Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs

Ed Sheeran Love Songs

Our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list looks at 10 of his songs about relationships. Ed Sheeran’s muses are the women in his life, so it’s no surprise that he has written some passionate love songs. He has written various songs throughout his career, but his best songs are arguably his love songs. Love songs can put you in a romantic place. Ed Sheeran’s love songs are the tracks you can use for weddings or spending time with that special someone. He explores different sides of love. He knows that love can make you smile, and it can cause pain. Ed Sheeran’s love songs can guide you if you don’t know the right words to say to the one you love. Our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs will look at different aspects of love.

# 10 – Dive

The 10th song on our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list is “Dive” from ÷ (Divide) album. The single was released in 2017. The song is about a man who is in love but afraid of getting hurt. He wants to know that she feels the same way that he does. He has strong feelings for her, but he’s afraid of getting hurt. The singer wants to be on the same page with someone before risking falling in love.

He’s been burned and doesn’t want to go through it again. When you fall in love, you are taking a risk because the relationship can end. He’s given his all to a person in the past, but it ended up being for nothing. Ed Sheeran isn’t sure if she loves him the same way he loves her. He wants to ensure she’s as invested in the relationship as he is.

“Dive” is about a man taking a chance on love. The song delves into the fear of falling in love and getting hurt. It’s hard to fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. The song is for people who are hesitant to commit to someone who may not return the feeling. It’s not a typical love song, but it’s a love song about being cautious when it concerns love.

The song will have you thinking about whether love is worth the risk. Ed Sheeran is vulnerable on the track, making it more sincere. This song is relatable to anyone looking for love despite being hurt. No matter how often past loves have hurt us, we still want love. This love song will teach you to keep your eyes open regarding being in a committed relationship.

# 9 – Best Part of Me ft. Yebba

The ninth song on our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list is “Best Part of Me” from the No. 6 Collaborations Project album. The song was released in July 2019. It’s a song about a flawed couple who still love each other. The song begins with Ed Sheeran taking over the man’s story in the song. He talks about the man’s shortcomings. Despite his shortcomings, she loves him. He questions why she loves him when he doesn’t love himself. In the chorus, Ed Sheeran and Yebba let each other know that they are the best part of each other. They love each other. In verse two, Yebba takes over the woman’s role in the story. She talks about her shortcomings. The song concludes with them reassuring each other that they are the best part of each other.

“Best Part of Me” is about learning to love yourself and being accepted for your flaws. Ed Sheeran and Yebba want listeners to accept every aspect of themselves. The story covers two types of love. They talk about loving yourself even when you aren’t perfect and receiving love when you don’t feel worthy. The song will let you know that even if you have flaws, there is someone who will love and appreciate you.

We all need someone in our lives who will love us unconditionally. Couples who have trouble accepting their flaws need this track in their lives. It’s also for people who are flawed and feel no one will love them. This song will reassure you that someone may fall in love with you despite your flaws. This song may have you sitting down and thinking why the person you’re with loves you. Ed Sheeran and Yebba tell you that it’s okay that you are not perfect.

# 8 – Happier

The eighth song on our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list is on the ÷ (Divide) album. The single came out in April 2018. The song is about a man who has broken up with someone, but he’s happy that she’s moved on with someone else. The song opens with him walking down the street and seeing his former lover with her new man. He notices how happy she looks with her new love. She’s smiling more than she was when she was with him.

Even though he hurt her and she has moved on, a part of him wishes she would return to him. He knows she will fall in love again, but he will be there if her new man breaks her heart. In the chorus, he notices she looks “happier” than ever. His friends told him he would be happy again, but he was “happier” with her. As the song progresses, he realizes she deserves someone better, but he still loves her.

“Happier” is about a man who loves his ex-girlfriend so much that he is happy she found a new love. It takes a big person to be happy that their ex has moved on with someone else. Love doesn’t have to be about a couple who are together. If you love someone enough, you can let the person go. You can also love them enough to see them happy with someone else. Ed Sheeran wrote a complicated love song because he must accept that he still loves a woman who got away.

He’s happy she is “happier,” but he still loves her. This love song will have you in your feelings, especially if you are still in love with someone who got away. This side of love isn’t covered that often, so we applaud Ed Sheeran for wanting to talk about it. It’s an honest depiction of love and heartbreak. Love can be painful when the person you love is “happier” with someone new.

