Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs

Rachel Platten Songs

Our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list will look at a talented singer and songwriter. She has been in the music industry since 2002. Her hit single “Fight Song” helped put her on the map. She has won awards throughout her career. She released her first two albums independently before getting signed to a big label. Her singles include “Stand by You,” “Better Place,” “Broken Glass,” “1,000 Ships,” and “Speechless,” as well as others. In addition to singing, she has been a model. She has posed for magazines and ad campaigns. She has done charity work for a variety of causes. She is a woman with a big heart.

Rachel Platten was born on May 20, 1981. She studied classical piano when she was five. She learned to play the guitar in high school. She joined a singing group in school. While she was doing an internship, she sang backup for a friend’s band in front of 80,000 people. This was the moment she realized she wanted to pursue music full-time. She recorded demos. She released Trust in Me in 2003. It features the songs “Not Mine to Say,” “Southern Eyes,” “Carry On” and “Fly.” She released Be Here in April 2011. It features the singles “1,000 Ships,” “Seven Weeks,” “Begin Again” and “Don’t Care What Time It Is.”

Wildfire was released in January 2016. The album peaked at number five on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Fight Song,” “Stand by You,” “Better Place,” “Lone Ranger,” “Superman” and “Speechless.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Waves was released in October 2017. The album peaked at number 73 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Broken Glass,” “Collide,” “Whole Heart” and “Perfect for You.”

Rachel Platten sings songs from her heart. She likes to sing inspirational and uplifting music. She writes her songs based on what she is going through in life. Her songs are meaningful because she writes them from a personal space. She is an underrated singer who deserves her flowers. Our Top 10 Rachel Platten article will give us a chance to give her the flowers she deserves.

# 10 – Collide

The 10th song on our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list is “Collide” from the Waves album. “Collide” was released in 2017. This song is about a woman pushing her man away. She is conflicted by her emotions. She’s not sure why she is acting the way she is. She doesn’t know why keeps playing games because love is not a competition. No one wins when you push people away. She wants him to look into her eyes and tell her that they are going to be okay. The narrator wants them to forgive each other for everything. She knows they are different people, but they work together. She appreciates how he allows her to be emotional.

This is a song where the narrator allows herself to be imperfect. She isn’t sure why she acts the way she does, but the man in her life accepts her for it. This is a beautiful song about acceptance. The song is sleek and incredibly produced. Rachel Platten’s performance is strong in this song. She doesn’t hold back on her emotions while she is singing the song. This song is perfect for you if you find yourself moody and you’re afraid that you’re pushing your partner away. We have all been in a position where we don’t know why we are pushing people away. Rachel Platten comes alive in the chorus. It is easy to see why because the chorus is fire. The lyrics are exquisite. She says things we wish we could say and hear.

# 9 – Little Bit of Love – Tritonal ft. Rachel Platten

The ninth song on our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list is “Little Bit of Love” from Tritonal’s U & Me album. “Little Bit of Love” was released in 2019. This is a song about a couple who are falling in and out of love with each other. They are trying their best to salvage the little love they have for each other. They want to enjoy the last moments they have together before they break up. They want to enjoy the time and focus on themselves.

They know their love is slipping away from each other. Their differences are making their relationship impossible to hold on to. Despite their problems, they want to spend time together. They both need a little love. The narrators don’t want to give up, but they want to know why they keep fighting with each other. They believe if they focus on the time they have left, they can work things out.

This is a reflective song about a relationship on the verge of collapsing. The song will have you in your feelings if your relationship is on the verge of ending. The couple in this song will give you hope because they want to try and work things out. This may give you hope that your relationship will work out. The couple’s love for each other is undeniable even though they are struggling to make it work. The beat is surprisingly upbeat considering the subject matter.

You would think the song was about falling in love instead of breaking up. The synths and the chords make the music come alive. It is hard to feel depressed about a relationship ending when you hear a beat like this. It will put you in a good mood. Rachel Platten sounds angelic. Her vocals are breathtaking. She will have you singing along with her. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember.

# 8 – Lone Ranger

The eighth song on our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list is “Lone Ranger” from the Wildfire album. “Lone Ranger” was released in 2016. We want to start by saying that this song is not about a Western or a lone ranger. This song is about a woman’s need to be independent. She wants to find herself. She wants to feel like she is independent and doesn’t want to rely on anyone. The protagonist wants to be who she wants and she doesn’t want to get hurt. She considers herself a lone ranger because she wants to be free.

She doesn’t want to be tied down to someone forever. She wants to be free to move around anytime she wants. Throughout the song, she admits that she feels lonely at times, but she prefers to be alone than hurt. She warns people not to get too close to her because she doesn’t want to be hurt. She is not always as strong as everyone thinks. She is tired of being hurt by people.

This is a song that will help you get through bouts of loneliness. This song turns loneliness into a good thing. It is better to be alone than to have someone hurting you. This song encourages you to embrace your independence. Being alone isn’t easy but it keeps you from being hurt. The lyrics focus on your strength to face the world on your own. You don’t need anyone else to feel complete.

