Top 10 Keel Songs

Keel Songs

Our top ten Keel songs look at the work of an overlooked and underrated heavy metal who were active in the 1980’s and have been back in existence since reforming in 2008. Their namesake is the lead singer and founding member of the band Ron Keel who had previously been the vocalist in Steeler. In 1984, the same year as their formation they released their debut album Lay Down The Law. When Gene Simmons from Kiss heard this record he was very impressed and produced their second album The Right To Rock the following year, the title track of which is their best-known hit. Simmons also produced their third album The Final Frontier which was released in 1986.

In 1987, Keel released their fourth self-titled album. A track that was written for the album titled “Proud To Be Loud” ended up being used by Pantera on their Power Metal album. After the release of their fifth album Larger Than Live in 1989, Keel disbanded.

During their time apart, the members ventured on various projects, both musical and outside of music. They briefly reformed in 1998 and released an album called Keel VI: Back In Action. Despite the fact that this album consisted of previously unreleased material, they classed it as their sixth album. However, this reunion did not lead to a full reformation.

They officially reformed in 2008 and released a new album titled Streets of Rock & Roll in 2010. Although they are still in existence, they have yet to follow this up. Here is a list of their top ten songs.

# 10 – Streets Of Rock & Roll

Kicking off our top ten Keel songs list is the title and opening track from their most recent seventh album released in 2010. This album was their comeback record, being their first and so far only recording since their reformation in 2008. It is also the debut of bassist Geno Acre., who still remains in the band today.

# 9 – Back In Action

Up next is the title opening song of the band’s sixth album released in 1998 titled Keel VI: Back In Action. Considered to be a comeback album, it was put out after the band’s first brief reformation and is the first to feature what is considered to be the classic line-up since their self-titled fourth record in 1987. Like all of the other tracks on this record, this was not a newly recorded song, but a previously unused track from one of their previous studio albums.

# 8 – Dreams Are Not Enough

Our next track is from the band’s fifth album Larger Than Live released in 1989. Despite being officially classed as their fifth album, the album actually only has six newly recorded studio tracks, with the second side being a collection of live recordings of songs from their previous albums. After filming the video for this song, the band split up.

# 7 – Somebody’s Waiting

The next song on this list is from the band’s self-titled fourth album released in 1987. This album was the last to feature guitarists Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay until the recording that they had played on appeared on Back In Action. This album was also the first since their debut album not to be produced by Gene Simmons.

# 6 – Because The Night

Ending the first half of this list is a song taken from their third album The Final Frontier released in 1986. Many people will probably know that this is a cover song that was originally written by Bruce Springsteen and was a big hit for Patti Smith when it was released in 1978. Rock band Garbage recorded their own version of it in 2013.

# 5 – Tears Of Fire

Beginning the second half of this Keel songs list is another song from the third album which, like the previous entry also had its own video produced for it. It was released as the second single from the record and was an instant hit on many rock radio stations. Like the previous album, it was produced by Gene Simmons and was also the last to be produced by him.

# 4 – Let’s Spend The Night Together

Next up we have a song taken from the band’s debut album Lay Down The Law which is a cover of the Rolling Stones hit originally recorded in 1967. It was re-recorded and also featured on their next album. There is a slight difference in the recording of both versions, with this one ending with reprises of earlier album tracks. This is the closing track on the album.

# 3 – Tonight Your Mine

At number three we have another song from the band’s first record which, like the list’s previous entry and another song, “Speed Demon” was re-recorded for the band’s second album. The re-recorded version has a different title: “You’re the Victim (Im The Crime)” and also has slightly different lyrics. When the album was released it received positive reviews.

# 2 – Speed Demon

Just off the top spot on our Keel songs list we have the third song that was featured on both of the band’s first two albums. The reason for the re-recording was because the band only had three songs written when they were sent to the studio to record the second album. This track made an appearance many years later in 2002 in the movie Men In Black 2.

# 1 – The Right To Rock

At the top of our top ten Keel songs is the anthemic title track of the band’s second album which is the song that they are best known for. After hearing Keel’s first record, Gene Simmons became an instant fan and handled production duties for this record. The band had several drummers during the recording process of the album after original drummer Bobby Marks left shortly before the recording. After two unsuccessful replacements, Steve Riley played on the album but left soon afterward. He was replaced by Dwain Miller who became their permanent drummer shortly before the record’s release.


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