Top 10 Hayley Williams Songs

Hayley Williams Songs

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Our top 10 Hayley Williams songs introduce us to a musician whose career has been successful, having her start at the tender age of fourteen. Born in 1988, Hayley Williams moved to Tennessee when she was thirteen following her parent’s separation. It is here that she met her future bandmates at her new educational institution. The love for music had her enroll in a vocals lesson and even tried out for a Tennessee funk cover band, The Factory. While her initial music record label wished that she pursue a solo career, she had a huge love for her band Paramore, which she formed with her close friends from school. The decision was already made, and Hayley Williams rose to stardom under Paramore touring outside the US in less than two years after launching the band.

Besides being a vocals star, Hayley Williams was the keyboardist and primary songwriter for her band Paramore. It’s not a surprise that gorgeous Hayley Williams has seen her good looks lead to nomination by a British weekly magazine as the “Sexiest Woman” for five consecutive years since 2008. For the better time of her career, Hayley Williams stated that a solo career was not a priority to her. However, she would later consider that more than a decade later after having featured in tons of other artists’ songs.

Hayley Williams has collaborated with other artists such as B.O.B, producer Zedd, Taylor Swift. She went on to win the 2014 Billboard’s Women in Music Awards “Trailblazer Award” for paving the way for other musicians and her unique impact in the music industry. On her 31st birthday, Hayley Williams announced that she would venture into a solo career, something many was quite eager about. While she might not have had a string of albums on her name since then, here are the best Hayley Williams songs that prove how much of a talented singer she has been all through.

# 10 – Creepin’

Ushering us to the top 10 Hayley Williams songs is “Creepin’,” a song from her debut EP Petals for Amor I. Hayley Williams collaborated with Steph Marziano and Joey Howard in composing the song with production done by Taylor York. The song finds Hayley Williams singing about some kind of vampire that sucks her energy. She continues to reveal how she handles or manages people who take away her life joy moments. Some have gone ahead to propose that/852 the song be a metaphor about an abusive friendship or relationship.

# 9 – Sudden Desire

“Sudden Desire” is a fantastic ballad that features as the closing song on Hayley Williams’s debut EP Petals for Amor I. Written by Hayley Williams and Joey Howard, the song finds Hayley with an urge to connect with someone in a romantic way. Asked about her desire, Hayley Williams stated that she rarely had access to her sexuality, having her self-worth and intimate desires taken away by her psychological damage and shame. It was a powerful feeling coming back to her body after knowing what she wanted.

# 8 – My Friend

Featured on her EP Petals for Amor II, “My Friend” is an original composition by Hayley Williams. Rarely do we have people say much about their friends openly, but Hayley penned this song of esprit de corps and devoutness about her business partner and hairstylist Brian O’Connor. Hayley Williams reveals how much supportive Brian had been in her life in the lyrics. Worst of all, they both got through a divorce the same year and have gone on to share tons of problems and secrets. Its certain that their companionship describes a ride-or-die type of friendship.

# 7 – Roses/ Lotus/ Violet/ Iris

“Roses/ Lotus/ Violet/ Iris” is another prodigious Hayley Williams song from her EP Petals for Amor II. The song finds her singing about how she would like every female to realize their worth. “Roses/ Lotus/ Violet/ Iris” are all names of flowers used as a metaphor in this song to represent self-discovery and growth. Hayley Williams believes that the time has come for all “wilted women” to move towards the light. You ought to love the poetic feel of the song, which she dedicated to women who overcame or fight sexual and domestic violence.

# 6 – Over Yet

Number six on our list is the hit “Over Yet” from Hayley Williams’s Petals for Amor II. Turning your bad days into motivation is quite a nice hack to make others who have a similar problem feel encouraged. Hayley Williams uses this song to encourage the depressed telling them not to lose hope in life. The whole song was inspired by her experience with depression sometime before she released her EP. There was no better time to release this song than in the pandemic times when many went through depression.

# 5 – Why We Ever

Featured on Petals for Amor II, “Why We Ever” is an original composition by Hayley Williams penned at her lowest moment. The song finds her reminiscing about a former close one/ lover contemplating why they decided to finish what they shared. However, it is quite evident that Hayley Williams understands that her emotional instability caused the end of the relationship. She feels like she is ready to fix the lost love hoping for a new season in life. 

#4 – Leave It Alone

“Leave It Alone” is the second single from her EP Petal for Amor I. like most Hayley Williams’s best songs, “Leave It Alone” is quite a sad song with its lyrics alluding to grief. The song finds Hayley Williams singing about how she struggled with losing important people in her life, including a husband, a father, a grandma, and a band member. Her worries are written in bold, having her afraid of losing even more people.

# 3 – Cinnamon

What happens when we face what some might call a sad fact about your life? For Hayley Williams, it came with acceptance and contentment about her solitude. She released “Cinnamon” on her EP Petals for Amor I, driven by her acceptance of her solitude. Hayley Williams feels that it is wonderful to be alone. As the song approaches the end, he warns an interested lover that he will never leave Hayley’s home if he chooses her. 

# 2 – Dead Horse

Featured on her EP Petals for Amor II is a song that shares a similar title (but not the lyrics) with a Guns N’ Roses single from the studio album Use Your Illusion I. The song finds Hayley Williams singing about betrayal and all that caused her divorce. Her revelation includes a relationship she saw herself in and the shame she carried for over a decade. Sadly, she would get a taste of what it feels like to cheat when her husband betrayed her love.

#1- Simmer

Number one of our top 10 Hayley Williams songs is the ballad “Simmer.” The song was written by Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Joseph Howard for the debut EP Petals for Amor I. “Simmer” finds her reflect on her anger, to be specific a man who has done her wrong. However, Hayley Williams understands that she needs to have everything under control, including her emotions. The song peaked at number seven on the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

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