Top 10 Estelle Songs

Estelle Songs

Our Top 10 Estelle Songs List looks at a singer, rapper, songwriter and actress. Estelle has a variety of musical genres such as r&b, soul, reggae, hip hop and dance. Her biggest hit single to date is “American Boy.” She received a Grammy Award nomination for the song “Thank You.” Some of her other singles include “Free,” “1980,” “No Substitute Love,” “Break My Heart,” “Set Me on Fire,” “Lights Out,” as well as others. The singer has collaborated with John Legend, Robin Thicke, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Pete Rock, Rick Ross, David Guetta, and Tyler the Creator. Her main musical influences are Mary J. Blige and Ella Fitzgerald.

Estelle Fanta Swaray was born on January 18, 1980. She grew up listening to American gospel and West African music. She also listened to hip-hop music. She wanted to become a singer when she was in her early 20s. While she was performing in London clubs, she was asked by Skitz to appear on his album Countryman. After that appearance, she appeared on 57th Dynasty and Blak Twang’s albums. Her career got a jump when she met Kanye West. She asked him to introduce her to singer John Legend. He would go on to produce two songs on her debut album.

Estelle released The 18th Day in October 2004. It peaked at number 35 on the UK charts. It features the singles “1980,” “Free,” “Go Gone” and “Dance with Me.” Shine was released in September 2008. It peaked at number six on the UK charts and number 38 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Wait a Minute (Just a Touch),” “American Boy,” “No Substitute Love,” “Pretty Please (Love Me)” and “Come Over.” All of Me came out in February 2012. The album peaked at number 28 on the Billboard 200 charts and number nine on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Break My Heart,” “Thank You,” “Back to Love” and “Wonderful Life.”

True Romance dropped in February 2015. The album peaked at number 31 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Make Her Say (Beat It Up),” “Conqueror,” “Fight for It” and “She Will Love.” Lover’s Rock was released in September 2018. It peaked at number 18 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Love Like Ours,” “Better,” “So Easy” and “Meet Up.”

Estelle can handle any genre of music. She can sing and rap with ease. “American Boy” may be her biggest hit as of now, but she has recorded a lot of amazing songs. Our Top 10 Estelle Songs List gives us a chance to look at her amazing catalog.

# 10 – Thank You

The 10th song on our Top 10 Estelle Songs list is “Thank You” from the All of Me album. The track was released in October 2011. It’s about a woman who is grateful for a relationship that she had even though it ended. She got her heart broken, but she was grateful for the experience. The song opens with her wondering if he recognizes the woman standing in front of him. She wonders if he cares why she took care of him. He was her heart, soul and other half. He made her feel whole. She didn’t understand what drove them apart. The tears she cried won’t be the last.

The pain doesn’t pass. She thanked him for making her a woman. He has moved on with another woman. She wonders if the new woman is more of a woman than the protagonist. The singer wonders why she’s miserable while he’s living his best life. She comes to the realization that we must go through things to survive. She hopes they’re happy because he’s a chapter that she’s closing. Her door won’t open to him again.

“Thank You” is a song about a woman who thanks a former boyfriend for turning her into a woman. Their relationship didn’t work out, but he taught her how to love. The song teaches you that you can appreciate someone who was in your life even if you aren’t together anymore. It also teaches you about strength. You may wonder why you’re not with the person anymore, but you have the strength to move on from them.

The lyrics are powerful and surprisingly uplifting considering the man broke her heart. She could have made him look bad, but she didn’t. The song has an old school sound. The song features a sample of Creative Source’s song “Wild Flower.” It’s a blend of classic music and today’s music. Estelle’s voice is pretty on this song. She pours her heart out on it. She makes you want to root for her to move on with her life.

# 9 – Back to Love

The ninth song on our Top 10 Estelle Songs list is “Back to Love” from the All of Me album. The song came out in December 2011. The song discusses a few things. It talks about the ups and downs of a relationship, the changes that occur during the relationship and the struggle with moving on from it. At the start of the relationship, she knew he loved her. Time moved on and something changed between them. Their relationship became strained. She tried to make things work between them, but it didn’t happen. His feelings for her changed. He didn’t want to be with her anymore. The situation was painful for her.

