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Our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list looks at an electronic music producer and DJ. He produces groove-oriented synth and bass-heavy dance music. He likes to get you on the dance floor. He got his start in the music business by publishing remixes online. He’s one of the highest paid producers in music.

In 2019, Marshmello earned more than 40 million dollars. He is known for wearing a marshmallow helmet. He wanted to keep his identity a mystery. Some of his hits include “Happier,” “Wolves,” “Silence,” “Friends,” “Be Kind,” “Leave Before You Love Me” as well as other hits. Marshmello has worked with a lot of artists in the music industry. He’s worked with Juice Wrld, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Chvrches, Bastille, Anne-Marie, Justin Bieber, Khalid, The Jonas Brothers, Halsey as well as many others.

Christopher Comstock was born May 19, 1992. He recorded his first song on SoundCloud in 2015 called “Wavez.” He did remixes on SoundCloud before he released his first album. Joytime came out in 2016. It peaked at number five on the Dance Electronics albums charts. It features the singles “Keep It Mellow,” “Want U 2,” “Show You” and “Find Me.”

Joytime II came out in 2018. The album peaked at number one on the Dance Electronic albums charts and number 165 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Tell Me,” “Check This Out,” “Together,” “Paralyzed” and “Rooftops.” Joytime III was released in 2019. It peaked at number one on the Dance Electronic albums charts and number 50 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Rescue Me,” “Room to Fail,” “Run It Up,” “Put Your Hands Up” and “Here We Go Again.”

Marshmello is a talented producer who has worked with different artists in his career. You may or may not have heard of him, but you have probably heard his songs on the radio. If you are a fan of dance music, you have probably heard his work. He has a lot of singles on his own as well as with other artists. He has over 40 singles. Our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – One Thing Right ft. Kane Brown

The first song on our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list is “One Thing Right” featuring Kane Brown. The song is a non-album single. The song has a country and pop beat. The rebellious song is about a man who lies, cheats and does anything possible to get into trouble. The one thing he can get right is his love life. He found his true love while he was getting himself into trouble.

He wants to do everything he can to make sure that he doesn’t mess up the love he found. The lyrics play out like a romantic movie where a woman falls for a bad guy. This is the type of song that will make you think. You may make mistakes, but you don’t want to mess up the one good thing in your life.

Marshmello wanted to record a track where people want to hold on to what’s important in life. The song has an interesting story that you will want to follow. The track has a country meets pop and EDM sound. You can tell it’s a country song, but it doesn’t sound twangy the way other country songs do. Kane Brown and Marshmello don’t record the same types of music so this could have been a mismatch.

They proved that opposites do attract because they made magic happen with this song. The music is upbeat and energetic. It will entice you to bop your head to it. Kane Brown’s vocals are on point. He sings in his baritone vocals. His sexy voice will melt the hearts of women everywhere. He sings with his southern accent and that is like icing on a cake.

# 9 – Be Kind ft. Halsey

The next song on our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list is “Be Kind” featuring Halsey. The song appears on Halsey’s album Manics and Collabs. The song has an EDM sound. The sweet song is a love song. Halsey tells a story about a couple dealing with trust issues. They want everyone to know that it’s okay to let down your guard and be vulnerable with your partner.

The man in the relationship is defensive and is ready to get smart with anyone who offends him. She wants to let him know that he’s with someone who loves him. She lets him know that he doesn’t have to be afraid to be vulnerable. She lets him know that she’s the one for him. She wants him to open his heart to her. She would never take advantage of his vulnerability.

This is the type of track that will stay close to your heart. The meaning behind the lyrics will hit you differently. Everyone wants to be with someone who allows you to be vulnerable without judgment. She has the voice of an angel. She sings the song with a lot of passion. Halsey sings in falsetto. Her voice is like Heaven. Marshmello and Halsey created a masterpiece.

He brought out the best in her. He created a sound that was the perfect marriage for this song. The music is soft and works with the lyrics. You can hear the emotion in her voice since the music doesn’t dominate the song. Loud music would have taken away from her vocals so he did the right thing keeping the music low. They should do more songs together because this song is definitely worth checking out.

# 8 – Okay Not to Be Okay ft. Demi Lovato

The inspirational song is from Demi Lovato’s album Dancing with the Devil …the Art of Starting Over. The song has a dance and pop sound. The hopeful song is about overcoming self-esteem issues. She is dealing with self-esteem issues, but she finally learns how to deal with them the right away. She’s comfortable in her own skin now. This is a motivational song about overcoming mental health issues.

