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Jessie Ware Songs

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Our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list will look at a talented singer and songwriter who has been in the music business since 2009. She rose to fame with the release of her first album Devotion which peaked at number five on the UK charts. Her other albums peaked in the Top 10 on the UK charts.

Jessie Ware has won five awards and counting and has been nominated for over 30 awards to date. In addition to singing and songwriting, she also has a podcast which she produces with her mother. She is not just an entertainer. She does charity work. She is an ambassador for UNICEF. She appeared in a charity single to help people who were involved in a fire. Some of her hit singles include “Say You Love Me,” “Wildest Moments,” “Alone,” “Running,” “Tough Love,” “Champagne Kisses,” as well as others.

Jessica Lois Ware was born on October 18, 1984. Before she became a singer, she was a journalist at The Jewish Chronicle. She was a sports journalist at The Daily Mirror. She also worked at the TV company Love Productions. She did backing vocals for Jack Penate. She was thankful for this opportunity because it gave her a lot of training. She was able to learn how to perform live. One of his bandmates named Tic introduced her to SBTRKT. Jessica Ware worked with him on her song “Nervous.” She also worked with Sampha. They worked on her song “Valentine” together. These singles led to a record deal.

Jessica Ware released Devotion in August 2012. The album peaked at number five on the UK charts. It features the singles “Running,” “110%,” “Wildest Moments,” “Night Light,” “Sweet Talk” and “Imagine It Was Us.” The album sold over 100,000 copies. Tough Love was released in October 2014. The album peaked at number nine on the UK and number 50 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Tough Love,” “Say You Love Me,” “You & I (Forever)” and “Champagne Kisses.” The album sold over 100,000 copies.

Glasshouse was released in October 2017. The album peaked at number seven on the UK charts. It features the singles “Midnight,” “Selfish Love” and “Alone.” What’s Your Pleasure? was released June 2020. The album peaked at number three on the UK charts. It features the singles “Overtime,” “Please” and “Hot n Heavy.” That! Feels Good! was released in April 2023. The album peaked at number three on the UK charts. It features the singles “Free Yourself,” “Pearls” and “Begin Again.”

Jessica Ware is a talented singer and songwriter. She has worked with different artists such as Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Francis and the Lights, Cashmere Cat, Julia Michaels, as well as others. She deserves to be a bigger star than she is. Our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list will give us a chance to get to know her music better.

# 10 – If You’re Never Gonna Move

The 10th song on our Top 10 Jessica Ware Songs list is “If You’re Never Gonna Move” from the Devotion album (US version). “If You’re Never Gonna Move” was released in April 2012. The song is about a woman who is attracted to someone who isn’t returning her feelings. She is trying her best to make an impression on him. She wonders what she must do to get his attention. She wonders if she must carve her initials on his forehead.

If he doesn’t come to her, she is going to approach him. She doesn’t like how she is dancing alone because he won’t dance with her. She will keep the floor warm for him until he decides to dance with her. She continues to wish that he will make a move on her. She wants to know what’s wrong because he can’t lose with her. She only has him on her mind, but he refuses to talk to her. The narrator is willing to let him touch her if he takes the time to do it. She is willing to give herself to him if he will be with her.

This song tells a story about unrequited love. It can be frustrating being in love with someone who doesn’t return your feelings. In Jessie Ware’s case, he refuses to make a move on her. Everyone wants the person they are interested in to feel the same way about them. This song talks about the pain of not having the person you love show any interest in you. If you are in love with someone who isn’t in love with you, the lyrics will affect you.

This is a good dance song. The beat will have you out of your seat. The keys and the drums dominate the beat. This may not be the type of song you would hear in a club, but you can dance to it. Jessie Ware’s vocals are alluring in this song. She uses two different tones in this song. One pitch is higher than the other. She sounds like Alicia Keys when she belts in the song. She uses vocal doubling in chorus. Her harmonies are spectacular.

# 9 – Free Yourself

The ninth song on our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list is “Free Yourself” from the That! Feels Good! album. “Free Yourself” was released in July 2022. This introspective song is about self-discovery. She encourages people to embrace their authentic selves. She wants the listeners to keep doing their best to achieve their goals and to do what makes them happy. Our narrator doesn’t want the listeners to care about what the world expects them to do.