Despite the heartbreak, she finds clarity in the situation. Even though the road got longer, and things changed between them, she found her way “back to love.” She realizes that some things will remain the same while other things will change. It may take a while to get through the pain of the relationship. The hurt will last, but she’s able to think clearly and move on with her life. Their relationship may not have been ideal, but it’s time to move on from it so they can both be happy.

The song reminds listeners that love is a journey that isn’t always easy. You could be in love one minute and fall out of it the next. The song manages to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Estelle teaches you that you can find your way back to loving yourself even if your relationship doesn’t work out. The “American Boy” singer made an excellent choice by not focusing on the bitterness of the breakup.

She wants him to be happy. It’s a good message to send to impressionable listeners. They can follow her example when it comes to a breakup. Estelle will make you feel like you are not alone. The music is upbeat, and you may find yourself getting up to dance. It was a good decision to make it upbeat because it keeps it from being melancholy. Estelle sings the lyrics with passion and confidence. She sounds like a woman who is moving on with her life.

# 8 – One Love David Guetta ft. Estelle

The eighth song on our Top 10 Estelle Songs list is “One Love” from David Guetta’s One Love album. The song was released November 2009. The song is about a woman who is reaching out for help. She’s dealing with something and needs someone to lean on to get through it. She’s hurt and needs someone to rely on. She’s been through pain and has been dragged through the dirt. The “Thank You” singer acknowledges that she’s been in the same position as the listeners. Everyone should stand together and support each other. We are all survivors, and everything will work out for us.

We should expect the best when we hope for the worst. People will disappoint you, but you shouldn’t let that get you down. We need to stick together. We need to stand our ground. She wants listeners to believe in themselves. She can try and fix things by herself, but it would work out better with help. No one likes being hurt, but people get weak. Everyone needs someone to rely on.

The song tells a story about a woman who needs help. Situations can be painful, but they will work out better if you get help. The song expresses unity and solidarity. It’s a good message for anyone who feels alone and needs help. The track lets you know everyone goes through pain so you are not alone. It’s important to come together to help one another. We like the fact that she included a message that we could all use for this song. It’s a timely message because people are dealing with issues and need to know that someone is there for them.

David Guetta did a marvelous job producing this jam. The is well produced. He produces songs that will get you out of your seat and this one is no different. The house beat is intoxicating. It will keep you from feeling down. The music will put a smile on your face. Estelle sounds great on the track. As we mentioned in our Top 10 David Guetta Songs list, Estelle holds back at the end. She had the chance to hit high notes, but she didn’t take them. If she had reached for the stars, the song would have been flawless.

# 7 – Lights Out

The seventh song is “Lights Out” from the Lovers Rock album. The song came out in September 2018. It’s about her being interested in someone, but she wants to know how he feels before she gives her heart to him. She doesn’t want to pressure him, but she wants to know what he would do for love. Before she gives her heart to him, he must be honest with her about the way he feels. She’s willing to give him one more chance because she can’t deny her love for him. The door is open for him. She wants to be the one he runs to. Her body is calling for him. She is falling in love with him. The singer wants to know if he wants to be with her.

“Lights Out” tells a story about a woman who is in love but wants to know if he feels the same way about her. This song is for anyone who has ever been in love and wanted the other person to feel the same way. You may feel like this song was written for you. “Lights Out” has a slow and sexy reggae beat. This is music for the grown and sexy crowd. You can listen to it when you are with the person you love. It will be a chance to get close to the person you love. The song is a throwback to Estelle’s roots. She sounds right at home singing a reggae song. Her voice comes alive on the track. Her voice is calm and soothing. She sings in time with the music.

