Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs

James Taylor Love Songs

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Our Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs list looks at a legendary singer, songwriter and musician. If you are a long time fan of music, you may be familiar with James Taylor’s catalog. He’s been part of the music industry for decades. He’s known for writing music that will touch people’s souls. One of the subjects he writes about is love. He writes about different aspects of love. James Taylor writes about the good and bad sides of love.  He has an extensive list of songs to choose from, and we narrowed it down to 10 tracks. In our opinion, these songs are a great display of love.

# 10 – Something in the Way She Moves

The 10th song on our Top 10 James Taylor Songs list is “Something in the Way She Moves” from his eponymous album. The single was released in 1968. It’s about a man who is captivated by the woman he loves. He loves her gentle movements and her mysterious charm. He has a special connection with her. She brings comfort and peace to his life. Whenever she’s around he feels calm. He’s not just attracted to her physical appearance. He loves everything about her. When he’s lost she makes him feel better.

“Something in the Way She Moves” is an appreciation for the effect someone has in your life. The song depicts a story of a man who is in love with a woman who makes him feel better about himself. We all want someone in our lives who makes us feel better when we’re down. She was the person he needed to make him feel good about himself. When the world is against us it’s nice to have that special person to calm us down. James Taylor wrote a simple love song that gets to the point.

He doesn’t beat around the bush. He expresses himself in a way that we would all understand. The lyrics are relatable because we all need someone to help us feel better about ourselves. The music is simple which is what the song needs. The simplicity of the music allows us to embrace James Taylor’s vulnerable side. He didn’t have to do any grand vocal gestures to get his point across. This song is ideal for anyone who is in love with someone who is a shining light in their lives.

# 9 – If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight

The ninth song on our Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs list is “If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight” and appears on the JT album. The single was released in 1977. The track is about a man who is cautious about pursuing the person he loves. He has strong feelings for someone, but he is afraid to express how he feels openly. He loves her, but he’s afraid that he will push her away because of how he feels about her. Other guys have warned him that she rejects people, but it doesn’t change the way he feels about her. She has been hurt in the past so she doesn’t want to put her heart on the line. This makes him more hesitant to go after her. He convinces himself to keep his feelings hidden so he won’t get hurt. He wants to show her how he feels about her instead of telling her so she will want to be with him.

“If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight” is about protecting your heart against potential heartbreak. He loves her, but he is afraid of being rejected. This isn’t a typical love song because the couple aren’t together in the story. He loves her, but he’s afraid to tell her how he feels. This is something a lot of us have experienced. There’s always a person in our lives that we’re afraid to admit our feelings to. James Taylor conveyed that feeling you get when you are afraid to admit how you feel about the person you love.

The song teaches you that it’s not impossible to get the person you love. The person may have a wall built up, but you can break it down if you try in different ways. James Taylor wrote a realistic story about being scared to tell someone how you feel. This could apply to people who have fallen in love for the first time or to people who have been hurt in the past. This song could be used as a romantic gesture to win over the person you love.

# 8 – It’s Growing

The eighth song on our Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs list is “It’s Growing” from his Covers album. The song was released in 2008. It’s about love growing over time. The song opens with him comparing love to a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets bigger the further it goes. The singer uses different examples to explain how love grows over time. Love is an unstoppable growth. Love grows gradually day by day. His love for his partner grows every day. Love is so intense that it will make you sad when the person you love is gone.

“It’s Growing” is an emotional song about the growth of love. James Taylor uses metaphors to describe the way love grows. The metaphors give you an idea of the nature of love. The song can make you feel hopeful about love. This song is for anyone who is skeptical when it comes to love. It will reassure you that it can grow. The song is also for people who are in love. It will let you know that the love you have for the person will grow even stronger. The lyrics read like poetry to music.

The song eloquently expresses how strong love can be. The lyrics are romantic without being sappy or corny. The lyrics are universal. The song was recorded by a man, but women can relate to the song as well. If you can’t express yourself to the person you love, you can let this song do the talking for you. James Taylor’s melodious and soothing voice may convince the person you love to be with you.

# 7 – Woman’s Gotta Have It

The seventh song on our list is “Woman’s Gotta Have It” from the On the Pocket album. The single was released in 1977. This song is about fulfilling a woman’s emotional needs. James Taylor expresses how important it is to understand the needs of your partner. He has been given advice about how to keep someone happy in a relationship. He was told what he should do to make her happy. You should make her smile and say the right things. It’s important to fulfill her needs and make her feel wanted and loved. It’s fundamental to make her feel loved every day. If you don’t make her feel happy, she will find happiness elsewhere.

“Woman’s Gotta Have It” encourages you to treat a woman with love and respect. If you want your relationship to be successful, you should treat your woman like a queen. This is excellent advice to make a relationship work. Women want to be loved and valued so it’s important for them to feel special. This love song is like getting advice from a friend. James Taylor gives you the tools you need on how to make a woman happy.

When you’re in love it’s essential for you to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. If you follow James Taylor’s advice, you should have no problem keeping the love of your life happy. If you don’t know what it takes to make her happy, you can listen to this song. James Taylor gives excellent advice that may work with the women in your lives. This love song isn’t about falling in love. It’s about keeping the love of your life happy.

# 6 – Believe It or Not

“Believe It or Not” appears on the Dad Loves His Work album. The song was released in 2000. It’s about longing for someone to enter your life. He has been waiting for the love of his life to come him. He has been waiting for her all his life. People tell him that he should stop holding out hope that she will come to him. He needs to move on with someone else. He doesn’t care what other people say. He is hopeful that she will come into his life one day. He feels as if he had a connection with her in the past. It may be hard to believe but he’s seen her face before. He sees himself through her eyes. He will continue to hold out hope for her.