# 7 – Kiss Me

The seventh song is “Kiss Me” from the + (Plus) album. The song was released in 2011. The track is about falling in love. He wants the woman in his life to commit to him. He wants her to hold him in her arms. He talks about the intimacy between him and his lover. He is falling for her eyes. He wants her to kiss him like she wants to be loved. They are falling in love with each other. In the next verse, he promises to keep her safe. He wants her to be his lady. The singer will keep her body warm. On the bridge, he confesses to feeling different things. He’s gone from hate to love and love to lust, so that’s how he knows he’s found love with her.

“Kiss Me” is an ode to love. It tells a story about a man falling in love with his girlfriend. He loves and desires her. He wants to keep her safe and secure. It’s more than just physical for him. He loves her emotionally. The song displays the intense amount of love that a man has for the woman in his life. He loves her so much that he wants to have a relationship with her and keep her safe. If you are in love and looking to have a relationship, the lyrics will resonate with you.

The song will make you a believer in true love. He talks about a love we all wish to have in our lives. The lyrics remind you about the love you have in your life or wish to have. Ed Sheeran can make almost any song sound romantic. The lyrics are passionate, and it’s easy to tell that someone he loves inspired them. He pours his heart out in a way we all wish the people in our lives could do. Couples can use this song for their wedding to show how much they mean to each other.

# 6 – No Strings

“No Strings” is from the – (Minus) album. The song was released in May 2023. The song is about a couple going through hard times in their relationship, but they want to make it work. Their love isn’t based on material things. They have a pure and genuine connection that will endure hard times. Their relationship was based on love. They know they have flaws and challenges but are committed to loving each other. The couple overcame any obstacles thrown their way. In the second verse, he talks about their determination to make their relationship work. They overcome their obstacles and want to celebrate their love. The couple had a difficult journey but determined to improve their relationship.

“No Strings” is a celebratory song about a couple determined to make their relationship work no matter what they are going through. The song talks about the for better or for worse aspect of love. This is a couple who have stayed together through good and bad times. They proved that love could conquer all. It gives you hope that your relationship can survive obstacles. If you love your partner enough, you will be willing to overcome any obstacles thrown your way.

Relationships have challenges, but love will help you get through them. This is the message that Ed Sheeran wants you to get with this song. This romantic ballad can be played when you spend time with your lover. It can be used as the first dance at a wedding or an anniversary celebration. If you have been through a lot in your relationship and beat the odds, this song is for you. Ed Sheeran wants to remind us that hard work and determination pay off in a relationship.

# 5 – Shivers

The next song on our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list is “Shivers” from the = (Equal) album. The track dropped in September 2021. The song is about a man in love. It opens with him describing his love for his partner. It feels like an arrow was shot through his heart. He has never had a love like this with anyone before. He talks about the special times they shared with each other. Ed Sheeran wants to be the guy who treats her the way she deserves to be treated. He wants to stay up all day and night with her. The singer talks about the different ways she turns him on. He describes the different things he loves about her. In verse two, he talks about their physical intimacy. He never realized he could love this hard.

“Shivers” is about his passionate love for the woman in his life. The song explores his intense feelings for the woman in his life. She turns him on in ways no one else has done in the past. Ed Sheeran uses metaphors to describe how much his lover turns him on. It’s a love song about emotional and physical love. The lyrics describe the way he feels about the woman he loves. If you are emotionally and physically attracted to your lover, you know what he’s talking about in this song.

If the person you love makes you “shiver,” Ed Sheeran sings your love song. The upbeat track will make you appreciate your lover. It will also have you yearning for this type of love. Ed Sheeran isn’t afraid to express his emotional and physical desire for the woman he loves. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and we’re here for it. This is a song for the grown and sexy crowd. You can listen to this song when intimate with your partner.

# 4 – Photograph

“Photograph” is from the × (Multiply) album. The single was released in May 2015. The song is about a couple who love each other through good and bad times. Love can hurt sometimes, but it’s all he knows. When love is hard, it makes them feel alive. They keep their love in a “photograph.” They made the memories they shared together. In the “photograph,” their eyes are never closed, and their hearts are never broken. Time is frozen for them. In verse two, Ed Sheeran talks about love healing and mending your soul. Love is the only thing they can take with each other when they die.

