Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer Lopez Songs

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Jennifer Lynn Lopez, known by her stage name Jennifer Lopez, born on 24th July 1969, is an American dancer, singer, and actress. Loez began appearing in films in the 1980s and after a short while, she became one of the highest-paid Latin actresses in the history of Hollywood. Later she ventured into the music industry with several pop albums.
J.Lo took dance lessons from an early age and she had aspirations of becoming famous. At sixteen she made her film debut in “My Little Girl 1986.” Her television breakthrough came in 1990 when she featured as one of the “Fly Girls” dancers and later appeared in the comedy show “In Living Color” She has featured in numerous TV shows and movie series.

In 1999, Jennifer Lopez added pop artists to her titles by releasing her debut studio album On the 6. The album was well received and quickly went platinum with more than eight million copies sold worldwide. Her other albums include J.Lo in 2001, Rebirth 2005, Brave 2007, Love 2011, and A.K.A. in 2014. Below are the top ten songs by Jennifer Lopez.

# 10 – I’m Real

“I’m Real” is the title for two songs recorded by Jennifer Lopez both basically for her second album J.Lo released in 2001. The original version of this hit was released as the album’s fourth single. The original version received much praise from music critics who complimented the 1980s-esque style while the remix had mixed reactions and reviews for its lyrics.

The original video for “I’m Real” starts with Jennifer Lopez driving down a highway on a bike, passing through smiling children, who stop playing and run after her. She is later seen enjoying ice cream with the kids until she gets to her bike and drives away. She goes into a dance break and for the rest of the music video, she dances and entertains the crowd on stage.

The remix ” Murder remix” of I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule has a separate video. It opens with Lopez leaning on a gate of a house singing in front of a backdrop alongside Ja Rule who walks in the streets with a basketball. The “Murder Remix” was outstanding and topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five non-consecutive weeks. It also peaked at number two on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

# 9 – Get Right

After listening to this song, this is where you agree that without music our lives would have been a mistake. This song is stunning along with its music video with Jennifer Lopez playing various characters. This track contains lyrics about drinking at a club and sex. The numerous roles that Jennifer Lopez is involved in this song are what makes it special. The song peaked at number twelve on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eighteen on US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

# 8 – Let’s Get Loud

This hit was supposed to be released by Gloria Estefan but she gave it to Jennifer Lopez and I agree that no one would have done it better than her. The hit went on to become one of the greatest and Lopez’s signature songs. The track was nominated for the Best Dance Recording in the Grammy Awards.

Gloria Estefan was confident that Jennifer Lopez would add more fun to the song and put a new spin on it. The song was recorded for Jennifer Lopez’s debut studio album On the 6 released in 1999. Since its release, the track charted on several charts worldwide and reached the top ten in five countries in Europe. The song peaked at number 39 on the US Dance Club Songs.

# 7 – Dance Again

Jennifer Lopez is a good pop star who has managed to draw whichever rapper or producer is at the peak at the time and come up with their best work. After the massive success of her song “On the Floor” she did a collabo with Pitbull and RedOne on this song “Dance Again.” The result was a fantastic hot dance-pop gem.

Jennifer Lopez claims this song is a metaphor for her survival after she had gone through a hard and emotional divorce from Marc Antony. It is typically a celebration of life post-heartbreak. One a personal perspective, this song is very meaningful. It tells you to follow your heart and believe in love even when others do not support or understand what love means.. The song peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the US Dance Club Songs.

# 6 – Jenny From the Block

At number six is this amazing song. In the track, J.Lo features American rapper styles, and Jadakiss, both members of The LOX. Lopez insists that she has not been spoiled by success and money. Typically this pop song is about Jennifer’s desire to remain humble and true to her background or rather roots in The Bronx.

The song received mixed reactions with some music critics applauding the song for the strong statement about self while others said the lyrics were laughable and silly. The song’s music video features Lopez in various steamy scenes with Ben Affleck- her boyfriend then. Even after being criticized, the song peaked number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and featured in the top ten charts in other countries.

# 5 – Love Don’t Cost a Thing

This song is fantastic and that’s why it peaks at number five on our list. J.Lo recorded the song for her second studio album Jennifer Lopez as the lead single from the album. The track expresses frustrations with materialistic desires of being in love, or rather of a lover. The song was aimed at his boyfriend at that time Sean Combs.

The music video starts with Jennifer Lopez at her boyfriend’s mansion. He calls to cancel their date but has left a golden bracelet for her. Lopez is angry and hangs up the phone, gets into her convertible, and drives away. She strips all the expensive jewelry off. The video ends with Lopez stripping her clothes off. The song was a major hit with amazing commercial success and peaked at number three in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It also appeared on the top charts in other European countries.

# 4 – All I Have

This song is a real gem. It is a song by J.Lo featuring LL Cool J. The track is about moving on after an emotional breakup and is sung with a relaxed and charming elegance that sounds timeless. The music video features Jennifer Lopez and LL as former lovers who are now broken up. The two remember their good and bad times while being lonely for the holidays.

The song received positive reviews from music critics who praised the chemistry and flow between Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J. This song was a major success attaining number in the US and New Zealand. It also featured in the top five and top ten charts in various countries. Amazingly, this track was ranked as the fifteenth most successful on the US Billboard Hot 100 of 2003 and also in 2011.

# 3 – If You Had My Love

This song is amazing and features as our number three. It was released on 4th May 1999 as the lead single from Lopez’s debut studio album called On the 6. The track is mid-tempo pop music that features hip hop and Latin influences. The song is about J.Lo telling a guy what he has to do if he wishes to be in a romantic relationship with her. J.Lo insists that he stay faithful and also, be true to her.

Music critics responded positively to the track praising its unique content and stunning production. Immediately after its release, the song became a major hit topping the US Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks. On top of that, this hit became the best-selling single of 1999 with more than 1.2 million sales in the United States alone. It also topped charts in Greece, Australia, Finland New Zealand, and Hungary.

# 2 – Waiting For Tonight

You cannot have the heart to hate Jennifer Lopez and this track ” Waiting For Tonight” is worth talking about. It was occasionally used as a celebratory anthem to welcome the new Millenium. The track was originally recorded by Phil Temple, Maria Christensen, and Michael Garvin. J.Lo recorded her own version for her debut solo studio album On the 6 in 1999.

The Music video comprises a Y2K dance party. This song left a legacy and convinced many viewers that J.Lo was one of the top pop-dance recording music artists. The was nominated at a Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording. On top of that, it peaked at number eight on the pop singles chart while topping the dance chart.

The music video starts with an image of a setting sun. J.Lo and her female colleagues are at a house preparing for the New Year’s Eve party. Lopez is seen dancing in the jungle while another scene shows Jennifer covered with sparkling crystals all over her body and face. Towards the end of the video, the music stops and the dancers stare at a big clock and the countdown to the new year 2000.

# 1 – On the Floor

This song is outstanding and tops our list. It is the first single from Lopez’s seventh studio album Love. It was released on the radio on 18th January 2011, but on iTunes on 22nd February 2011. The track is an up-tempo dance song featuring influences of electro house and electropop. The song is considered Lopez’s come-back song.

Featuring Pitbull, the hit is incredible with an amazing performance. She believes that the song captured both her singing talent as well as her dancing skills. The song was a major hit with outstanding commercial performance. It peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 while topping the US Dance Club Songs.


Jennifer Lopez is a legendary artist with a series of amazing albums. She is considered a pop culture icon often called a triple threat entertainer. She has accumulated massive wealth through her music and is considered the most influential Latin entertainer in the US and North America in general. The above songs are very enjoyable and will leave you asking for more of J.Lo.

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