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Ice Nine Kills Songs

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You would find it really difficult to get a band that has perfected the art of modern metal aggression with a theatrical flair that is inspired by modern horror metal horror films. Although they are not as famous as some of the other metalcore bands such as Metallica, Ice Nine Kills have released some of the most exhilarating, mind-boggling and beautiful heavy metal music ever. Their videos are also brilliant and incredibly scary. The amount of energy and aggression poured into their music have been significant in pushing the band to their breakthrough via the release of their first LP Every Trick in the Book.

The band got its name from a fictional substance in the classic novel by Kurt Vonnegut, “Cat’s Cradle.” The band was formed in the year 2000 and featured high school buddies Spencer Charnas and Jeremy Schwartz. In the early days after the band’s formation, the band experimented on different musical styles most notably a dabbling ska-punk and had a high turnaround of band members. Jeremy Schwartz left the band in 2009 leaving Spencer Charnas as the only original band member.

A lot of guitarists and drummers would later pass through the band over the next decade as the band looked to settle on a unique style of music. As a result, the band shifted from ska-punk to a heavy metal style which was evident in their 2010 album, Safe Is Just a Shadow. The album received critical acclaim for how it combined dark lyrics with great vocals that feature intense screaming and heavy guitar riffs. Safe Is Just a Shadow gave the band a new identity and solidified the band’s following which was small but very loyal.

In 2014, the band released an EP dubbed, The Predator, out of which several songs were added into their next album, The Predator Becomes the Prey. Although this album featured a lot of screaming, it still had a similar musical style and lyrical influence that the previous album had. The album was a commercial and critical success topping most rock music charts including debuting at position 3 on the Top Heatseekers Chart. In September 2015, the band released their fourth studio album, Every Trick in the Book which is arguably their best album to date.

The album featured literature, based on horror genres which were being shunned by most metal purists for being “repetitive and dull” as well as deviating from classic metal. However, Ice Nine Kills had a fresh approach with music videos that emphasised the narrative. The band is scheduled to release its sixth studio album dubbed, The Silver Scream Part 2: Welcome to Horrorwood on 15th October 2021. We have come up with a list of the best Ice Nine Kills songs. Here are the top ten Ice Nine Kills Songs.

# 10 – The Nature of the Beast

The number ten track in our list of the best Ice Nine Kills songs is in my opinion the standout track from the band’s 2015 album, Every Trick in the Book. The track is inspired by a 1945 novel written by George Orwell about animals that take control of a farm and oust the farm owners. The song is quite heavy and super theatrical. Do not miss this video, or maybe again we should say beware of this video………

# 9 – Someone Like You

Adele is a great singer and her song, “Someone Like You” was very powerful. However, the original song cannot match the overwhelming rage of Spencer along with the rest of the band in how they deliver the cover of her popular song.

# 8 – A Grave Mistake

The song is inspired by the movie, The Crow which is infamous for causing an accident on set that ended Brandon Lee’s life. The song reminds me of the band Halestorm in the songs ultra perfect production and intense chord changes and brilliant vocals.

# 7 – Communion of the Cursed

“Communion of the Cursed” is the second track from the band’s 2015 album, Every Trick in the Book. The song is based on the 1971 horror movie The Exorcist which tells a horrifying story of a girl who is possessed by the devil. Linda Blair gave the performance of her life in what many feel is the scariest movie ever made. The band pays heavy tribute to the imagery of the move in this very scary video. These guys scare me!

# 6 – The Greatest Story Ever Told

Many people confuse this track to be a romantic song. However, this song is about a guy who killed his girlfriend after they broke up and created an imaginary murder to shift the blame away from himself. The lyrics and the delivery of this song by the band are incredible.

# 5 – Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head

One of the most amazing things about most Ice Nine Kills songs amazing is Spencer’s amazing vocal range and his high and low pitches. “Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head” is the second track from the band’s 2104 album, The Predator becomes the Prey and is arguably the best record from the album.

# 4 – Merry Axe-Mas

Merry Axe-Mas contains one of the best music video that the band has ever released. The video of the song was a tribute to the holiday slasher film, “Silent Night, Deadly Night” which features a combination of sleaze, holiday fun to absurdity and bloodshed.

# 3 – Hell in the Hallways

The number three song in our list of the best Ice Nine Kills songs shows how the band loves horror movies and literature. “Hell in the Hallways” is the last track from the album, Every Trick in the Book and is a perfect example of the band’s post-hardcore sound. It’s incredible how the band can put out great storylines in their lyrics and match them up with great videos such as this one. This one pays tribute to the 70s film Carrie.

# 2 – The American Nightmare

“The American Nightmare” is the lead track from the album, The Silver Scream. The song’s lyrics are inspired by the 1884 horror movie, “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” If you are a fan of horror movies and slasher films, you will absolutely enjoy this song. The vocals are amazing and the video of the song gives the band a whole different theatrical aspect.

# 1 – Stabbing in the Dark

It is said that once you get into metal, there isn’t going back, and once you listen to this track you might forget most of the other songs in your playlist. “Stabbing in the Dark” features some brutal breakdowns and their interpretation of classic horror movies is unlike any other band that we have seen.

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