# 6 – Set Me On Fire

“Set Me on Fire” is a non album single that was released in 2020. The song is about a woman who wants her lover to take control and do what he wants to do with her. She’s willing to do whatever he wants. He can do as he pleases with her. She can’t take it anymore so she wants him to rescue her. The singer wants him to set her on fire. He can hold down her heart and lock it tight because it’s been a long time since she’s felt this way. He makes her embers burn. She wants him to cover her up in his kerosene. The woman has been waiting for him to do what he wants because she wants him now.

“Set Me on Fire” is a passionate song about a woman who wants her man to please her. This song gives Estelle a chance to show her seductive side. If you have ever attracted to someone and want them badly, you will know what she’s talking about. The lyrics are sultry without being vulgar. She uses fire imagery to describe her passion for her man. The music has a seductive beat. It will put you in a sexy mood.

This is the type of track you can use to seduce the partner in your life. You might want to send the kids to bed while this song is playing. Estelle shows off her vocal range in this song. She sings in her upper and lower registers throughout the song. The vocal changes fit with the musical changes. She sings softly when during the quieter moments of the song and gets intense during the louder moments. Everything she does helps make this song a standout track. The song is catchy and impossible to resist.

# 5 – Break My Heart ft. Rick Ross

The next song on our Top 10 Estelle Songs list is “Break My Heart” from the All of Me album. The song was released in April 2011. It talks about being hurt in a relationship. It also talks about the desire to be loved. She wants to love her man, but she doesn’t want to waste her time. She wants to be his one and only, but she doesn’t want him to break her heart. He wants her to trust him, but she doesn’t know who to do it when she doesn’t know how to trust.

There are so many questions and lessons messing with her heart. The singer has been in this situation before. She’s not sure if he’s the type who would make her feel secure when she’s feeling doubtful. Will he be there for her or let her down? She needs to know if he can stand the pressure. He wants a good lifestyle with her, but he’s insecure about their relationship.

It’s a back-and-forth song about a couple dealing with insecurities in their relationship. They are vulnerable and don’t want their hearts broken. The story may remind you of your relationship if you and your partner are dealing with insecurities. The music is a mix of r&b and hip hop. The music is slick and smooth.

There is enough tempo to have you rocking in your seat. Estelle’s vocals and Rick Ross’ bars blend well with the music. Her vocals may remind you of Mary J. Blige. She sounds like her on this track. Rick Ross is on another level when it comes to his rapping skills. He doesn’t miss a beat with his rhymes. They create an unforgettable experience. They brought their unique styles to this song. It’s a fantastic collaboration between the two artists.

# 4 – Come Over ft. Sean Paul

“Come Over” is from the Shine album. The song was released in September 2008. It’s about a woman wanting her lover to “come over” and spend time with her. She wants to show him the depth of her love. A woman wants to be with her man intimately. She wants to change the rules because he deserves something good in his life. They have waited long enough so she wants him to “come over” and get what he wants. She promises that she has enough to give him what he needs. People search all over to get a love as good as hers. There’s no way she’s wasting his time. Estelle and Sean Paul go back and forth about what they are going to do for each other.

The song is about giving and receiving love. The playful song expresses how much they want to please each other. The lyrics will make you a believer in love. This song will resonate with you if you want to please your lover. If you can’t find the words to express how you feel, you can play this track and let Estelle and Sean Paul do the talking for you. It’s a song you will want to listen to if you want to be grown and sexy with your lover. They aren’t graphic with the details, but there’s no mistaking what they want to do with each other. Estelle shines brightly on this track.

Her vocals are a cross between Mary J. Blige and Melanie Fiona. She has a beautiful richness in her voice that shines with the music. Sean Paul is in his element with this reggae track. He slows down his style on this song. He usually raps and sings at a rapid pace. He might be hard to understand at times, but he slows down enough to pick up what he’s saying. They have chemistry with each other and should do more songs together.