Mental health is important. It’s something that most people are dealing with during these tough times. There are plenty of people dealing with mental health issues who don’t have the strength to overcome it. This song will help you realize that you are not alone. Marshmello wanted to tackle this topic because he knows people are afraid to talk about mental issues.

The lyrics will hit you differently if you are feeling depressed or suicidal. You can listen to these lyrics and feel better. You will know that you can go on and that there’s no stigma against you for having mental health problems. The song is relatable to anyone having mental issues. Demi Lovato dealt with mental health issues in the past so you know this song means something to her.

Marshmello helped create the perfect track for Demi Lovato. The duo wanted to reach out to people who are dealing with mental health issues. The music is surprisingly upbeat considering the message is about depression. The music might make you feel better. It makes you want to dance and if you are feeling up to dancing, you will feel better afterwards. Demi Lovato sounds pretty on this track. She sings with the right amount of emotion needed to pull off the song.

# 7 – Come & Go ft. Juice Wrld

The tender song is from Juice Wrld’s album Legends Never Die. The track has an Emo, rap EDM, pop and punk beat. The loving song is about a man finding love with his girlfriend. He’s afraid his past will keep him from finding love. He wants to be a better man and he prays to God that he could be a better man. He doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with his girlfriend because of the things he’s done in his past life. He was afraid that the bad things he did took away from all of the good things he did. This song will hit home with people who have done things wrong, but want to do the right thing.

The lyrics are deep and will affect you differently if you are trying to hold on to something good in your life. You want to do everything possible to keep the relationship together, but your past creeps up on you and threatens to take it away from you.Juice Wrld left this world too soon, but his music makes you think. Marshmello and Juice Wrld’s song will help you get through your depression. The song will help you fight the demons you’re battling. The track is comforting and will make you believe that you can find love even if you aren’t perfect.

This song was a hit for Marshmello and Juice Wrld and we’re not surprised. The song will please fans of different genre’s of music. Juice Wrld’s vocals are on point. He reaches your soul without even trying. He will have you nodding your head in agreement while he pours his heart out. It’s sad to think that they won’t be able to work together again because they did an amazing job with this song. It will make us cherish the collaboration more because we won’t be blessed with another one.

# 6 – Leave Before You Love Me ft. The Jonas Brothers

The heartbreaking song is a non-album single. The song has a pop beat. The moving song is about a one-night stand where a man left a woman alone in a bed. The man had relationship issues in the past so he’s afraid the relationship could turn into something serious. Instead of having a serious relationship, he decides to leave before she falls in love with him. He wants to protect his heart from love instead of getting heartbroken. It makes sense not to get hurt, but that doesn’t help if you want to be in a relationship. This story will give you an inside look on what it’s like to have a one-night stand with someone you want to fall for, but you can’t do it.

The Jonas Brothers are given a chance to sing a song about hurting someone. That may not sound like a good thing at all, but it lets you know they aren’t perfect. They are flawed. Marshmello gave them a good song to sink their teeth into. He created an infectious pop track with heartbreaking lyrics. You will feel emotional, but you get a chance to feel better when you listen to the beat. Joe and Nick Jonas’ vocals are outstanding.

They play off of each other very well. They are given their chance to shine on this song. Joe Jonas sings in falsetto in the background of the song. His voice will reach out to your heart. Nick Jonas vocals are strong too. Marshmello’s production is excellent. He gets an A+ for creating a song that gives The Jonas Brothers a chance to show a different side to them.

# 5 – Here With Me ft. Chvrches

The next song on our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list is “Here with Me” ft. Chvrches. The song has an EDM and pop beat. The loving song is about a woman being in love. She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him. She believes his words are perfect. She feels free just listening to his voice. She misses him when he’s not around.

She thinks about him all of the time. She’s happy when he’s around. If she’s not around him, she’s happy to hear from him. This song describes a woman who wants her man to be in love with her. If you have ever been in love, this song will resonate with you. The lyrics are touching without coming off cheesy or corny. If you aren’t in love, you can still enjoy the track.

Marshmello and Chvrches created a positive song about love. If you aren’t in love, you might be nauseated at the idea of another love song. This song takes love to a different level. Marshmello’s production is fantastic. He created an amazing sound for this track. He knows how to make a song sound positive.

Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are beautiful on this track. You might find yourself captivated by her sound. Her soprano vocals are amazing. He picked the right person to sing this song. She keeps the song light and upbeat. She makes you want to believe in love. You can’t help rooting for her because she sounds so likable on the track.

# 4 – Friends ft. Anne-Marie

The charming song is from Anne-Marie’s album Speak Your Mind. The song has an EDM and pop sound. The friend-zone anthem is about a woman who is dealing with a friend who keeps flirting with her. She lets him know that she only wants to be his friend. She has no interest in being with him as a lover.

