Top 10 Charlie Puth Songs

Charlie Puth Songs

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Our Top 10 Charlie Puth Songs list looks at a young artist born during the grunge era in 1991 when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were about to explode all over the music world. Time flows onward fast my friends. Charles Otto Puth Jr  is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer whose initial exposure to the industry resulted from his song videos on YouTube going viral.

His successful YouTube music videos caught the attention of established artists, and Ellen DeGeneres signed him to her label as a result. Charlie is a self-proclaimed musical nerd; he is a self-producing singer, songwriter with the perfect pitch. He has had the opportunity to work with big names in the industry, including artists like Wiz Khalifa, Selena Gomez, and Pharrell.

Despite the tacky beginnings, Charlie Puth has been able to grow and mature his material and content. If you are among the lot that wasn’t sure who Charlie Puth is, we forgive you.

Now let’s get acquainted with Charlie Puths’ falsetto-laden discography with ten best songs from him to indulge all your pop fancies.

#10 – One Call Away

“One Call Away” is a single from Puths’ debut album Nine Track Mind, released in 2016. It is a slow ballad that tells a tale of a man who is willing to risk and give up everything to win the love of his life back.

With all the hallmarks of a classic R$B song, “One call away” has a sweet, emotional tune, and it was not hard for the fans to fall in love with it. The prevailing guitar paired with Charlies’ heartfelt vocals, not to forget the relatable lyrics are to die for.

#9 – The Way I Am

Charlie tries to explore his insecurities and how he goes about confronting them in this track. “The Way I am” is a single off his latest album, Voicenotes.

Charlie Puth, in this track, tries to plead to be loved and accepted the way he is and for who he is. In an interview with Billboard, he revealed that the track is all about feeling inadequate to be in a relationship. Charlie has a skill for producing catchy hooks and a great melody, and he did exactly that with this single.

#8 – Marvin Gaye

“Marvin Gaye” was released in 2015 as a tribute to the late Marvin Gaye, whom Puth considers his biggest inspiration. The single is part of his 2016 album, Nine Track Mind.

Charlie Puth wrote the lyrics to this song himself, together with Julie Frost, produced it, and featured American R&B Singer Meghan Trainor on the vocals. The track was met with many positive reviews from fans and critics, all applauding Puth for his amazing vocals and song production.

It reached number 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in Australia and New Zealand.

#7 – Done for Me

Charlie Puth released the fifth single, “Done for Me,” from his second studio album named Voicenotes in March of 2018. He featured Kehlani on this single that had to be on our list by all means.

It’s an incredibly catchy song that easily gets people emotional, which makes it a fan favorite. The ballad talks about a guy trying to get the girl back after a breakup. However, he is not afraid of letting go after he’s done everything he can, but there’s still a lingering desire to hold on.

#6 – How Long

The next track on our top ten Charlie Puth songs is “How Long,” from his latest album name Voicenotes. He wrote it together with lyrical geniuses Julia Michaels, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, and Justin Traunter, who also wrote for artists like Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.

The jam is disco-influenced, with Puth paving the lyrics through a smooth wavy beat and a bouncy baseline which all comes together so beautifully.

#5 -Attention

Released in 2018 on the Voicenotes album, “Attention” is undoubtedly one of the greatest hits by Charlie yet! The Pop Rock style on the track is completely different from others he has done, and as soon as the sneaky guitar intro starts, you know something is about to go down.

The song has a clever mix of the viola and a bouncy bassline. The sad song lyrics may put you in a heartbreaking mood, but the beats will get you on the floor dancing, hence the track bringing a change in mainstream pop.

#4 – We Don’t Talk Anymore

This particular track put Charlie Puth on the map and made him a household name. He released the song in 2016 on his album, Nine Track Mind, featuring celebrated singer Selena Gomez on the vocals.

The song was co-written with Jacob Kasher, who is his frequent songwriting partner. Its success was almost assured thanks to the funky guitar, the harmony between Selena’s and Puths’ vocals, and the vibe it generally creates.

#3 – Empty Cups

Charlie Puth released his second studio album in May of 2018, and one of the tracks on the Voicenotes album is “Empty Cups.”

This has got to be hands down the standout track from the album. Charlie co-wrote the lyrics with his writer friend Jacob Kasher and confessed to getting inspiration for the song from his other composition, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

Unlike other tracks on the album, it has a smooth R&B feel, and he talks about the emptiness a breakup makes him feel.

#2 – Slow It Down

“Slow it down” is the ninth song in Charlie Puths’ ninth album, Voicenotes. It has a shiny 80s synthetic sound, and this pop song will take you back in time and have you feeling nostalgic.

Part of Charlie’s lyrics on the song, “Girl, you gotta slow it down,” are basically him discouraging the immediacy of modern dating.

#1 – See You Again

Charlie Puth released a Furious 7 soundtrack in April of 2015 that included the hit song “see you again.” He wrote the lyrics to this song together with Wiz Khalifa as a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident.

The song, upon release, became a worldwide hit and is still one of his most popular songs across the world, with more than five billion Youtube views.

This song also helped Charlie to become the youngest artist with a single at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for more than twelve weeks. To call this track a masterpiece is an understatement!

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