# 3 – No Substitute Love

Coming in at number three is “No Substitute Love” from the Shine album. The song was released in June 2008. It’s a song about a woman who doesn’t want to be considered second best to anyone. She isn’t going to be a back up option. Estelle refuses to be a substitute lover when all he does is play games and lies to her. His lies made her lose her trust in him. At one point, she was head over heels in love with her partner.

Her feelings changed when he changed his ways. She’s tired of being his second choice and wants to move on with her life. She calls him out for the way he acts. He tries to convince her that he’s changed. She doesn’t believe that’s true. As the song progresses, we find out that he’s been texting another woman. Estelle knows about it and demands that he stop texting her. She’s done with him because he won’t change his ways.

“No Substitute Love” tells a story about a woman who is tired of her man lying and playing games. She refuses to be second best to anyone. The song isn’t just about a cheating boyfriend. It’s about her refusing to be his second choice. She doesn’t want to settle for less in her relationship. She wants to be treated as if she’s his one and only. We applaud her for not wanting to be option number two.

This song could help a lot of people who feel like they should settle so they won’t be alone. Estelle does good runs when the song starts so we’re already getting off to a good start. The song features a sample of George Michael’s song “Faith.” It may not seem like the best sample for the song, but it works. Estelle sings the song with the same flow as George Michael does in “Faith.” The “Break My Heart” singer sings the song with the right amount of sass and spunk needed to pull it off. She is a confident woman who knows what she wants.

# 2 – Free ft. Megaman

“Free” is from the 18th Day album. The song was released in October 2004. “Free” is a song that encourages listeners to be true to themselves and not give in to pressure. She wants everyone to put their fists in the air and jump up and down. Estelle wants everyone to take control of their lives. She wants them to strive for their goals. She wants listeners to do things for themselves. This song is for everyone who is trying to make a better life for themselves. These men and women aren’t waiting on anyone else to make better lives for themselves. They want to do things on their own.

She wants people to be true to themselves. We only have one life to live and when it’s gone that’s it. You are your own anchor. It’s not good for your health to beg to people. As the song moves forward, they suggest that we shouldn’t hurt anyone to get what we want. We should be kind to everyone in the world. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind to someone.

“Free” has a positive message about spreading love to everyone. It also encourages you to be yourself and work hard for what you want in life. The message for the song is timely. With everything going on in the world, this is a song we could use in our lives. The lyrics are universal because they can appeal to men and women. The lyrics are like getting advice from a good friend. The song has a reggae sound.

There are handclaps throughout the song that will have you clapping along with her. This track gives Estelle a chance to show off her rapping skills. She isn’t just a singer. She raps too. Her rhymes are tight. She raps the verses and sings the chorus. The chorus is catchy and will stay in your head. You may find yourself falling in love with the chorus. Megaman delivers on his verse. He raps very fast so you might not be able to keep up with him, but he does an amazing job.

# 1 – American Boy ft. Kanye West

The number one song on our Top 10 Estelle Songs list is “American Boy” from the Shine album. The single was released in March 2008. The song is about a woman who is having a relationship with an American man. The song opens with Estelle meeting a man who is her type. She loves talking to him because he has a lot of confidence. His style is on point. He has a swag about him that turns her on. The woman is ready take things to the next level. She wants to go away for the weekend with him. She wants to hang out with him and have fun. She wants to go shopping and visit his neighborhood. As the song progresses, she wants him to be her “American Boy.”

“American Boy” talks about a woman falling in love with a man from a different country. It’s a feel-good pop song. This is a different take on love. People don’t usually sing about falling for someone from a different country. It keeps the song from sounding like other love songs. We applaud her originality. The music will hook you as soon as it starts. It’s an excellent pop song that will never get old.

It’s the perfect song to hear during the summer and at cookouts. It will be impossible to sit still while the music is playing. It’s just too good. Estelle is channeling her inner Ella Fitzgerald on this song. Her phrasing is like the legendary singer. She’s honoring her idol with this song. Kanye West does a great job with his verses. His vocals are full of swag. The killer chorus will stay in your head all day. This is her biggest hit to date, and we can see why because the song is fantastic.

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