Complete List Of Juvenile Albums And Discography

Juvenile Albums

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This Complete List Of Juvenile Albums And Songs presents the full discography of Juvenile  studio albums. Juvenile was born on March 26, 1975. Juvenile hails from the area of New Orleans, Louisiana. This complete Juvenile discography also includes every single Juvenile collaboration album. All these spectacular Juvenile albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Juvenile album as well as all original Juvenile album covers. Every Juvenile album listed below showcases the entire Juvenile album tracklisting.


Being Myself

Released 1995

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro
  2. Betcha’ 20 Dollars [Bounce II]
  3. What Cha Gotta Do
  4. G-Ing Men
  5. Powder Bag
  6. Pass Azz ‘Nigga
  7. U Can’t C Me
  8. Shake Dat Azz
  9. Somethin’ I Forgot/I Blowed
  10. Sling It to Tha Back
  11. Conversation With the Man Above
  12. Shout Out
  13. Radio Dial

Solja Rags

Released 1997

CD Track Listings:

  1. Ziggly Wiggly
  2. Solja Rag
  3. I Did That
  4. Roll With ‘Em
  5. Pimpinabitch
  6. Livin’ in Tha Project
  7. Who’s Tha M.F.
  8. Hide Out or Ride Out
  9. Spittin’ Game
  10. 3rd Ward Solja
  11. Welcome 2 Tha Section
  12. Money on the Couch
  13. That’s How It Be Happenin
  14. Solja Rag (Radio)

400 Degreez

Released 1998

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro (Big Tymers)
  2. Ha
  3. Gone Ride with Me
  4. Flossin’ Season
  5. Ghetto Children
  6. Follow Me Now
  7. Cash Money Concert (skit)
  8. Welcome 2 tha Nolia
  9. U.P.T.
  10. Run for It
  11. Ha (Hot Boys Remix)
  12. Rich Niggaz
  13. Back That Azz Up
  14. Off Top
  15. After Cash Money Concert (skit)
  16. 400 Degreez
  17. Juvenile on Fire
  18. Ha (Remix)

Tha G-Code

Released 1999

CD Track Listings:

  1. Big Tymer (Intro)
  2. U Understand
  3. F*ck That N*gga
  4. A Million and One Things
  5. Take Them
  6. G-Code
  7. Something Got 2 Shake
  8. Da Magnolia
  9. Catch Your Cut
  10. Lil’ Boyz
  11. Get It Right
  12. Never Had Sh*t
  13. I Got That Fire
  14. Tha Man
  15. March N*gga Step
  16. Guerrilla

Project English

Released 2001

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro-Let’s Roll
  2. Set It Off
  3. H.B. HeadBusta
  4. 4 Minutes
  5. My Life
  6. Get Your Hustle On
  7. Sunshine
  8. Be Gone
  9. Mamma Got Ass
  10. They Lied
  11. White Girl
  12. In Ya Ass
  13. Set It Off (Radio Remix)
  14. In the Nolia
  15. What U Scared 4
  16. Outro-Let’s Go

600 Degreez

Released 2002

CD Track Listings:

  1. Untitled Instrumental
  2. Right Now
  3. All About Money
  4. On Your Own
  5. Holla At A Ni*ga
  6. Party
  7. With Me
  8. Mind Ya Business
  9. Ride With Us
  10. NY To NO
  11. Little Bit
  12. Thug Ni*gas
  13. You Ready
  14. Hustle
  15. A Hoe
  16. Untitled Instrumental

Juve the Great

Released 2003

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro
  2. In My Life
  3. Enemy Turf
  4. Outside (skit)
  5. Bounce Back
  6. Down South Posted
  7. It Ain’t Mines
  8. Numb Numb
  9. Lil’ Daddy
  10. F**kin’ with Me
  11. Cock It
  12. Club (skit)
  13. Juve the Great
  14. Head in Advance
  15. For Everybody
  16. At the Door (skit)
  17. Slow Motion

Reality Check

Released 2006

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro
  2. Get Ya Hustle On
  3. Around the Way
  4. Sets Go Up
  5. Rodeo
  6. What’s Happenin
  7. Loose Booty
  8. Way I Be Leanin
  9. Break a Brick Down
  10. Who’s Ya Daddy
  11. I Know You Know
  12. Keep Talkin
  13. Rock Like That
  14. Why Not
  15. Animal
  16. Addicted
  17. Holla Back
  18. Pop U
  19. Say It to Me Now