“Photograph” is a physical reminder that we are never alone. “Photograph” represents the memories the couple share with each other. They love each other and have happy memories together. Despite the obstacles they are going through, they know their love will last forever. Having a “photograph” of your love will make your love timeless. Ed Sheeran came up with a creative way to remember his relationship.

“Photographs” are the best way to cherish memories, so he used picture imagery to describe his relationship. Ed Sheeran believes in love, and it shows in his music. He finds original ways to describe being in love. He doesn’t just talk about falling in love. He comes up with vivid stories to explain his feelings for his partners. The singer gives you hope that you can fall in love.

# 3 – Perfect

Coming in at number three is “Perfect,” from the ÷ (Divide) album. The single was released in May 2017. It’s about a couple falling in love at first sight. The song begins with Ed Sheeran talking about finding a girl who is beautiful and sweet. They fell in love with each other when they were kids. In the chorus, he talks about how he feels about her now. He can see his future in her eyes. He cherishes every moment he spends with her. In the second verse, he talks about finding a woman who is stronger than anyone else he’s known. The “Shivers” singer hopes to share a home with her one day. He loves her, and she is his angel.

“Perfect” is a song about the declaration of love and romance. The song talks about a man who has loved a woman since childhood. The lyrics are sweet and tender. They are an expression of an everlasting love. The love he talks about in the song is what we dream of having. We all want a love that lasts a lifetime. There aren’t too many couples who have been blessed to love each other since they were kids. Ed Sheeran shows us that it’s possible to be in love that long.

This is a song for couples of all ages. Whether you have been together for a lifetime or for just a few months, you will be moved by the lyrics. Ed Sheeran wrote this song about his wife, so you know the words come from his heart. Anyone would feel special having these lyrics dedicated to them. This is the “perfect” love song for couples in love. The lyrics are straight out of a fairy tale. You may feel like a queen or a king if your partner plays this song for you.

# 2 – Thinking Out Loud

“Thinking Out Loud” is from the × (Multiply) album. The song came out in September 2014. The song is about everlasting love. He tells his partner that he will love her until he’s 70. His heart will still feel the way it did when he was 23. He thinks about people falling in love in mysterious ways. The singer falls in love with her every single day. He wants her to take him in her arms and kiss him under the stars. He wants her to put her head on his heart. In verse two, he talks about her loving him the same no matter what he’s going through over the years. They will make mistakes like other couples but will survive and grow stronger.

“Thinking Out Loud” showcases a love that will last a lifetime. It expresses a romantic love between a couple. Their love will stand the test of time. This is a love song that expresses the deep love a person has for their partner. This sentimental love song may inspire you to want the love he has in his life. People who believe in love will enjoy the theme of this song.

Ed Sheeran reassures listeners that love like this can exist in the world. It makes you hopeful that you will find a love that will last for eternity. Knowing that someone will love you no matter what happens is comforting. You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel something when you hear this track. The song is perfect for couples who have loved each other forever.

# 1 – Shape of You

The number one song on our Top 10 Ed Sheeran Love Songs list is “Shape of You” from the ÷ (Divide) album. The hit single was released in January 2017. “Shape of You” is about a budding romance. It’s about meeting someone and being physically attractive to them. The song opens with him going to a bar instead of a club to find a lover. He meets someone and has a conversation with her. He ends up falling in love with her body. He falls in love with her as well. In verse two, the couple goes on their first date. They get to know each other. After the date is over, things get heated in the cab. They want each other, and things go to the next level.

“Shape of You” is about falling in love at first sight. He connects with a woman physically and emotionally. Ed Sheeran speaks about a woman’s magnetic pull on a man’s heart. “Shape of You” talks about love on a physical and emotional level. People have instant attractions all the time. The song talks about what happens after the physical attraction begins. The song is about more than lust. It’s about falling in love with someone who takes your breath away. Ed Sheeran wrote a song about the physical side of love and how it can take over your mind. He talks about her body without objectifying her. The song was in heavy rotation for a reason. People can relate to the song and want to keep hearing it. The song gives Ed Sheeran a chance to show his romantic side.

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