She wants them to please themselves and not let anyone stop them. In the second verse, she tells people not to wait for other people to make them happy. She wants them to take care of their own happiness. In the chorus, she says the only way to be happy is to do what you want in life. She doesn’t want people to be distracted or worried about the reactions of other people. It is better to stay motivated about what you want in life.

This song tells a story about being liberated. The song focuses on being yourself and personal growth. Jessie Ware doesn’t want the listeners to live their lives based on what other people want or expect of them. This song encourages individuality. This song will get you on the dance floor. The music has a joyful beat that is uplifting. It will put a smile on your face as you listen to it.

This is the type of song we all need in our lives. The lyrics will inspire us to go by our own rules and not let anyone dictate how we live our lives. This song will take you on a spiritual journey. This track is reminiscent of Madonna’s early hits. The song is a throwback to disco, pop and techno music. You will enjoy yourself while dancing to the music. Jessie Ware sounds emotive on this track. You can tell she means every word she is saying. The song has powerful music and lyrics.

# 8 – Midnight

The eighth song on our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list is “Midnight” from the Glasshouse album. “Midnight” was released in July 2017. The song is about a woman’s desire to be with a man who makes her feel special. She thinks he is a special man. She wants to know if he can meet her at midnight. She loves him and he is the only one who inspires her. She needs him and wants to feel his magic.

She thinks he is precious and she dreams about him all the time. Our narrator dreams that they are together. Anytime he is around her, her heart skips a beat. She feels intense passion for him. She wants to be with him in the moment. She feels like their connection is what she needs to feel whole. He makes her feel special and he inspires her to be a better person.

This song tells the story about love taking over someone’s mind. The feelings she has for the man she wants are intense. She paints a beautiful picture of a man who inspires her to be a better person. She expresses how magical it feels to find an intense love. The song is haunting and elegant. This is a soulful anthem for anyone who has an intense love for someone in their life. Jessie Ware is speaking to you if you have intense love for someone.

This song feels like a confessional for the singer. Her powerhouse vocals make this a superior pop song. She sings the verses in falsetto and the chorus in her normal pitch. She is channeling her inner Alicia Keys in the chorus. This song pushes her vocally more than our previous entries. This piano-driven song will make you a believer in love. Jessie Ware’s vocals will make you a fan of hers. Her voice is a gift from God.

# 7 – Selfish Love

The seventh song on our list is “Selfish Love” from the Glasshouse album. “Selfish Love” was released in August 2017. This song is about a toxic and selfish relationship. It is about two people who only think of themselves in their relationship. The couple don’t consider each other’s feelings. They play games with each other. They insist on telling lies and bending the truth so they can get what they want. She knows she is in a toxic relationship, but she secretly loves it. When she gets to the chorus, she questions why she does the things she does.

She knows she breaks him down so she can get her way. She knows she is being selfish, but he is too. She lets him know that he lies to her while she bends the truth. They both try to get the upper hand over the other. They admit that they use each other to get what they want. She believes there is only room for one person in his heart. She wants to know why they treat each other the way they do. Despite the way they treat each other, she can’t get enough of it.

This song tells a story about dishonesty and insincerity. It is hard for her to let go of the relationship even though it is toxic. The lyrics take a different approach on toxic relationships. She discusses how they hurt each other and think of themselves. She could have easily made him the villain in the story. She chose to take responsibility for her role in the toxic relationship. We applaud her for telling the story from both ends. This track is relatable to anyone who is in a toxic relationship they don’t want to be over.

This song will let you know that you are not alone. The music is enhanced by the guitar riffs. The music has a Latin vibe to it. Jessie Ware’s breathy vocals make this feel like a fantasy. She sounds seductive as she explains how they use each other in the relationship. Her harmonies will blow you away. She invites you to sing along with her. She never disappoints us with her vocals.

