Top 10 Faust Songs

Faust Songs

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Our Top 10 Faust Songs list takes a look a Progressive Rock band formed in Germany in 1971. The band consisted of musicians Hans Joachim Irmler, Arnulf Meifert, Jean-Hervé Péron, Rudolf Sosna, Gunther Wüsthoff, and Werner “Zappi” Diermaier. While many historians classify the band Faust as a Progressive Rock band, there were many who began labeling bands from Germany who crossed many musical genres as “Krautrock.” Nonetheless, in the big historical picture, their tendency to stretch musical genres was a principle ideal in the concepts of Progressive Rock.

The band’s first album entitled Faust was released in 1971.The following year the band released an album called Faust So Far. The following year in 1973 saw two releases from the band entitled, The Faust Tapes and Faust IV. The band Faust would not release another album for twenty one years. In 1994, the band returned and continued to release albums over the course of the next twenty years, The band went through many lineup changes but the one constant member who has been with the band the entire lifespan of the group was Werner “Zappi” Diermaier.

Our top 10 Faust Songs takes a look at some of the band’s most popular and interesting songs they have released over a very long time period.

# 10 – Miss Fortune

We start out our top 10 Faust Songs list with the song “Miss Fortune.” The song was released on the band”s debut album entitled Faust. The record was released in 1971. “Miss Fortune,” was the third rack on the band’s great debut record.

# 9 – Why Don’t You Eat Carrots

The great titled track “Why Don’t You Eat Carrots,” was released on the band’s debut album. The song was the opening track on the record therefore becoming the first Faust song many progressive rock fans ever heard from the band.

# 8 – Mamie Is Blue

“Maime Is Blue,” was issued on the band’s second album entitled Faust So Far. The song was written by the band’s guitar player, Rudolf Sosna.

# 7 – Giggy Smile

We just love the opening of this great Faust song. The song was released on the album Faust IV. The haunting bass line that is surrounded by those creepy strings perfectly set the mood for the insane vocal rap. May not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is progressive.

# 6 – Just a Second / Picnic on a Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableau

The opening track on side two of our favorite Faust album, Faust IV.

# 5 – Ausbruch Nach Rumanien

Ausbruch Nach Rumanien is the twenty one minute opening track to the band’s 1997 CD Faust Wakes Nosferatu. It is the only track on this top 10 Faust songs list that was not released in the nineteen seventies.

# 4 – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl

One of the most popular Faust songs in the band’s catalog is the track”It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl,”The song was released on the The Faust So Far album in 1972.

# 3 – No Harm

Most of the Faust songs we have chosen for this Top 10 Faust songs list have come from the band’s first four albums released in the nineteen seventies. The seventies were the golden period for the band and defined their musical legacy as a progressive rock band. “No Harm,” was from the great Faust So Far album.

# 2 – Meadow Meal

“Meadow Meal,” was the second track on the debut album from Faust. All three tracks from the band’s groundbreaking debut album our featured on this top 10 Faust songs list.

# 1 – Jennifer

“Jennifer,” may be the band’s most famous song depending on which Faust fan you speak with. The song was released on the band’s fourth album entitled Faust IV. The song’s eerie guitar riff is perfectly juxtaposed against the dark vocal line.

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