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Ella Henderson Songs

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Our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list looks at a talented singer and songwriter who rose to fame when she competed on The X Factor UK. Despite being eliminated, she signed a contract. Ella Henderson proved you could shine without winning the show. She collaborated with Sigma, Kygo, David Guetta, Becky Hill, Tom Grennan, Nathan Dawe, Switch Disco, Joe Corry, Regard, Sigala, and Jax Jones on various music projects, including producing, songwriting, and performing. Fans fell in love with the powerhouse vocalist because of her soulful vocals and introspective songs.

Ella Henderson cites Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey as musical influences. Adele and Amy Winehouse inspired her songwriting skills. She blends soul, pop, and R&B music to create her style. Her hits include “Ghosts,” “Glow,” “Yours,” “Take Care of You,” “Let’s Go Home,” “Mirror Man,” “Brave,” “Crazy What Love Could Do,” “React,” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Ella Henderson accomplished a lot at a young age. Her debut album reached number one in the UK. She won multiple awards for her music. The talented artist has over one billion streams and counting for her music.

Gabriella Michelle Henderson was born on July 12, 1996. She began singing when she was three. The ingenue taught herself to play the piano at a young age. Her grandfather encouraged her to pursue her love of music and songwriting. In 2012, she auditioned for The X Factor. Despite her popularity, she lost the competition. Her exit became one of the biggest shockers for the show. Several celebrities supported her after her exit. Adele, Lily Allen, Cher, and Simon Cowell praised her. She didn’t give up her dream.

The singer went on tour with The X Factor contestants. In January 2013, she signed a deal with Simon Cowell’s record label. Ella Henderson’s debut single, “Ghosts,” peaked at number one on the UK charts. It stayed in the top five for eight consecutive weeks. Her follow-up single “Glow” peaked at number seven on the UK charts. In October 2014, Ella Henderson unveiled her highly-anticipated debut album, Chapter One, which features a captivating blend of pop and R&B sounds. Ella Henderson worked with Babyface, Claude Kelly, Salaam Remi, and TMS. The album includes the singles “Ghosts,” “Glow,” “Yours,” “Mirror Man,” and “The First Time.” While she worked on her sophomore album, she wrote for other artists. Ella Henderson wrote for Paloma Faith, Gabby Barrett, Roksana Wegiel, Liam Payne, Dixie D’Amelio, Luna, and Rita Ora.

In June 2017, she appeared in the charity single “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with fellow X Factor artists Leona Lewis, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Louisa Johnson, James Arthur, and Matt Terry. The single reached number one in two days. In February 2018, she parted ways with Syco Music. Later that year, she signed a deal with Asylum Records. She released the album Everything I Didn’t Say in March 2022. The album includes the singles “Let’s Go Home Together,” “21 Reasons,” and “Brave.” She released EPs and singles throughout her career.

Ella Henderson’s hard work paid off. She didn’t let her loss from The X Factor keep her from becoming a star. Other contestants disappear after they appear in singing competitions, but she defied the odds. She proved you could succeed in music with hard work and determination. Her hit albums and singles prove her staying power in music. Our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list highlights the tracks that showcase her talent as a singer and songwriter.

# 10 – 0800 Heaven – Nathan Dawe ft. Joel Corry and Ella Henderson

The 10th track on our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list is “0800 Heaven.” It appears on Joel Corry’s album Another Friday Night. The single debuted in 2023. It talks about a former lover who passed away. She wonders if he would call her if Heaven had a phone line. The female in our story regrets not talking to her man anymore. If he were alive, would he say the things he never said? As the song concludes, she professes her love for him. She wants him to call her back if he can.

The mournful song delves into the loss of a loved one. Ella Henderson questions whether her ex would reach out to her if he had the opportunity. Most artists shy away from death. They tackle the subject in this song. Nathan Dawe, Joel Corry, and Ella Henderson raise a question people didn’t realize they wanted an answer to. If you had a second chance to talk to someone you lost, would you? How would you answer the question? It makes you think about what you would do if you had another opportunity to do things over. With energetic music and soul-stirring vocals, the song takes you on a journey of emotions. Despite the melancholy lyrics, it leaves you with a feeling of hope. The dance-friendly beat keeps the track from bringing you down. It makes you want to get up and dance. Ella Henderson gets the chance to shine on the track. Her soulful voice keeps the song from sounding like typical dance songs. She gives the song depth. We picked the jam because of the highly energetic beat and her passionate vocals.

# 9 – The First Time

“The First Time” claims the seventh spot on our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list. She recorded the song for her Chapter One album in 2014. The song describes a frustrated woman whose lover left her for someone else. In the first verse, she talks about her ex moving on with someone who looks like her. His new girlfriend imitates her by wearing similar makeup and clothes. Ella Henderson feels the new girl could never replace her. Her ex made a mistake leaving her for someone new. She gave her all in the relationship, so he had no reason to leave her. He had it right the first time when they were together. As the song progresses, she talks about being the choice for him.