She feels that things are awkward with him because he has feelings for her that she doesn’t have for him. She wants to stay friends with him. Have you fallen for a friend only for the friend to tell you they only want you as a brother or sister? If you can answer yes to this question, this is the song for you.

Anne-Marie wrote this song because of a friend who kept flirting with her. She thought it would be a funny story to tell. There aren’t too many friend-zone songs out there so this song stands out. There are songs out where friends fall in love, but this one paints a different picture. Marshmello and Anne-Marie wanted to know what would happen if they write a song about someone who didn’t want to be with a friend. This is more realistic than friends always falling in love.

The beat is off the charts. Marshmello created an amazing beat for this track. The synth drives the beat. The drumbeat is phenomenal. The song is perfect to hear on a summer day. It’s perfect for pop radio. She sounds sassy on this song. She sounds like she’s in complete control of the situation. Anne-Marie sounds like a cross between Rihanna and Avril Lavigne. Her voice is flawless. She sings in time with the beat. She commands your attention the entire time. If you aren’t familiar with Anne-Marie, this song will make you a fan of her work.

# 3 – Silence ft. Khalid

The reflective song is a non-album single. The song has a dance beat. The personal song is about overcoming fears so he could have relationships. He has more confidence in his ability to talk to people. He doesn’t feel the need to be silent anymore. People can be stigmatized because they are silent, but silence helps you become more creative. Marshmello and Khalid want the listeners to be creative and expressive even through silence. The melancholy message will hit deep with people if they are discouraged and need motivation to be more creative. The track will inspire you to do better things in life.

This track will have you in your in feelings. This is the type of song you can listen to when you are in a reflective mood. It will give you a chance to look inside yourself and see what you can do. When you are in a good mood, you will enjoy the melody of the song. When you’re sad, you will understand the lyrics. The music contradicts the message behind the song.

The music isn’t melancholy the way the lyrics are. The song isn’t completely upbeat, but it’s not depressing music either. Marshmello proves he’s basically in a class by himself with this song. He knew exactly what beat to provide for this type of song. You won’t be too down when you hear it because the music will lift you up. Marshmello and Khalid work well together and should do it again. This song was a hit for a reason.

# 2 – Wolves ft. Selena Gomez

The thought-provoking song is from Selena Gomez’s Rare album. The song has an electronic EDM. The dark song could be about different things. It could be about her relationships. She was in two public relationships. She dated Justin Bieber and The Weekend. The song could also be about her disease. She is battling Lupus. She hasn’t confirmed what the song is about.

You can have your fun trying to figure out who the song is about. The song is very creative because you don’t hear songs with “wolves” in the title every day. She does mention relationships throughout the song so it’s possible that she’s singing about a person. Either way, we’re along for the journey. We are here for the journey she wants to take us on with this track.

Marshmello and Selena Gomez created a track that won’t get old. People are still dealing with relationships and illnesses so we will always be able to relate to the lyrics. The fact that she won’t reveal exactly what the song means gives the song a hint of mystery. The beat is catchy and will have you dancing while you’re reflecting. The beat doesn’t get boring. It will hold your attention until the track is done.

The music is calming until it explodes with the chorus. Lets talk about Selena Gomez’s vocals. She sounds great on this track. She gives this song her all. She sings it as if it means more to her than just a track. She sings it like it hits close to home. We’re here for it because that means she is putting all of her efforts into delivering a fantastic performance.

# 1 – Happier ft. Bastille

The number one song on our Top 10 Marshmello Songs list is “Happier.” The song is a non-album single. The track has a dance and pop beat. The upbeat song is about a relationship being over, but one of the people in it can’t accept it. He wants to stay in the relationship, but she wants to go.

He wants her to be “happier” than she was with him. He is man enough to realize that he should be the one to go if he’s not making her happy. There aren’t too many people who are strong enough to want to see their partner happier without them. They would want them to be upset or alone. The lyrics will mean more to you if you are dealing with the end of a relationship. If you are secure enough, you could let the person go too.

This track was a hit for Marshmello and Bastille. The song pleased fans when it hit the radio. This is the type of track that won’t get old because most people deal with relationship issues. This is a topic that will always be covered on a track. He will make you root for his character in the song. He stays the good guy even though he ends up having a broken heart.

He wants to do the right thing by the woman he loves. He makes women wish that most men were like him. The music will put you in a different headspace. It will make you think as well as move your feet. Marshmello knows how to make you emotional and put you on the dance floor. He wants you to dance your troubles away. Dan Smith provides the vocals on this track. He sings in his lower register for the song. It was a wise choice because he sounds more heartfelt that way.

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