Top 10 Striker Songs

Striker Songs

Our top 10 Striker songs list presents the best songs released by a Canadian band known that has kept heavy metal alive and well north of the U.S. border. The Edmonton-based band was formed in 2007 forging its way to popularity thanks to its fervent performances. The band released a demo recording that drew the interest of the German-based record label Iron Kodex.

Subsequently, the band signed a recording deal with Iron Kodex issuing its 2009 extended play Road Warrior and one studio album through the label. Over the years, Striker has issued a total of six studio albums all of which have proved to be critical to the band’s success in the heavy metal genre. Notably, vocalist Dan Clearly is the only original member to have maintained his membership in all of the band’s incarnations.

Striker’s Album Releases over the Years

After the release of its 2009 EP Road Warrior, Striker started working on an album almost immediately. The result was Eyes in the Night, a ten-track album issued in 2010 through Iron Kodex. Eyes in the Night instantly became a favorite for headbangers earning Striker a cult following in its homeland and beyond. The album was mastered by Evren Göknar, a mastering engineer best known for his work with Grand Funk Railroad, Nancy Wilson, Queensrÿche, and Pat Benatar among others. Some of the best Striker songs from the album include “Full Speed or No Speed,” “We Don’t Play by the Rules,” “Eyes in the Night,” and “The White Knight.”

Striker’s impressive debut album attracted the attention of the Austrian independent heavy metal/hard rock label Napalm Records. The band went ahead to sign a recording deal with Napalm Records where it issued two full-length studio albums. Other heavy metal\/hard rock artists (once) affiliated with Napalm Records include Sevendust, Accept, Satyricon, Therion, The Smashing Pumpkins, HammerFall, and Cradle of Filth.

Armed to the Teeth, issued in 2012, marked the band’s first record issued through Napalm Records—the record was the band’s second full-length album. The album was produced and mixed by the now-retired German producer Michael Wagener. Other artists who have worked with Wagener include Metallica, Keel, Mötley Crüe, Accept, Overkill, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, and Skid Row.

Armed to the Teeth saw the band affirm its hunger for success in the heavy metal/hard rock scene. The album finds the band continuing to rekindle the glorious spirit of the ‘80s heavy metal, especially with its brilliant riffing. “Let It Burn,” “Fight for Your Life,” “Forever,” and “Lethal Force” are the top musical gems by Striker issued on Armed to the Teeth.

In 2014, Striker returned with their third studio album City of Gold. The album marked Striker’s second and final record issued through Napalm Records. Like its predecessors, City of Gold saw the band explore ‘80s-Esque heavy metal sound influences. The album was a success featuring some of the best Striker songs including “Start Again,” “City of Gold,” and “Crossroads.”

Since parting ways with Napalm Records, Striker has issued all its record through the Edmonton-based independent label Record Breaking Records. Stand in the Fire, issued in 2016, marked the band’s fourth studio album—the record also marked Striker’s first album issued through the new record label. The band achieved some mainstream success with Stand in the Fire asserting its position in the Canadian heavy metal/hard rock scene. “Phoenix Lights,” “Too Late,” and “Out for Blood” are the most popular Striker songs from the album Stand in the Fire.

In 2017, the band returned with its eponymous fifth studio album. The album saw Striker explore a blend of heavy metal, power metal, and speed metal sound influences. Striker is home to musical gems such as “Former Glory,” “Born to Lose,” and “Pass Me By.” The album also featured Striker’s cover of the 1991 hit “Desire” by Ozzy Osbourne.

Play to Win, issued in 2018, is the band’s most recent album issued through Record Breaking Records. The album was mixed by Henrik Udd, a Swedish record engineer and producer best recognized for his works with Architects, Dragonland, HammerFall, Nightrage, and At the Gates. “Head First,” “Heart of Lies,” “On the Run,” and “The Front” are the best Striker songs from the album Play to Win.

Striker’s Accolades and Legacy

Since its formation, Striker has traded itself as one of the most consistent and talented heavy metal bands in Canada. Play to Win, the band’s sixth studio album, won the 2020 Juno Award for Heavy Metal Album of Year solidifying Striker’s impact in the genre. Other albums that had been nominated for the same award include Orphans by The Agonist, Martyr by Lindsay Schoolcraft, Through a Wall by Single Mothers, and Evolution by Kobra and the Lotus. Here we take a look at the top 10 Striker songs of all time.