“The First Time” depicts a woman betrayed by her lover. She reflects on her anger because he replaced her with another version of her. The song proves he made a mistake leaving her. Listeners relate to the lyrics if their exes move on with carbon copies of them. You listen to this song when you want to let out your frustrations. The musical production fits with the subject of the single. It caters to her soulful voice. Babyface collaborated with Ella Henderson on the song. He did her justice by co-writing a profound song. The track doesn’t feature Babyface’s signature sound, but they created a beat that works for her vocal abilities. Babyface brought out the best in her. Ella Henderson blows you away with her spectacular vocals. She shines throughout the song. The singer sounds like a woman scorned. It’s an anthem that belongs on your playlist if you deal with a nasty breakup. We picked the song because it highlights her breathtaking vocals. She didn’t release it as a single, but it deserves to get airplay. The soulful melody and relatable lyrics make it a standout track.

# 8 – 21 Reasons – Nathan Dawe ft. Ella Henderson

Number eight on our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list is “21 Reasons.” The song appears on Nathan Dawe’s If Heaven Had a Phone Line and Ella Henderson’s Everything I Didn’t Say album. It hit the shelves in April 2022. The song narrates the story of a relationship with highs and lows. Their relationship brings her happiness but also frustrates her. Despite the frustrations, she loves him. She loves him for 21 reasons. Ella Henderson lists the reasons she loves him. People don’t support their relationship because they don’t think he’s good enough. She doesn’t care about their reasons because she stays for her reasons.

The love song deals with the complexities of a relationship. They are happy one minute and miserable the next. Love complicates things, but it’s worth fighting for. Listeners relate to the song because of the realistic lyrics. Anyone in a complicated relationship knows that you love the person one minute and hate them the next. The lyrics perfectly capture the highs and lows of love. You don’t need 21 reasons to enjoy this song. It gets the party started with the bouncy beat. The club banger invites you to the dance floor. It’s excellent when you need a track to get your heart pumping. We need to address Ella Henderson’s vocals. She sings the lyrics with incredible passion. Her versatility shows as she sings in her upper and lower registers. Nathan Dawe chose the right music for her voice. She reaches for heights unknown vocally. Ella Henderson proved she could do a soul-stirring performance even with a dance tune.

# 7 – Here for You – Kygo ft. Ella Henderson

The seventh song on our list is “Here for You.” Kygo and Ella Henderson released the non-album single in September 2015. She talks about being there for someone whenever they need her. She promises to always be there for them, regardless of how bad they feel.

“Here for You” describes loyalty and commitment. The cathartic song gives you hope and reassures you that you are not alone. With everything happening, we need the song to get through. The track has a breezy sound that works for the summer. It gives you a chance to move your hips to the beat. We applaud Kygo for always keeping his beats fresh. He knows how to get you dancing even when you don’t want to. Ella Henderson provides the vocals for the track. She added spice to the song. Her warm and soothing voice brings a smile to your face. She sings in time with the beat changes. Ella Henderson sings with a chill vibe that reminds you of summer. Kygo and Ella Henderson make magic happen when they collaborate.

# 6 – Yours

Ella Henderson recorded “Yours” for her Chapter One album. The single debuted in October 2014. It describes a deep connection she has with the man in her life. She talks about their devotion to each other. Wearing his clothes makes her feel close to him. She treasures the time they spend together. In the past, her fear kept her from expressing her feelings. Her partner allows her to feel vulnerable now that she’s found him. Her vulnerability lets her feel ready to let love in and give her all to him.

The piano-laden ballad takes listeners on a journey of love and vulnerability. Everything about the song works. We applaud Ella Henderson for recording a ballad that emphasizes her soulful vocals. The simple instrumentation works well with her spectacular voice. It lets listeners hear the raw emotion she displays throughout the song. Ella Henderson sings the song as if the lyrics mean something to her. We feel like we get an inside look into her love life. Ballads showcase the strength of her voice. She could sing any song, but ballads do wonders for her voice. The soft music allows her vocals to lead the song. Her powerhouse vocals defy her age. It’s hard to envision that she’s only 18 singing this song. Her voice sounds mature for her age.

# 5 – React – Switch Disco ft. Ella Henderson

We reached the halfway mark on our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list. Switch Disco and Ella Henderson released the non-album single in January 2023. The song discusses the physical and emotional attraction she feels towards someone. He has a magical hold over her. It’s as if he cast a spell on her to make her feel this way. His touch makes her come alive. She can’t stop thinking about him. He makes her want to follow him wherever he goes.

