10 Essential Galahad Songs

Galahad SongsGalahad was first formed in England in the mid 1980’s. The band performed together releasing independent albums without ever having secured a major label recording contract. Yet, the band developed a strong following and gave meaning to the term working musicians.  It’s difficult to know where to start with the band’s discography because their 80’s and 90’s output is a mixture of CD and tape releases.

The band Galahad’s first tape release was issued in 1987 entitled One Knight at Mr Cs. The band’s discography list 14 titles released on tape beginning in 1987 and ending in 1998. The first CD released by the band was issued in 1991 entitled Nothing Is Written. The band released nine more studio CDs. Their most recent CD was released in 2018 entitled Seas of Change.

There are many Progressive Rock bands that enjoyed success on various levels that came out of Europe in the 80’s and 90’s. Bands like Pendragon, Anathema, and Big Big Train  all became popular in various parts of the world with the exception of the United States. The second wave of Progressive Rock Groups never became popular in the U.S. with maybe the exception of Dream Theater. Nonetheless, their contributions to Classic Rock History were significant.

Our Top 10 Galahad songs list takes a look at some of the highlights of this great progressive rock band’s career.

# 10 – Dreaming From The Inside

We start out our Essential Galahad Songs list with the band’s first single entitled “Dreaming From The Inside.” The single was released in 1987. The single’s B side was a track called “The Opiate.”

# 9 – Face To The Sun

The Galahad song “Face to the Sun,” was the opening track on their 1991 CD Nothing is Written. The CD featured Roy Keyworth on guitar, Karl Garrett on keyboards, Stuart Nicholson on vocals, Spencer Luckman on drums, and Tim Ashton on bass.

# 8 – Welcome to Paradise

The Galahad song Welcome To Paradise was released on the CD In a Moment of Complete Madness. The CD was released in April of 1993. “Welcome to Paradise,” was the closing track on the band;s great 1993 CD. We love the musical break that the band shifts into at 4:33 in the song.

# 7 – Guardian Angel

The haunting song “Guardian Angel,” was released on the band’s Quiet Storms album. The piano playing is mesmerizing while the strings wrap around the lead vocal leaving the listener in a trance like state.

# 6 – I Could Be God

The track “I Could Be God,” was released on the great Empires Never Last album. The Empires Never Last CD was so brilliant we could have filled this entire Top 10 Galahad songs lust with tracks from the Empires Never Last CD.

# 5 – 21st Century Painted Lady

The track “21st Century Painted Lady,” was released on the Seize The Day EP released in 2014.

# 4 – Sleepers

The title track from one of the band’s best albums. The Sleepers album was released in 1995. If you going to buy a Galahad album, Sleepers would be a wise choice.

# 3 – Bug Eye

The epic fourteen minute piece “Bug Eye,” was released on the band’s CD entitled Following Ghosts. The Following Ghosts was released in 1998. This is such a brilliant piece of music that fans of bands like Yes and Pink Floyd would love. It’s a shame the band Galahad is not as well-known in the United States as they are in Europe and the rest of the world.

# 2 – Julie Anne

How could you not love the opening vocal line on this beautiful ballad. The song’s chorus is stunning. This great Galahad songs was released on the band’s Sleepers album.

# 1 – Termination

One listen to this gem of a progressive rock track and you will be hooked on the band Galahad forever. Every fan of progressive rock music should be aware of this amazing piece of music.. The Galahad song, “Termination,” was released on the band’s most popular album Empires Never Last. The CD  was released in 2007

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