Top 10 King Diamond Songs

King Diamond Songs

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Born in 1956, Kim Bendix Petersen, aka King Diamond, would become a national icon in his homeland Denmark and a worldwide influence thanks to his gifted musical self. From playing the keyboard and the guitar to being a singer, songwriter, and even a producer, it is by no surprise that many people look up to him when it comes to rock music. His love for music had him start his career in music at 18 years, having him start with the heavy rock band known as Brainstorm in 1974, sticking with them for about two years. He would later join Black Rose, a hard rock band based in Denmark, to continue his musical dream. At the punk-metal band known as Brat, King Diamond would meet Hank Sherman and Timi Hansen, with whom they would later form the band Mercyful Fate. While Mercyful Fate was quite a trendy and awesome band, King Diamond had a passion for making his music. And for the love of his band members, Hansen and Denner, he would have them featured in his solo music career.

With the band Mercyful Fate remaining dormant for quite some long while, King Diamond made it big on the other side in his solo career. And thanks to his great songs, King Diamond has appeared on tons of rock and metal magazines. His dark lyrical content alongside tons of story concepts make him one of the greatest lyricists to ever grace the rock and metal music arena. However, the major selling point of King Diamond’s solo career has been the powerful and wide-ranging vocals that make him an Outlier (See Malcolm Gladwell’s definition) in his art. And when he trades to us his far-reaching falsetto screams, you can tell the aura feels a bit more musical than ever! Here are the top 10 King Diamond songs from his solo career.

# 10 – Abigail

Released almost 30 years after his second album Abigail, this song continues to make moves in the music arena. To be specific, the song “Abigail” to be specific, is one of the songs in the album that made King Diamond be regarded as a solo masterpiece thanks to the metallic excellence he exhibited to the world. Notably, the song has been noted down as one of the best heavy metal songs from its release decade, putting King Diamond on the map.

# 9 – Never Ending Hill

The song “Never Ending Hill” brings on the poetic vibe in King Diamond’s music. Featured in his 2007 album Give Me Your Soul… Please, the song is the result of what two great songwriters can do when they put their minds together. King Diamond collaborated with Andy LaRocque to have the poetic lines of the song “Never Ending Hill” done. The song was as great as the input having it become one of King Diamond’s most-loved hit songs.

# 8 – The Candle

Released in his 1986 album, Fatal Portrait, the song “The Candle” brings on some of the dark vibes in the album. And there is no better way to start the song than with some intro that showcases the dark vibe in this metal song. So soon as the deep-voiced intro ends, what welcomes you is a great vocal shift that introduces you to the best of King Diamond’s vocal capabilities. And the instrumentals for the song were as perfect as the song itself, making King Diamond’s glory in music continue to shine for all to see. The Book of Jonah inspires the song’s ideas and lyrics.

# 7 – Eye of the Witch

If you love horror, then the song “Eye of the Witch” is a must-listen for you, thanks to its pretty cool lyrics that reflect deeply on the dark vibes. The song is featured in King Diamond’s 1990 album, The Eye. Thanks to the keyboard riff in the song that reminds horror movie fans of the main theme to Phantasm. Thanks to Pete Blakk and Andy LaRocque for the unique guitar skills displayed in the song.

# 6 – Arrival

Featured in the King Diamond album, Abigail, the song “Arrival” brings on some extraordinary energy from King Diamond and his team. Even in their live performances, the band might seem old, but their vigor is way too big not to be noticed. In addition, the song’s instrumentals make it one of a kind for metal lovers. King Diamond’s falsetto feels like it’s sent from heaven despite his dark vibe, which seems quite horrific for anyone who doesn’t know much about the artist and the music genre.

# 5 – Halloween

The song “Halloween” is such a great deal for every person who celebrates the fest. And to King Diamond’s fans, he is their outright living patron of Halloween thanks to the greatness of his song that reflects everything to do with the Halloween fest. To King Diamond, it’s all about the lyrics that the song came to life, bringing back a feeling of ritual to the musical world. And there could never have been a better album to have featured the song “Halloween” than in their 1986 album, Fatal Portrait.

# 4 – The Invisible Guests

Some call the song satanic but the better name to use for such a metal song is fantastic! Featured in their 1988 album, Them, the song “The Invisible Guests” is one of the dark songs that have been making moves since release, thanks to the deep lyrical content—insanity and terror reign in this manic and wild song.

# 3 – Sleepless Nights

Featured in their 1989 album, Conspiracy, the song “Sleepless Nights” remains to be an unforgettable ballad written by guitarist Andy LaRocque. LaRocque would also add in an interview that the song’s guitar riff was inspired by a 1978 Black Sabbath song that goes by the name “Air Dance.” The music video for the song “Sleepless Nights” was such a big deal having it featured on the MTV metal show Headbanger’s Ball. Following this, King Diamond would have a nice reception from the American audience.

# 2 – Give Me Your Soul

Featured in King Diamond’s album, Give Me Your Soul…Please, the song “Give Me Your Soul” is one of the songs in the album with a catchy refrain. King Diamond’s delivery in this song covers an impressive range conducive to the range of emotions required to bring out the song’s message. Thanks to having Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead in the song to make the song one of the luminous ballads he has ever released.

# 1 – Welcome Home

The song “Welcome Home” is by far King Diamond’s best song having it featured in his album, Them. “Welcome Home” is the beginning of a story in regards to the grandmother coming home from an asylum and her relationship with satanic worship. And crazy enough, the song features a fictional horror story of what befell King Diamond at his young age. King falls into a harrowing descent through his grandmother and the voices in the house of Amon to bring us the best of his composition, “Welcome Home.”

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