Top 10 Fit For An Autopsy Songs

Fit For An Autopsy Songs

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Our top ten Fit For An Autopsy songs looks at the work of an American deathcore band from New Jersey who first formed in 2008. The current line-up consists of a trio of guitarists in the form of Will Putney, Pat Sheridan and Tim Howley, drummer Josean Orta, vocalist Joe Badolato and bassist Peter Spinazzola. Soon after their formation, they release their first demo which was followed a year later by their debut ep Hell On Earth. Their first full length album The Process of Human Extermination was released in 2011.

Their second album Hellbound followed two years later in 2013. In 2014 original vocalist Nate Johnson left the band and was replaced temporarily by Greg Wilburn who had previously been the vocalist in The Devastated.

However, Wilburn’s time in the band was short lived and in 2015 he was replaced by Joe Badolato. They then began work on their third album Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell which was released later that year.

In 2016 they released a split ep with fellow deathcore bands Thy Art Is Murder and The Acacia Stain. A year after this they released their fourth album The Great Collapse. Their most recent album The Sea of Tragic Beasts was released in 2019.

Fit For An Autopsy are one of the best bands to emerge from the deathcore genre in recent years. Their music is a unique mix of death metal and metalcore with a hardcore twist. For anyone who thinks that the extreme metal genre is just noise and has no real merit, this band are one who prove otherwise.There are many great ones like  In addition the their brilliant music, their lyrics are also very well crafted. Concerned with topics about the dark side of life and society, they do not always make for an easy listen, but they are one of those bands who the listener will not easily forget in a hurry. Most of the great extreme bands come from a bleak place lyrically, and Fit For An Autopsy are no exception. Although the lyrics are often depressing things to read, in many ways they are also empowering, and have no doubt helped many fans get through hard times. So with this list, we are selecting the ten best songs from their career so far.

# 10 – The Sea of Tragic Beasts

Kicking off our top ten Fit for an Autopsy songs list is the title track of their fifth and most recent album released in 2019. The song is about people who cannot find peace in life and decide to victimise other people as a result. The lyrics in a twisted way praise such individuals for their skills of making other people miserable whilst also expressing sympathy for the people who are suffering as a result of it. In other words, it is talking about the “kill or be killed” mentality that many human beings have as an outlook on life.

# 9 – Hydra

Next up is a song is from the band’s fourth album The Great Collapse released in 2017. Although such a thing may not be generally said about extreme metal, this is a song that has a vibe to it that makes it stick in the listeners head. The reason for this is because it is very open in its anger towards society, making sure that the listener pays attention no matter what.

# 8 – Fear Tomorrow

Up next is this standalone single that was released in 2020. Fit for an Autopsy’s lyrical content has always been misanthropic and apocalyptic in nature and with this song they have clearly been influenced by the climate that we have been living in over the past couple of years with the Covid pandemic and the sense of fear and uncertainty that has come along with it.

# 7 – Mirrors

Next we have another track from The Sea of Tragic Beasts. The song is about how we view each other as human beings and the concept of learnt behaviour, which is not always a good thing if an impressionable person learns their behaviour from somebody who acts in a selfish or immoral manner. It also speaks in particular about how people who do bad things to us can still have an impact on our lives long after they are out of it. It is a bleak portrayal of people who go through life being unable to find true happiness. Musically, it has progressive elements and is rather reminiscent of bands such as Mastodon, Gojira and Meshuggah.

# 6 – Tremors

Ending the first half of this list we have a song taken from the band’s second album Hellbound released in 2013. It is yet another track that has the vibes of doom and despair. The lyrics themselves are actually very disturbing with talk of mass death. It is classic example of both Fit For An Autopsy and the deathcore genre in general.

# 5 – Saltwound

Kicking off the second half of this list is a track from the band’s third album Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell. This is another track that is extremely heavy both musically and lyrically. It is extremely misanthropic dealing with the idea of not being happy with the world and not being happy with yourself. It really taps into that feeling of hopelessness that someone can feel when no one around them understands them.

# 4 – Murder In The First

Here is another track from Absolute Hope ,Absolute Hell. This song is a politically charged song about how those at the top get away with committing atrocious things, and how the general public are apathetic to a lot of it. This album got to number three on the US Heatseekers chart and number eighteen on the US Hard Rock chart.

# 3 – Swing The Axe

At number three is another song from the third album that is more of a slow and melancholy sounding song. Once again, the lyrics deal with a bleak subject matter, this time about feeling that you are not getting enough out of life. The band really get across how horrible that feeling can be, with guitarist Will Putney’s lyrics clearly coming from having been in a bad place.

# 2 – Warfare

Just off the top spot is this track taken from Sea of Tragic Beasts. As the title would suggest, this song deals with the concept of war and conflict. It is also about the idea of standing up for your beliefs and not being afraid to not accept things that you disagree with. This album is their first with Nuclear Blast.

# 1 – Heads Will Hang

Topping off this list is this track taken from The Great Collapse. The lyrical concept of this song deals with the concept of living in poverty and the fact that many more Americans live in it than what the media likes us to think. This album got to number two on the Heatseekers chart, thirteen on the Hard Rock chart and 199 on the US Billboard.

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