“React” describes an intense connection between two people. She talks about how it feels to give in to your desires. Anyone who has experienced electrifying chemistry with someone knows what she means. The fire burns deep inside of you for the person you love. It feels like you’re under a spell whenever you get around the person you love. The hypnotic music features a classic 90s sound. It has a pounding beat that’s impossible to ignore. “React” sounds like a song Rihanna chose not to record. Ella Henderson and Switch Disco take a page from Rihanna’s discography. Her voice soars over the pulsating beat. Ella Henderson pours her heart out throughout the song.

# 4 – This Is Real – Jax Jones ft. Ella Henderson

“This Is Real” appears on Jax Jones’ Snack (Supersize) and Ella Henderson’s Everything I Didn’t Say albums. Jax Jones and Ella Henderson released the track in October 2019. The song describes the feeling of falling in love. It tells the story of two people who unite. Ella Henderson talks about how it feels when passion takes over your mind.

“This Is Real” reminds us of the intensity of love and how it affects us. Love changes our lives. When passion consumes you, it takes over your mind. Jax Jones and Ella Henderson capture how it feels to desire someone. The song teaches us that love has an undeniable and profound effect on our lives. Once the piano chords start, the song grabs your attention. The beat speeds up throughout the song. It’s impossible to resist dancing to the track. It has a catchy hook and sizzling beats that drive the song. Her electrifying vocals remind us of Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis. The up-tempo sound didn’t take away from her commanding performance. She holds notes you expect to hear in ballads. Ella Henderson hit a vocal home run with this track.

# 3 – Glow

“Glow” comes in third place on our list. Ella Henderson recorded this track for her album Chapter One. It hit the shelves in October 2014. The song tells a story of hope and resilience in the face of adversity, inspiring listeners to persevere through difficult times. She wants listeners to find their light and let go of other people’s expectations. Everyone has their unique light that shouldn’t get dimmed. Ella Henderson wants people to embrace themselves. “Glow” means not letting people steal your shine.

The anthemic song teaches listeners to believe in themselves. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. She encourages listeners to accept themselves and shine brightly as individuals. We congratulate Ella Henderson for writing a song for people with low self-esteem issues. It motivates people to find the courage to shine. The message is something we need in our lives. We give her credit for singing a song that’s age-appropriate for her. People in her age bracket suffer from self-esteem issues and need a message of encouragement. The producers took a page from Ryan Tedder’s musical handbook to create the instrumentation. It has an infectious beat that stays in your head. Ella Henderson’s fiery vocals set the song ablaze. She proves she deserved to win X Factor UK with her phenomenal vocal range.

# 2 – Crazy What Love Can Do – David Guetta ft. Ella Henderson and Becky Hill

“Crazy What Love Can Do” appears on Ella Henderson’s Everything I Didn’t Say and Becky Hill’s Only Honest on the Weekend album. It hit the airwaves in April 2022. The song talks about the power of love. Love changes your perspective and makes you see things differently. Material things failed to fill the emptiness in her heart. When love entered her life, everything changed. She felt alive again. The newfound affection redefined her purpose in life.

“Crazy What Love Can Do” depicts the idea that love has the power to change things. Love makes you see things differently. It changes your outlook on life. The lyrics resonate with listeners who believe love makes you do different things. David Guetta delivers with smoking hot instrumentation. He created a summer jam that gets you out of your seat. The energetic music gets your heart pumping on the dance floor. Becky Hill and Ella Henderson go back and forth vocally. They take turns singing their verses and bringing fire to the song. Their voices complement each other. Becky Hill sings in a lower pitch, and Ella Henderson sings in a higher key. They take different approaches but arrive at the same destination. We picked the song for our list because of the explosive music and incredible vocals. Ella Henderson and Becky Hill sound like they enjoy working together. They need to record more songs together.

# 1 – Ghosts

The number one song on our 10 Essential Ella Henderson Songs list is “Ghosts.” She recorded it for the Chapter One album. Ella Henderson released the hit song in October 2014. We couldn’t wrap our list up without including one of her biggest hits to date. “Ghosts” tells the story of a toxic relationship. The lyrics depict a person haunted by memories of her relationship. She seeks solace by going to a river. The singer needs something to take away the emotional pain she feels. Sleeping doesn’t help because her ex takes over her dreams. He concealed his hurtful nature from her, but her friends saw it. She put walls up because of the pain he caused her.

“Ghosts” explores the emotional impact of a toxic relationship. Ella Henderson explores different methods to reduce the pain she feels. If you suffer from a toxic relationship, this song hits home for you. It feels like she’s telling your story when you are in pain. Everything about this song works. The music has a classic pop and R&B sound. Ryan Tedder created a masterpiece for her. Her gorgeous voice steals the show. She sounds incredible when she soars to her high register. Her dazzling voice takes you to church. She grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Ella Henderson sounds like she’s been singing for years. She has the depth of Adele and the vocal prowess of Leona Lewis. The fiery single is an unforgettable debut. It’s an earworm that stays in your head after the song finishes.

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