix of electronic pop and EDM. The drums give the song tempo so it will allow you to bop your head to the beat. The chorus is catchy and infectious and is likely to stay in your head long after you hear the song.

Sam Smith shows their versatile side by singing in different pitches. They start the song off softly before the pre-chorus and then gets louder for the chorus. They sound rhythmic and melodic. They are a little hard to understand in some of the lyrics so you might have to read the lyrics to understand what they are saying. They pour their heart and soul in the lyrics. They don’t turn this into a power ballad. They touch your heart and make you dance at the same time.

# 5 – I’m Not The Only One

The next song on our Top 10 Sam Smith Songs list is “I’m Not The Only One” from the album In the Lonely Hour. The song has a r&b and pop beat. The heartbreaking song is about the end of a marriage. Here is some trivia about the song. Sam Smith wanted to write a song similar to Norah Jones. Sam Smith was also hung over when they wrote this song. Sam Smith wrote this song about a marriage they witness fall apart. They are singing the song from the woman’s perspective.

The woman in the song knows that her husband is cheating, but she doesn’t want to leave him. How many people have been in this situation? This song will hit home for anyone who has been cheated on. Sam Smith wrote this from the wife’s point of view, but men have also been in this situation. The subject isn’t anything new because people write about cheating all of the time. The lyrics in this song tell about the heartbreak that comes with cheating. The music is tender and sweet. The musical arrangement is stellar. It features the piano, drums, strings, bass guitar and guitar which all combine to make an emotional track.

The song is emotional and grabs your attention with its raw instrumentation. This song is from their debut album. You can easily forget that it is from a debut album because they sound like they are seasoned professional. They were 22 when they recorded this song, but they sound very mature. They vocally hit a home run with this track. Their vocals are tremendous. You can hear their accent while they are singing, but it doesn’t take away from how good they sound.

# 4 – Too Good at Goodbyes

The convoluted song is from the album The Thrill of it All. The song has an orchestral pop beat. The calculating song is about a break up. They are becoming experts at being dumped. They want to get away from a relationship that doesn’t work. This is a personal song for them. They are known for writing songs about break ups so they are in their wheelhouse with this track. This is another relatable song for anyone who feels they are experts when it comes to breaking up with someone.

If you have been dumped a lot, this is the song for you to listen to. It will make you feel as if they are talking to you directly. The lyrics of the song don’t have to be about a romantic relationship. It can also be about a person who leaves you. The music has a mix of pop and gospel. The music is mostly stripped. It features piano chords and finger snaps. The music starts off softly and then gets a little louder in the chorus.

Sam Smith’s vocals are vulnerable and dramatic. They are the counterparts to Adele. Their voices are magical. They sing the song with enough heartbreak to sell the song. They stay in character throughout the track. They turn this into a gospel song towards the middle of the song. They turn the song into a power ballad by holding notes and runs. Their mesmerizing voice stands out towards the end of the song. The background singers turn it into a gospel melody. They sound amazing in the background. They do an excellent job supporting them in the background.

# 3 – Lay Me Down

The sympathetic song is from the In the Lonely Hour album. The song has a pop and soul beat. The somber song is about someone who wants to be reunited with a lover who has passed away or has moved on. The character in the song feels lost without the lover. The person feels emptiness and wants to be back with the lover. Anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to the lyrics. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. The lyrics are spiritual and powerful. The music is tender and soft. The music is stripped to focus on Sam Smith’s voice.

The music features the piano and violin. Sam Smith wrote this song about losing someone, but it wasn’t about a break up. The lyrics focus on losing someone because they died. It is a little out of their wheelhouse since the song isn’t about a break up. The lyrics will touch your soul. We dare you not to get emotional as you listen to the lyrics. Sam Smith knows the right words to use to touch your heart.

The lyrics may make you cry. If you feel like you are on the verge of crying then you know the song will touch your heart. Sam Smith sings the song with a lot of passion. You can hear the pain in their voice as they sing the lyrics. This song shows how talented they are. Their vocals are beautiful. They never miss a beat. They are singing from the heart. They hold notes and runs flawlessly.

# 2 – Dancing With a Stranger ft. Normani

The sizzling song is from the Love Goes album. The song has an r&b and pop beat. The bouncy song is about them not being over their exes. They are still thinking about their exes. They have moved on with other people, but they are still thinking about their past lovers. They hold their exes responsible for moving on with other people. The lyrics are different because people don’t usually sing about subjects like this. They mention moving on, but they don’t usually blame their exes for why they have to move on.

The music has a sleek dance beat that will captivate you from beginning to end. It sounds like a throwback to the 80s. It is the perfect mix of pop and r&b. It will please fans of both genres. The music is designed to get you on the dance floor. Sam Smith and Normani sound great together. Their voices blend well together. Sam Smith uses different pitches throughout the song. They sing in falsetto off and on throughout the track. They also utilize their deep tones throughout the track.

Normani’s voice is smooth and sultry. She is channeling her inner Mariah Carey as well as 90s singer Jordan Hill. Sam Smith and Normani should do more songs together because they sound great together. They harmonize well with each other. The only minor complaint about the song is that it ends abruptly. The song doesn’t sound finished when it’s over.

# 1 – Stay with Me

The number one song on our Top 10 Sam Smith Songs list is “Stay with Me” from the In the Lonely Hour album. The song has a soul beat. The moving song is about a one-night stand. They want the person they spend the night with to be there when they wake up. They feel a sense of emptiness when they look at the bed and the person is gone. If you have had a one-night stand and wanted the person to be there in the morning, this song is definitely for you. The lyrics are honest and raw. There aren’t too many songs that talk about the emotion you feel after a one-night stand.

There may be songs about one-night stands, but they don’t deal with the emotional aspect of it. The musical arrangement is incredible. It features the piano and drums. The blend of the music gives it a soulful feel. The music is soft and melodic. The music is simple and will allow you to focus on their voice. This is one of the songs that made Sam Smith a star. It showcases how talented they are. Their vocals are stacked which makes the song sound like a choir is in the background. It is actually Sam Smith performing all of the vocals. This is an indicator of how talented they are that they manage to sound like a choir when it’s just one person singing the song. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is our pick for the number one spot because it is one of Sam Smith’s biggest and best hit songs.

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