Cocky & Confident

Released 2009

CD Track Listings:

  1. Cocky & Confident
  2. Gotta Get It
  3. Back Back
  4. We Be Getting Money
  5. My Money Don’t Fold
  6. Feeling Right
  7. Top of the Line
  8. Make U Feel Alright
  9. It’s All Hood
  10. New Orleans Stunna
  11. All Over You
  12. You Can’t Stop Me
  13. Break It Down
  14. I’m Out Chere
  15. I’m Shining
  16. I Say
  17. Everything
  18. Hands On You
  19. Listen

Beast Mode

Released 2010

CD Track Listings:

  1. Go Hard or Go Home
  2. Drop That Thang
  3. Bitch Instructions
  4. La La La La La
  5. I’m da Man
  6. Nothing Like Me
  7. No Team
  8. Drinks on Me
  9. Pussy Kat
  10. Where They Do That At
  11. Lights, Camera, Action


Released 2012

CD Track Listings:

  1. Rejuvenation
  2. Power
  3. Can’t Stop My Money
  4. Mardi Grass
  5. Lost My Mind
  6. Imma Get Rich
  7. Fall Back
  8. Bad Guy
  9. Ahh Haa
  10. I’m Yo People
  11. Got It Like That
  12. Still Here
  13. Ain’t What You Want
  14. Toast to the Good Life

The Fundamentals

Released 2014

CD Track Listings:

  1. Pay Tha Rent
  2. Close Around
  3. Cradle 2 da Grave
  4. Kill Kill
  5. Let Em Know
  6. All Over
  7. Live Wire
  8. Super High
  9. Tales from the Hood
  10. This Is Your Song


Playaz of da Game

Released September 26, 2000

CD Track Listings:

1. Jivin’
2. A Little Sumtn’ In Sumtn’
3. Bounce For The Juvenile
4. Yeah F***in Right
5. Krooked Kops (DJ Jimi)
6. Got It Going On
7. New Orleans Bounce
8. Hoz Ain’t Nuthin But Hoz
9. Where They At
10. F***in Right (Remix)
11. N***a Rigged
12. Where They At (Remix)

The Greatest Hits


CD Track Listings:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Slow Motion”
  3. “Ha”
  4. “Back That Azz Up”
  5. “Set It Off”
  6. “In My Life”
  7. “Slow Motion (Remix)”
  8. “Back That Thang Up”
  9. “Bounce Back”
  10. “U Understand”
  11. “Mamma Got Ass”
  12. “400 Degreez”
  13. “I Got That Fire”
  14. “Juvenile on Fire”
  15. “Rich Niggaz”
  16. “Never Had Sh*t”
  17. “Lil’ Boyz”
  18. “Follow Me Now”


Digital release, no cover

Released May 23, 2005

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Bounce For The Juvenile”
  2. “Yeah F**kin’ Right”
  3. “F**kin’ Right (Remix)”
  4. “Ni**a Rigged”
  5. “Jivin'”
  6. “A Little Sumtn’ In Sumtn'”
  7. “Krooked Kops”
  8. “Got It Going On”
  9. “New Orleans Bounce”
  10. “Hoz Ain’t Nuthin’ But Hoz”
  11. “Where They At”
  12. “Where They At (Remix)”


Get It How U Live! with Hot Boys

Released 1997

CD Track Listings:

1. Intro
2. We On Fire
3. 50 Shots Set’s It Off
4. On Tha Porch (Part 1)
5. Block Burner
6. Neighborhood Superstar
7. Take It Off Your Shoulder
8. Dirty World
9. I’m A Hot Boy
10. Get It How U Live!!
11. On Tha Porch (Part 2)
12. I’m Com’n
13. Infrared Dot
14. Blood Thicker
15. Spit ‘N Game

Guerrilla Warfare with Hot Boys

Released 1999

CD Track Listings:

1. Intro
2. We On Fire
3. Respect My Mind
4. Help
5. Ridin
6. Off Tha Porch
7. Get Out Tha Way
8. Clear Tha Set
9. I Feel
10. Boys At War
11. You Dig
12. I Need A Hot Girl
13. Tuesday & Thursday
14. Bout Whatever
15. Sick Uncle
16. Shoot 1st
17. Too Hot

