Top 10 Flower Kings Songs

Flower Kings Songs

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The Flower Kings are hands down one of the most exciting Progressive Rock groups to have come out of the 1990’s. The second wave of Progressive Rock began in the early 1980’s. However the Flower Kings arrived on the scene ten years later in 1994 and turned many heads with their exciting sound that was very reminiscent of the band Yes. 

The group released their first album in 1995 entitled Back in the World of Adventures. The album featured founding member Roine Stolt on vocals  guitars and keyboards.The album also featured Tomas Bodin on keyboards, Michael Stolt on bass, Jaime Salazar on drums, Hans Bruniusson on percussion, drums and Ulf Wallander on soprano saxophone. One year later the band released the album Retropolis in 1997. However it was the band’s next release in 1997 that really brought them attention. The album Stardust We Are became a fan favorite and remains one of their most popular albums.

The band;s fifth album Space Revolver was released in 2000. The Flower Kings continued to release a steady stream of albums throughout the 2000’s. Continuing in 2001, the band released The Rainmaker, they then continued with Unfold the Future in 2002, Adam & Eve in 2004, Paradox Hotel in 2006, The Sum of No Evil in 2007, Banks of Eden in 2012 and Desolation Rose in 2013.

Our Top 10 Flower King Songs list takes a look at the various albums and best songs that the band released during their reign as one of the most exciting progressive rock bands of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

# 10 – In The Eyes of the World

We start out our top 10 Flower Kings Songs list with one of the band’s most loved songs. The wonderful track “In The Eyes Of The World,” was released on the Stardust We Are Album which also happens to be one of the band’s most loved albums. The Stardust We Are Album was released in 1997. The ten minute recording of ” In The Eyes Of The World,” was the album’s opening track.

# 9 – Garden of Dreams

The epic recording of “Garden of Dreams,” was released on the band’s fourth album entitled Flower Power. The “Garden of Dreams,” suite is perhaps the longest single title we have ever listed in any of our top 10 songs list. The “Garden of Dreams,” suite runs close to almost an hour-long. It was released in 1999.

# 8 – Church Of Your Heart

As much as we try to cover as many albums from the band’s career as we can in a top 10 songs list, it’s hard to stay away from the incredible Stardust We Are album. “Church Of Your Heart,” was issued as the fourth song on the amazing album.

# 7 – Retopolis

Retopolis was the second studio album by the Flower Kings. The album was released in 1996. Representing the album on our Top 10 Flower Kings Songs list is the eleven minute title track “Retopolis.”

# 6 – Love Supreme

“Love Supreme,” was the opening track on the band’s Adam + Eve album. The song “Love Supreme,” has nothing to do with the legendary John Coltrane recording “A Love Supreme.” The Adam + Eve album was released in 2004. Always loved the groove on this great track by the Flower Kings.

# 5 – Devil’s Playground

The “Devil’s Playground,” is easily one of our favorite songs by The Flower Kings. The lush string opening that last for close to four minutes calms the listener into an almost trance like state until the madness begins and then drops you to your face. This is what you call Progressive Rock at its finest.

# 4 – Stardust We Are

One final time we return to the legendary Stardust We Are album for the iconic title track Stardust We Are. It’s twenty five minutes of pure Progressive Rock heaven that pays tribute heavily in style to 70’s classic progressive rock bands like Yes, Genesis and King Crimson.

# 3 – Monsters and Men

The incredible Paradox Hotel album makes it debut on our top 10 Flower King songs list with the track “Monsters and Men.” The Paradox Hotel album was released in 2006. The Monster and Me suite was released as the second track ion the album coming in at just over twenty one minutes.

# 2 – The Truth Will Set You Free

The great marimba opening that bounces off the Spanish guitar licks culminate in a joyous celebration of virtuoso musicianship.. The Yes style rhythm that permeates at the two minute mark opening the door to a haven of progressive rock bliss. Easily one of the greatest songs The Flower Kings have ever released and for many, the the best of them all.

The song The Truth Will Set You Free was released on the album Unfold the Future. The Unfold the Future album was the band’s seventh studio release and their third double length CD up to that point in time. The album was released in 2002.

# 1 – I Am the Sun Part 1 (Space Revolver)

As we come to a close on our top 10 Flower Kings songs we turn to the album Space Revolver and the magnificent track “I Am The Sun.” Listening to this band, one has to wonder why they were not bigger in the United States than they actually were. This is vintage sounding progressive rock with a great modern feel and originality.

Updated Nov 5 2020


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