# 6 – Champagne Kisses

“Champagne Kisses” is from the Tough Love album. “Champagne Kisses” was released in April 2015. This song is about a woman in love. She is crazy about him. Her feelings for him are so strong that they surprise her too. She lets him know that he is in her dreams every night. She thinks about him constantly. She counts every kiss they have until she falls asleep. Their love is supreme and she will always give into it. She wants his love. She creates a dreamlike scenario that expresses her fixation of the man of her dreams. She is willing to forgive and forget any mistake if they continue to feel passion for each other.

This song is a lovely picture about love taking over your mind. This song is perfect for people who are infatuated with someone. It captures the idea of love making you do crazy things. It can make you overlook the things that the person you love does. This is a song that you will immediately fall in love with as soon as you hear it. The music is perfectly paced. The synths give the song an 80s feel. The production is slick and sophisticated. The song balances old school with today’s music.

Jessie Ware’s vocals are vibrant. You can’t help smiling as you listen to her profess her love for the man in her life. Her vocals are layered and were an excellent touch for the song. Her lush vocals take the song to another level. She has enviable vocal control because she can sing in falsetto without her voice cracking. The song ends abruptly which will make listeners want to hear more of the song.

# 5 – Tough Love

The next song on our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list is “Tough Love” from the album of the same name. “Tough Love” was released in June 2014. This song is about a complex relationship. She isn’t sure how the man she loves feels about her. She spends a lot of time thinking about what she wants to say to him. She wants to express her feelings for him clearly. She talks about how often she dreams about him and how much he means to her. He is not as convinced as she is that they should be together. He is not sure if he wants to commit to a relationship.

His indecisiveness is causing her pain. She gets to the chorus and talks about love being difficult and painful when things aren’t clear. She is not sure how she can fix the situation. He has her crying out loud for more. Their relationship is hard, but she is willing to do what it takes to fight for it. She is determined to get him to feel something more for her.

This song covers the touchy subject of one-sided love. The song captures the confusion she feels because he is playing games with her heart. She loves him, but he isn’t being forthcoming about how he feels about her. This song is an honest look at one-sided love. There are times when people don’t feel the same way about each other. The timing might be off for the couple and that is what this song is about. One-sided love can be hard, but Jessie Ware encourages listeners that it is worth fighting for if you want the person in your life.

The music will give you Prince vibes. It sounds like something Prince would have recorded in the 80s. The music is nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Her music is versatile because she can sing different types of songs. Jessie Ware’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful. Her voice is soothing to your ears. Her voice is well controlled. She never misses a beat in this song.

# 4 – Running

“Running” is from the Devotion album. “Running” was released in February 2012. The song is about a connection between a couple. She feels lost when they are not together. The song opens with her talking about her man’s words driving her to tears. It is the same words that have kept her around for years. Whenever she is around him, she gets weak. She wants to know if the feeling is mutual.

She never wants to leave him. She is ready to fall in love and give her heart to him. He keeps her running. In the second verse, she wants to know if he will hold her hand. She never wants him to let her hand go. She asks him if he will pull her close to him so no one can find them. She wants him to embrace her and make her feel like they are in another world.

“Running” tells the story about depending on someone else when it comes to love. She longs to be with the man of her dreams. She is willing to lose everything to be with him. She feels incomplete without him in her life. He has a hold on her that she can’t explain. If you are truly in love with someone and will do anything to be with the person, Jessie Ware is singing your song. The music has an old school feel to it. The synths give the music a nostalgic feel.

The guitar riffs and thumping drumbeat makes the music stand out. Jessie Ware’s voice is intoxicating. Her breathy vocals complement the music. She sounds soulful in this song. When she shouts in the song, she sounds like a combination of Sade and Alicia Keys. She holds a little note after the bridge that is pleasant surprise. This song has a memorable chorus that will stay in your head.

# 3 – Alone

Coming in at number three on our list is “Alone” from the Glasshouse album. “Alone” was released in September 2017. The song is about spending time with someone you love. She has an intense desire to be with her man. She doesn’t want anyone else to call her when she is with her man. She wants physical attention. She wants to make love with her man. She feels that there is a distance between them.