“Believe It or Not” is about perseverance. The story describes a sense of hope that love will be in your life if you don’t give up. People are trying to get him to give up on getting her, but he wanted to hold out hope that it will happen. This love song is for anyone who longs to be with someone and have been told to give up on them. If you are a believer in fate, this is your jam. James Taylor’s song will give you hope that you will find love if you don’t give up. If you or someone you know doesn’t believe in love, you should play this song for them. This song may change their minds and give them the strength to fight for love.

# 5 – Everyday

The next song on our Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs list is “Everyday” from the That’s Why I’m Here album. The song came out in 1985. The song is about a man who wants to have a deep and lasting love. He longs to have love in his life the way other people have in theirs. He longs for it “every day.” His friends encourage him to go after the person he desires. If he pursues love, it will come his way. He is hesitant to pursue love because he’s been rejected in the past. He longs for true love and hopes she feels the same way.

“Everyday” depicts a man who longs to have an everlasting love. He sees other people in loving relationships and yearns to have one of his own. Watching other people together makes you want to be in a relationship of your own. You want the excitement and anticipation of being in love. We all want to have a deep connection with someone special. James Taylor talks about things that we all want when it comes to love. This is a reflective song about wanting love and hoping the other person feels the same way you do. This song is relatable to anyone who is in love or wants to find love. If you have a deep connection with someone, this is the song for you. You may feel like the lyrics are telling your story.

# 4 – You’re Smiling Face

“You’re Smiling Face” is from the JT album. The single was released in September 1977. The song is about a man who enjoys his lover’s smile. Her smile fills him with joy. He feels love when he sees her smiling. Her smile has a profound effect on his life. He is amazed that he can feel this way. The depth of his love for her surprises him. He wonders how long their love can continue to grow. He thought he was in love before, but he didn’t know about love until he got her. The singer will never forget her and is thankful she is the kind of person she is.

“You’re Smiling Face” describes the joy a man feels when he sees the love of his life smiling. It conveys the message that even something simple as a smile can make you happy. The song proves that you don’t need to make grand gestures to make someone happy. If you are in love, a smile is all you need. This song is a reminder of how love can be powerful and special. This type of love is worth cherishing.

The lyrics are universal because they can be about a romantic relationship or anyone in your life. The lyrics read like a love letter. We love how he feels that a simple smile can bring joy to your life. A smile is a genuine expression of love and happiness. Seeing someone smile can light up your life. “You’re Smiling Face” is a great song to use for your wedding. You can use it for your reception. You can also use it for your anniversary.

# 3 – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

Coming in at number three is “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” from the One Man Dog album. The song came out in November 1972. The song is about a man in denial. He doesn’t want to be alone so he overlooks what’s going on. He’s willing to accept her lies if they stay together. He doesn’t want her to say goodbye to him. He’s willing to accept what she does to him as long as he’s not alone. Since they aren’t sure how they feel about each other, he doesn’t know if they are going to stay together. He will put up with anything if she doesn’t leave him.

“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” tells the story about what people will go through to avoid being alone. The story is about a complex couple whose hearts are divided. He loves her, but their future together is uncertain. This isn’t the type of love song where the couple is happy and in love. This is a couple who have to deal with overcoming an obstacle. Love isn’t perfect and couples do go through complicated issues.

This song is an inside look at a couple with an uncertain future. He loves her enough to let her go, but he doesn’t want to leave. Couples deal with obstacles, but breaking up doesn’t have to be the solution. In this song, he was willing to overlook her wrongdoings so he wouldn’t be alone. This isn’t uncommon because people don’t want to start over. The story isn’t unheard of because no one wants to be alone. James Taylor shows a vulnerable side because he doesn’t want to be hurt and we love that about this song.

# 2 – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) ft. Carly Simon

“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)” is from the Gorilla album. The song was released in June 1975. This is a celebratory song about the woman he loves. He needs love and emotional support in his life. She gives him the love and emotional support he needs. She understands the ups and downs they go through. Her love is a source of comfort for him. He appreciates the love she gives him. He is grateful to have her in his life. Before she came along, his life was boring. When she came into his life she brightened his day.

This song celebrates a powerful love that brings joy to your life. The lyrics are a testament to the importance of love and how it can have an impact on your life. It’s a reminder of how sweet love can be. This is the ultimate love song. The song will make you a believer in love. It’s ideal for anyone who is in love. If you’re not in love, it will make you long for a love like this one. The song will move you if you have a heart.

You would have to be a cynic not to fall instantly in love with this song. This is a song for different stages of love. It’s designed for couples who are just starting out or have been together for years. This sweet love song is hard to resist. You can play this at your wedding reception or when you are spending the night with that special someone.

# 1 – You’ve Got a Friend

The number one song on our Top 10 James Taylor Love Songs list is “You’ve Got a Friend” from the Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon album. The single came out in May 1971. The song is about the power of friendship. His friend is having a tough time and struggling to get through it. His friend has been hurt and has trust issues. James Taylor reassures his friend that he will be supportive. He will be there for his friend through good and bad times.

“You’ve Got a Friend” is an expression of a powerful friendship. Love isn’t just about romance. There is also the love between friends. It can be just as powerful as a romantic relationship. This song talks about being there for your friend through thick and thin. Friendship is important in our lives so we should be there for our friends when they need us. This is a song that is relatable for people of all ages.

It’s a comforting song about having a supportive friend. Having a good friend who is there for you is one of the many blessings in life. It’s easy to be there when times are good, but it means more when they are there for the bad times. The song will make you appreciate the friends you have in your life. If you have a good friend who’s there through thick and thin, this song is for you. This is an excellent dedication to the friends in your life.

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