#10- Crossroads

We start our top 10 Striker songs list with the raving hit “Crossroads.” The song is among the top musical gems featured on the band’s third studio album City of Gold. “Crossroads” is an uptempo track that intimates Striker’s power/thrash metal influences. The intense (yet incredible) riffage and the rampaging drumming in this track make it one of the high-energy metal tracks by this Canadian band. Similar thrash-Esque influences can be felt with other tracks on the album such as the album opener “Underground.”

#9- Head First

“Head First” is one of the high-energy metal ballads off the band’s most recent award-winning album Play to Win. Notably, the song was issued as the first single of the album Play to Win. “Head First” starts off with a rhythmic feel evocative of the melodic ‘80s hair metal influences. The song’s melodic nature serves as an emblem of the sense of catchiness that pervades throughout Play to Win. “Head First” also features an arena-ready chorus, an element that makes it one of the concert favorites of the band.

#8- Phoenix Lights

At the eighth spot on our top 10 Striker songs list is the striking hit “Phoenix Lights. The song is one of the most sought-after tracks off the band’s fourth studio album Stand in the Fire. “Phoenix Lights” keeps up with the band’s signature blend of traditional heavy metal with a touch of power metal and hair metal sound influences. The song serves us with a rich melody and impressive harmonies that crown it a fan favorite! Former member Adam Brown asserts his presence on this song with his exquisite drumming skills.

#7- City of Gold

“City of Gold” is yet another masterpiece track by Striker featured on the band’s third studio album. The song starts with some anthemic riffing that makes it one of the most memorable tracks on the album. “City of Gold” oozes an Iron Maiden-Esque infectious metal thrill, especially with its big riffs. As a result, “City of Gold” evokes the uplifting ‘80s heavy metal vibes. The electrifying soloing in this track makes it a fan favorite for heavy metal enthusiasts. 

#6- Too Late

Coming at number six on our top 10 Striker songs list is the pulsating hit “Too Late.” The song is yet another impressive pick off the band’s fourth studio album Stand in the Fire. “Too Late” manages to steal the show thanks to its perfect balance between heaviness and catchiness. This mid-tempo track still features some ‘80s-Esque heavy metal influences. However, we cannot help but notice the anthemic glam metal hints suggested by the song.

#5- Start Again

We return to the band’s third studio album City of Gold, home to the fifth pick on our top 10 Striker songs of all time, “Start Again.” The song gives us some power metal vibes intertwined with some ‘80s-Esque classic heavy metal influences. “Start Again” still manages to ooze some high energy and aggression (especially on the guitars) as seen with the hit “City of Gold,” the album title track to the third studio album. Additionally, the vocal delivery of Dan Clearly in this song is nothing short of amazing.

#4- Heart of Lies

“Heart of Lies” is a fiery opener off the band’s sixth studio album Play to Win. The song marries Striker’s exploration of classic ‘80s rock and a touch of melodic power/thrash metal sounds. The return of guitarist Chris Segger allows the band to capitalize on his musicianship alongside guitarist Tim Brown. Chris and Tim team up to give us a taste of their excellent guitar work delivering some impressive heavy guitar riffs. “Heart of Lies” also serves as an emblem of the band’s excellence in songwriting.

#3- Former Glory

Encapsulating Striker’s musicianship on its 2017 eponymous fifth studio album is the hit “Former Glory.” The song finds the band’s frontman Dan Clearly giving us an impressive vocal delivery that oozes power and excellence in his craft. “Former Glory” is a quintessential Striker track to the band’s love for catchy guitar riffs, impressive solos, and alluring harmonies. The song is an ode to the ‘80s heavy metal vibes ranking up high among the most memorable uptempo anthems by Striker.

#2- Fight for Your Life

Armed to the Teeth, the band’s sophomore studio album, is home to the second track on our top 10 Striker songs list “Fight for Your Life.” The song rose to become a concert staple thanks to the band’s endearing musicianship. Former members Chris Segger and Ian Sandercock showcase masterful playing in this song thanks to their flaming guitar riffs. The lyrics to this song add to its anthemic feel having them urge the listeners to fight for their lives and freedom, failure to which they won’t see tomorrow! 

#1- Full Speed or No Speed

At the peak of our top 10 Striker songs list is the fast-paced hit “Full Speed or No Speed.” It is no surprise that this track from the band’s debut studio album Eyes in the Night manages to topple every other song on the list. “Full Speed or No Speed” features some buzzing guitar riffs that complement its fast-paced delivery. Like most of the songs in this list, “Full Speed or No Speed” manages to incorporate some melodic vibes with a touch of tight-sounding thrash/speed metal influences.

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