She wants them to feel closer together. Our narrator wants her man to take her home so they can be together. In the second verse, she tells her man she wants to talk to him. She enjoys being with him and doesn’t want anyone else. She can watch him forever. She will never get tired of looking into his eyes. She can’t wait to be alone with him. She longs to get him alone.

“Alone” is a song about a woman who yearns to be with her man. She doesn’t want anyone to distract them from being together. She wants time alone with her man. This song will resonate with you if you want to spend time alone with the person you love. This song works if you have trouble spending time alone with your partner. You would give anything to have a moment alone to be intimate with your partner. The music is soft and smooth. It is something you can listen to when you are spending time with the one you love. This is baby-making music. This is excellent blue-eyed soul music.

The music is a beautiful blend of r&b and pop. It is suitable for her silky vocals. The music will make you feel emotional. Jessie Ware takes you to church with this song. The background singers sing as if they are in a choir. Jessie Ware’s vocals are strong and powerful. She embraces her inner Alicia Keys in this track. She does miss an opportunity to hit a big note during the climax. If you are looking for that note, you will be disappointed. Despite the missed opportunity, the song is breathtaking.

# 2 – Wildest Moments

“Wildest Moments” is from the Devotion album. “Wildest Moments” was released in June 2012. The song is about a fight between two people. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it didn’t stop them from arguing with each other. People watch them from the outside looking in and wonder why they haven’t given up on their friendship. In their dreams, they can be the greatest ever. They could also be the worst. Anytime they are together, a fight is bound to happen. She wants to know what is causing their bad luck. She looks back on their time together.

She misses their wild moments together. They had each other’s backs. She wonders if her friend is thinking about their friendship the way she is. She wonders if they ruined their friendship by fighting. Our narrator believes it might be her fault. She hopes that their pride won’t get in the way of making their friendship right again. They have had good times and bad times together.

The lyrics of the song are misleading. The lyrics read as if Jessie Ware is talking about a lover. She is actually talking about a friend. The singer had a bad argument with her best friend. They argue a lot, but they are still friends. The song tells a story about a friendship that can be good one minute and bad the next. This is a realistic song about friendship. We have all had arguments with our best friends at one point in time so we can all relate to the lyrics.

The music is somber, which is appropriate for the subject of the song. The music may have you thinking about your best friend. Jessie Ware’s vocals are sincere as she talks about what is going on with her friend. She sounds like Beyoncé in this song. She sings the song with passion. You can hear the emotion in her voice as she sings about her friend. The chorus is memorable and will stay in your head when the song is over.

# 1 – Say You Love Me

The number one song on our Top 10 Jessie Ware Songs list is “Say You Love Me” from the Tough Love album. “Say You Love Me” was released in September 2014. This song is about a woman who wants her man to tell her how he feels about her. She doesn’t want him to use sex to tell her how he feels. She needs him to say he loves her more than he needs her to hold him. All she wants to hear is that he wants to be with her. She doesn’t want physical intimacy to replace communication.

She wants him to be open and honest with her about his feelings. She doesn’t want to fall in love with him if he doesn’t want to make the relationship work. She hopes that he loves her the way she loves him. Our narrator isn’t sure if he will ever admit that he loves her. She is afraid that he is running out of words to say to her and love is floating away from them. She wants to know how he feels or their relationship may not last.

This song tells a story about choosing the emotional side of a relationship over the physical side. She doesn’t want to rely on physical intimacy to find out how he feels about her. She wants him to use his words and not his body to tell her how he feels. Most of us want the person we love to tell us how they feel through words. We don’t want to find out through physical actions. This song will hit close to home with you if your partner doesn’t like to tell you how they feel about you. It is painful when someone won’t express how they feel about you and is only interested in the physical aspect of the relationship.

The musical production is exquisite. The guitar riffs are stellar. They make the song sound soulful. Jessie Ware sounds like Jennifer Hudson in this song. They sound as if they were trained by the same vocal coach. Her vocals are layered because she sings in her upper and lower register. The background singers sound like a choir towards the end of the song. This is the type of song that will have you singing along with her. It may have you raising your hands in the air in agreement with the talented artist.

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