Once again Rachel Platten chose upbeat music to tell her story. The bouncy song will get you out of your seat. You may find yourself clapping to the beat. The handclaps in the background will entice you to clap along with the beat. Rachel Platten’s phrasing is on point. She wants us to soak in all the words she is saying. She wants the listeners to embrace the lyrics. Her soothing voice will get you through some tough times. Her voice was made for this song.

# 7 – Speechless

The seventh song on our list is “Speechless” from the Wildfire album. “Speechless” was released in 2016. This song is about the feeling you get when you are in love. The feeling can be overwhelming. Love can be so intense that you can’t express how you feel. She wants to slow things down so she can enjoy every moment with her man. She feels like words can be distracting. She knows their hearts know the truth.

The narrator talks about her man making her feel speechless. He quiets the inner demons she has within herself. He takes her breath away. She never needs a reason to feel this way. The narrator is thankful that his love allows her to feel free. She wants her lover to come over and make her feel speechless. His body language speaks louder than his words. She never wants the feeling to end. She is ready for every touch from him. He takes her to a different place passionately. She enjoys his touches and kisses. They make her feel as if she can’t say a word.

If you have someone in your life that makes you feel the way the narrator describes her relationship in this song, you know exactly how she feels. Everyone wants to have a love like the one Rachel Platten is talking about in the song. The song is sexy and seductive. It will put you in a seductive mood. The type of love she is talking about is intense and we are here for it. The dramatic music will hit you as soon as it starts. This is something you can use in the bedroom when you and your partner are intimate.

If you find yourself speechless, you can allow Rachel Platten to serenade you. Her voice is beautiful. Her voice is strong against the loud music. She sounds seductive in the song. She does hold back in the bridge. She misses opportunities to let her voice soar during the climatic moments of the song. With that said, her voice is amazing. If she hit the power notes, she could have turned the song into a power ballad.

# 6 – Superman

“Superman” is from the Wildfire album. “Superman” was released in 2016. This song is about someone who has everything and is still there for others. People who have it together need someone to lean on at times. She wants to take away the pain her partner is feeling if she can do it. She wants her partner to know it is okay to let his guard down. She tells him he doesn’t have to be a superhero all the time. She would carry her partner’s pain if she could. He tells her he is okay even though he has tears in his eyes.

She lets him know that they will get through his problems together. She lets him know everyone must come down sometime. You can’t always be a superhero. She doesn’t want him to hold the world in his hands. He has already shown her he can do it. She wants to be able to help him. The protagonist tells him to take her hand and lean on her if he needs to do it.

This song teaches you that strong people need help too. They can’t be strong all the time. They will eventually break down and need someone to hold them. This is a great way to honor someone who is always strong and needs a shoulder to cry on when they are feeling down. This track will inspire you to want to help someone who is hurting. The lyrics are universal because it doesn’t have to be about your partner. It can be to anyone in your life who needs someone to be there for them when they are down.

The music has a somber beat that fits with the theme of the song. She made the right call making this a ballad because the up-tempo beat would have taken away from the message of the song. The song has more impact as a ballad than a dance track. Rachel Platten gave the audience an inside look at her tribute to her husband. You can tell the song is personal based on the passion she has in her voice as she is singing. Her voice soars on this track. She belts throughout the song which is an excellent touch. She did what she didn’t do in our previous entry.

# 5 – 1,000 Ships

The next song on our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list is “1,000 Ships” from the Be Here album. “1,000 Ships” was released in 2011. The song is about the undying love she has for someone. She is willing to do anything to get his attention. She talks about how she would care for him if he were her partner. She will bring him coffee. She will cover him with a blanket if he needs it. She will kiss him anytime he wants it.

There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Despite everything she is willing to do, she can’t seem to get through to him. She has sailed 1,000 ships trying to reconnect with him. For some reason, her message isn’t getting through to him. She believes in her heart that he will eventually see the light. She believes he will come back to her. She wants him to be open to reuniting with her. She is willing to wait for him to give her another chance.

Don’t let the song title fool you. The song has nothing to do with ships or boats. The song is about a love that won’t die. This is about a deep love for someone who got away. This is a song people can relate to if they have an undying love for someone who is no longer with them. The lyrics are realistic. This is a story that is mostly told from a man’s point of view. Men usually express how far they would go to get the women they love back in their lives.

This time around, a woman is expressing how she feels to get the man she loves back in her life. It is nice to hear this story told from this point of view. Men will enjoy hearing a woman fight to get her partner back. This song will also encourage women to build up the courage to fight for the men they love. The song may have you thinking about a lover who got away.

# 4 – Better Place

“Better Place” is from the Wildfire album. “Better Place” was released in December 2015. This song is a declaration of love. She expresses her love and gratitude to someone who changed her life for the better. The narrator talks about how the world looks better now that she has her partner in her life. She expresses how much he has changed her life. She wants the world to know how much he has changed her life. She talks about her partner giving her light, warmth and happiness.

