Top 10 Gentle Giant Songs

Gentle Giant Songs

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Our Top 10 Gentle Giant songs list takes a look at a band that was a favorite among hardcore progressive rock fans in the 1970’s. However, the band Gentle Giant was not well known to mainstream rock fans in the United States. However, the band was well respected in the United Kingdom and were a favorite among progressive rock fans in Europe in the 1970’s.

I saw the band perform on Long Island in 1978 at the Calderone Concert Hall. The band hooked me instantly. They may not have been as big as bands like Genesis or Emerson Lake & Palmer, but they were one of the most talented groups of musicians I ever saw perform.

Gentle Giant released their first album in 1970 on Vertigo Records. The band consisted of Derek Shulman on lead vocals, Gary Green on guitar, Ray Shulman on bass, Phil Shulman on trumpet, Kerry Minnear on keyboards and Martin Smith on drums. After the release of their initial album in 1970, Gentle Giant released ten more albums ending with their final LP in 1980 entitled Civilian. 

Or Top 10 Gentle Giant songs list attempts to define some of the best music the band released over their ten magnificent years of touring and recording.

# 10 – Two Weeks In Spain

Opening up our Top 10 Gentle Giant Songs list is the opening track to the band’s The Missing Piece album. The record was released in 1977.

# 9 – The Runaway

The great rack “The Runaway,” was released on Gentle Giant’s album In A Glass House. The legendary record was released in 1973. The song “The Runaway,” was the opening track on the album.

# 8 – The Moon Is Down

The Gentle Giant song “The Moon Is Down,” was released on the album Acquiring the Taste. The labum was released in 1971. The songs was written by, Derek Shulman, Phil Shulman, Ray Shulman and Kerry Minnear.

# 7 – Playing The Game

In 1974, Gentle Giant released the album The Power and The Glory. It became one of Gentle Giant’s most popular albums. The record hosted the great track “Playing The Game.” The early 1970’s defined the genre of the concept album. Bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Who, Frank Zappa and so many more were releasing records tied to one specific theme or story. It all pretty much started with The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

# 6 – I’m Turning Around

The second track featured on this Top 10 Gentle Giant songs list from the great album The Missing Piece is the terrific Gentle Giant tune, “I’m Turning Around.”

# 5 – Plain Truth

The album Acquiring the Taste is represented multiple times on this Gentle Giant songs list. Deservedly so, because it is such an inspiring record to fans of the progressive rock genre. “The Plain Truth,” is another stunning song from his great band.

# 4 – Experience

The song “Experience,” was released by Gentle Giant in 1973. The song was the closing track form the In A Glass House album not counting the hidden track at the end of the CD that was a compilation of snippets from the album’s other tracks.

# 3 – Funny Ways

The Gentle Giant song “Funny Ways,” was released on the band’s debut album in 1970. The song appeared as the second track on the record.

# 2 – Proclamtation

The great Gentle Giant album The Power and the Glory presented Gentle Giant fans with one of their greatest recordings. “Proclamation,” remains one of the most significant Gentle Giant songs the band ever released.

# 1 – The Advent of Panurge

Everything about the great track “The Advent of Panurge,” defined the brilliance of Gentle Giant. The virtuoso musicianship, the soulful laid back groove that is usually interrupted by chaotic yet meticulous rhythm and melodic changes, and off course the pitch perfect vocals. It’s all here in this great track from their 1972 album Octopus.

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