Baller Blockin’ with Cash Money Millionaires

Released 2000

CD Track Listings:

1.”Intro”  – Lovely & Atrice
2. “Baller Blockin'” – Turk, Baby & Juvenile; feat. E-40
3. “Family Affair” – UGK
4. “Rover Truck” – Juvenile
5. “Big Chief [Skit]”  -Ziggly Wiggly
6. “Project B!#$h”- Big Tymers, Lil Wayne & Juvenile
7. “Ballin’ Gs”- Eightball & MJG
8. “Thugged Out” – B.G.
9. “Don’t Cry” -Unplugged
10. “What You Gonna Do” – Nas & Bravehearts
11. “Calling Me Killer” – Lil Wayne
12. “I Got To Go” – TQ
13. “Whatever” – Baby, Lac & Stone
14. “Let Us Stunt”- Big Tymers, Turk & B.G.
15. “Skit”- Ziggly Wiggly
16. “Milk & Honey” – Mack 10 & The Comrads
17. “Uptown”- Turk feat. B.G.
18.”I Don’t Know”- Unplugged feat. Lil Wayne
19. “Win or Lose” – Rappin’ 4-Tay

Gotta Get It with JT the Bigga Figga

Released 2002

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Holla At Ya Thugz”(Juvenile & Ball Or Fall Family) – 2:48
  2. “Got G’z On It” (Yukmouth, Killa Tay & Mac Mall) – 4:24
  3. “I Know” (Ant Dog, Tac & London) – 5:09
  4. “Reptillian” (Priceless {from K.C.}) – 4:44
  5. “Gotta Get It” (Juvenile, JT the Bigga Figga, Billy Cook & Young Buck) – 3:39
  6. “Gotta Love It” (Cozmo & PDS {of the Recruits}) – 4:12
  7. “Open Arms” (London) – 4:49
  8. “Cold World” (PDS {of the Recruits}) – 5:19
  9. “Risky Business” (Killa Tay & Marvaless) – 4:24
  10. “Ride Or Die” (Outlawz & Murder One) – 3:01
  11. “C.E.O. Stacks” (Juvenile, Young Buck, Skip & JT the Bigga Figga) – 4:17
  12. “Step To The Side” (Tha Gamblaz & Sean T.) – 3:44
  13. “Dump Dump” (Tac & Killa Tay) – 3:59
  14. “Thug Life” (Messy Marv) – 4:29

Let ‘Em Burn with Hot Boys

Released 2003

CD Track Listings:

1. “Alicia Applefoot” (Intro)
2. “Introduction” (feat. Birdman)
3. “My Section”
4. “Stick & Move” (feat. Birdman & Cadillac)
5. “Down Here”
6. “Spin Tha Bend”
7. “My Cousin’s New Keyboard” (Skit) (feat. Mannie Fresh)
8. “Let ‘Em Burn”
9. “Do Whatcha Do” (feat. Birdman)
10. “Gangsta Nigga” (feat. TQ)
11. “These Hoes” (feat. Mannie Fresh & TQ)
12. “3 Strikes”
13. “Jack Who?, Take What?”
14. “Young Riders”
15. “Off Wit’ Ya Head” (B.G. solo)
16. “Up In Tha Hood” (feat. Cadillac)
17. “Outro”

The Beginning of the End with UTP

Released 2004

CD Track Listings:

1. “Nolia Clap”
2. “Don’t Start”
3. “What’s Up” (featuring Kango Slim)
4. “Who the F**k Is This”
5. “Juvie, Wacko, Skip (3 Bad Brothers)”
6. “Solja”
7. “What’s Your Brains Like” (featuring Kango Slim)
8. “War Sh*t”
9. “That’s All That I Know”
10. “At U Bi**hes”
11.”The Best Years” (featuring Kango Slim)
12. “Nolia Clap (Remix)”
13. “What’s Up (Remix)” (featuring Ms. Tee, Big Zuse and Kango Slim)
14. “Ride Tonight” (featuring Partners-N-Crime and Ms. Tee)

Just Another Gangsta with Birdman

Released 2019

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