She talks about how much she loves and appreciates him. She feels like she belongs to him. They are made for each other. When they are together, nothing or no one else exists. He has made positive changes in her life. His touch and love make her feel like everything will be okay. She knows everything will be all right now that she has him.

The track is about hope and optimism. It encourages people that things can be normal if you have love in your life. She doesn’t want people to worry about life too much. You can play this when you want to celebrate being with your partner. If you feel as if your partner has changed your life, this song is for you. The track has a joyous tone to it. The music will put a smile on your face.

This track will make you appreciate the person who made a difference in your life. The song is piano driven which gives listeners a chance to focus on Rachel Platten’s voice. She sings the song effortlessly. She sounds sincere as she is pouring her heart out about the love that has changed her life. You can believe her when she describes how much her partner has made her life a better place. She harmonizes with herself in the chorus and it sounds incredible.

# 3 – Broken Glass

Coming in at number three is “Broken Glass” from the Waves album. “Broken Glass” was released in August 2017. This is a track about overcoming obstacles and challenges. She uses metaphors to talk about dancing on broken glass to symbolize her strength in the face of adversity. She starts the song off by talking about her frustrations and loss. She feels stuck where she is and she is surrounded by negativity. She knows that people will keep saying hurtful things to her. They will keep criticizing and judging her. The narrator isn’t going to keep waiting for their approval.

She is dealing with a lot, but she is determined to keep moving forward. She wants to make positive changes in her life. She knows she can do great things if she believes in herself. The narrator talks about her strength and courage. If she follows her heart, she can overcome anything. She is not going to let anyone who hurts her stand in her way of getting what she wants. She doesn’t want to hold on to her demons. Her pain is going to motivate her to keep going.

This track is beautifully written. The lyrics are poignant and inspirational. Rachel Platten tackles things that we have all endured in life. She reminds everyone to keep moving on even if you have been hurt. It has a great message of perseverance. The title of the song may have you thinking that the song has a negative meaning, but it doesn’t. This song is about reclaiming your strength. Some of us don’t have the courage to overlook what naysayers tell us so this song may be the motivation you need to learn to move on from negativity.

Other artists have covered this topic, but she manages to keep it different from the rest. It is a good song to promote strength and unity. This song will make you admire her for wanting to be strong despite her obstacles. Rachel Platten sings the song with confidence. She also takes challenges with her voice. She sings parts of this song in falsetto which was a nice touch. The chorus is memorable and will stay in your head. It is one of the best parts of the song.

# 2 – Stand by You

“Stand by You” is from the Wildfire album. “Stand by You” was released in September 2015. This song is about having someone by your side when you’re in trouble. You need someone by your side so you can cry on their shoulder. The narrator is telling someone to put their hand in her hands. She wants to see the scars her partner is trying to hide. If his wings are broken, she will offer her wings.

She is going to stand by her partner’s side, so he know he a not alone. She knows he is hurting. She is hurting too. She is willing to put her hurt aside for the person who needs help. When times are rough, they will get through them together. They will walk through fire together. She lets her partner know that she is going to stand by him. She won’t let him face his troubles alone. He is all she ever needed and if he is in trouble, she wants to help.

This is a therapeutic song about love and support. Rachel Platten wrote an amazing story about hope and reaching out to someone you love. This is an ideal song for anyone dealing with problems and needing someone to be by their side. The lyrics are universal because it can be about being there for someone in need. The person doesn’t have to be your romantic partner. It could be a friend or family member who needs someone to stand by them. The piano and drums dominate the music.

It starts off slowly and then musically explodes. This has an excellent pop beat. The beat fits the mood of the song. You will stomp your feet and clap along with the music. Rachel Platten’s vocals are crisp and clear. Her voice sizzles throughout the song. She has great control over her voice. She knows when to pull back and when to let loose. This song showcases how talented a singer she is.

# 1 – Fight Song

The number one song on our Top 10 Rachel Platten Songs list is “Fight Song” from the Wildfire album. “Fight Song” was released in February 2015. This song is about resilience. She opens the song by talking about a word helping someone else. She wants to open up because keeping things to herself is destroying her. She is going to scream out loud so she can be heard. This is her fight song. She is taking her life back in this song. She is going to be okay. She insists that she is going to be strong. The narrator doesn’t care if no one else believes she can do it. She has a lot of fight left in her. She knows that people are worried about her. She still has fire left inside of her. She believes in herself even if no one else does.

This is a strong anthem that is written for anyone who has felt lost and defeated. This song teaches you that you can overcome the loss. She uses metaphors to get her point across about being strong. The metaphors are a creative way to say that she is not going to give up on herself. The music has an incredible pop rock beat. The piano and drums drive the beat. The music will have you raising your hand up in agreement with her.

The lyrics are inspirational. They inspire people to look into their inner power and not give up. She doesn’t want people to give up no matter how tough things get in life. This is one of her signature songs. It is easy to see why the song was a major hit. The music will hook you as soon as it starts. Her vocals will also win you over. She sings the song with the sass and confidence needed to pull off the message she is trying to convey.

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