Top 10 Paradise Lost Songs

Paradise Lost Songs

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Our Top 10 Paradise Lost songs looks is an English gothic metal band formed in 1988 and considered by some to be among the pioneers of the death-doom genre. Based at Halifax at their formation time, the band has been regarded as the main influence for the later gothic metal movement. And to prove this, popular and successful bands such as Lacuna Coil, HIM, Nightwish, and Moonspell, among others, have cited Paradise Lost to be their influence. Some bands have gone even further to do covers of the Paradise Lost band’s greatest songs.

Thanks to the union between vocalist Nick Holmes, guitarist Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmondson, Paradise Lost band was formed with their union surviving since the band’s inception. The only major changes over the years have been on the drummer, with their current one being Walteri Vayrynen. Notably, vocalist Nick Holmes and guitarist Greg Mackintosh have been the band’s principal composers, making almost all lyrics for most of the band’s songs. Paradise Lost has, over the years, been able to release sixteen studio albums, with their most recent, Obsidian, released in 2020. Here are the top 10 Paradise Lost songs of all time.

# 10 – Fear of the Impending Hell

Last but not least in our top 10 Paradise Lost songs is the song “Fear of the Impending Hell” from the band’s 2012 album, Tragic Idol. The lyrics of the song offer both truth and optimism to the listener, and thanks to Nick Holmes’ experience as a father, he was able to bring quite some moving lyrics. According to Holmes, the song “Fear of the Impending Hell” is about the things in life that may be coming to us or not. One of the most feared subjects is death having many fear it. However, when asked by his kids, Holmes tries to answer that will leave them happy despite being left bewildered, just like his kids.

# 9 – One Second

Featured in the band’s album, One Second, this song is marginally metal, but thanks to the somber atmosphere and mood, the song retains quite some metal aspects. “One Second” has its lyrics take on a major departure from the religious imagery of the Paradise Lost past, having the song concentrate more on the personal problems of the modern era. The song recalls how life can change for better or worse within a second. Well, probably most of us can relate to this with the hope for life to turn better one day enshrines in everyone no matter the situation, age, or status.

# 8 – Darker Thoughts

Taken from Paradise Lost’s latest album, Obsidian, the song “Darker Thoughts” brings in some deceptive elegance and dual atmosphere. It is songs like “Darker Thoughts” in the band’s recent album that reveals their masterful control of tons of vital ideas. as revealed by Holmes, the song’s lyrics are about choosing the wrong path or rather failing to look before you leap. And as expected, this will always have one deal with the sire consequences of the dubious decisions and choices.

# 7 – Honesty in Death

In their 2012 album, Tragic Idol, the song “Honesty in Death” has a creepy title. And when asked whether people need to be confronted with death to truly open their eyes to reality, Nick Holmes said that death is usual. And when he wishes that not upon anyone, he admits that we all have to go through losing a loved one and in that process. But, to Holmes, at the moment, death was the only honest thing in life.

# 6 – Say Just Words

Among the songs that were a hit in Paradise Lost’s 1997 album, One Second was the song “Say Just Words.” From a past interview, Nick Holmes says that the song was a reaction to how people wanted the band not to succeed, having them badmouth Paradise Lost. And true to the word, the song’s lyrics bring in some powerful message about people who try to tear you down, which in the result is a tricky affair. Notably, Paradise Lost addressed their haters from the North who had no sound reason to hate the band.

# 5 – Small Town Boy

While Paradise Lost has had tons of bands look up to them and making covers to their songs, the song “Small Town Boy” proved to be too good not to cover. Featured in their 2002 album Symbol of Life, the song “Small Town Boy” was originally done by the Bronski Beat synth-pop band back in 1984 in their debut album The Age of Consent. With the song being quite great, it was a big commercial success; it remained quite popular over the years, and thanks to Paradise Lost for bringing back the song to life in their 2002 album Symbol of Life.

# 4 – Erased

From the beginning, the song “Erased” hooks you to the rhythm thanks to its strong instrumentals. Drawn from the band’s album Symbol of Life, the song brings to stage the lyrical prowess of Greg Mackintosh and Nick Holmes. The deep lyrics are open to myriad interpretations. However, one of the most sounds of all is about when you think you’ve forged some strong bond with someone just to have everything shredded to dust. Sadly, it means that the efforts and strength towards making the bond work only existed in your mind.

# 3 – No Hope in Sight

Paradise Lost’s 2015 album, The Plague Within, proved to be a great one thanks to songs like “No Hope in Sight,” a global hit. Speaking of “No Hope in Sight,” Holmes reminds people that the end might be near with a sense of inner peace or a youthful fight. He continues to say that many things can soften the blow, including our families and friends. Hence, we can choose to welcome it or fight against it with the resilient enough having his way.

# 2 – Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us

In a world where everyone holds different opinions over whatever topic, very few things unite us. However, it only takes a listen to the song “Faith Divides Us- Death Unites Us” to know what unites us all as the human race. Featured as the fifth song in the band album Faith Divides Us- Death Unites Us, the song possesses some of the most surreal lyrics that everyone can relate to. The song also brings in Paradise Lost in a new and heavier style than in most songs.

# 1 – Beneath Broken Earth

Featured in their 2015 album, The Plague Within, the song “Beneath Broken Earth” is the best song ever performed by Paradise Lost. From the start to the end, the guitar-driven ballad does not disappoint, bringing the true gothic metal vibe that Paradise Lost is famed for. In addition, you ought to love Nick’s growls which work best to bring out a new version of the vocalist in the metal music genre. And the doom and turmoil articulated by the beats also add to the song’s relevance to the album title.

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