Top 10 Koe Wetzel Songs

Koe Wetzel Songs

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Partly named after outlaw country singer, David Allen Coe, Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel was born in Pittsburg, Texas, on July 14, 1992. While Wetzel was growing up, his mother often took him on country music tours with her as she was a singer. However, following in his mother’s footsteps wasn’t a career option he had in mind at first. His interest was football as he was a linebacker at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. It was while he was in university he opted to switch paths in a quest to become a recording star. The year was 2012 when he decided that a football career was to be replaced with a musical one.


Koe Wetzel formed his first band, Koe Wetzel and Konvicts. As a group, they released an EP in 2012, Love and Lies, then in 2015 their first studio album, Out on Parole. The fusion of grunge rock and rowdy country music was the formula Wetzel used to win over the audience. Among college students and young adults, it worked. By 2016, when Noise Complaint was released, the band’s name dropped Konvicts from the equation. However, the roster of two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer remain unchanged.

The recording career of Koe Wetzel has seen the first three studio albums released by independent labels before he signed with Columbia Records. Released on November 20, 2020, Sellout became Wetzel’s fourth studio album. He chose the title as a reference to signing with the major record label. Wetzel credits his musical style to the classic country style his mother is known for, along with the hip-hop and R&B style favored by his father. Wetzel’s personal music preference has Nirvana, Notorious B.I.G., and Pearl Jam as the fuel behind the raging guitar sounds that have become a big part of his trademark.

Hillbilly Punk

Koe Wetzel’s style of music as a performer and recording artist fuses different genres together that often deal with mature subject matter. His songs also make frequent use of vulgarities as he blends musical styles such as country, grunge, hip-hop, rap, and rock. He is often criticized for not making his songs friendlier for a family audience, an issue that was made public during his performance at the 2019 Great Texas Balloon Race. His response to the criticism was colorful, to say the least. It was shortly after this he signed up with Columbia Records, a decision that had some of his loyal fans worried he may change his explicit hillbilly punk style.

In addition to Wetzel’s musical material being known for using explicit language, he’s also known for sticking to his brand of entertainment. When he signed up with Columbia, there was a question of whether or not he would “clean up” his act now that he was with a major label. This, however, wasn’t the case. It did, however, earn Koe Wetzel a fan base beyond the Texas border while still maintaining loyalists who clued he really wasn’t selling out at their expense.

Wetzel admitted independent artists without a major record label can only do so much before the brick wall of reality hits and new career strategies need to be made. Wetzel has done this without compromising his music methodology. Even as an independent label, Wetzel did well for himself as his third studio album, Harold Saul High, was a 2019 release that charted as high as number twenty on the US Billboard 200 albums chart. It even became a number ten favorite on the US Billboard Country Albums chart, a feat that took Wetzel by surprise.

Top 10 Koe Wetzel Songs

# 10 – February 28, 2016

“February 28, 2016” was a song that discussed Koe Wetzel’s drunk and disorderly arrest while in his hometown of Stephenville, Texas, that particular day. Like the rest of his musical material, it was loaded with cuss words and subject matter that made it a party tune but for adults only. Definitely keep the kids out of it with this one. It was one of three songs from Wetzel’s album, Noise Complaint, that became the subject of controversy on streaming outlets. Due to licensing issues, the song was removed before the fans voiced out enough to have it reinstated.

# 9 – April Showers

Released in 2021, “April Showers” was a Koe Wetzel heartache song of a love gone cold and dry. Throughout the song, references are made to common folklore, including the concept the month of April is known to be a rainy season, bringing on the flowers that come out in May. As a breakup tune, Wetzel once again revealed his vulnerable side as a vocal artist but with brilliant guitar riffs, bridging the world of country and rock together in a manner that makes Wetzel’s music feel like it’s in a class of its own.

# 8 – Something to Talk About

From the album, Noise Complaint, “Something to Talk About” was one of three songs from it that won Koe Wetzel a fan base beyond his home state of Texas. As the popularity of this song increased on streaming sites, licensing issues came about that had it taken down. The outraged fans retaliated with scores of social media posts that forced the powers that be to realize they made a mistake. As a result, Wetzel’s popularity soared, as did “Something to Talk About.”

This is a great tune from start to finish as Wetzel did what he does best, sing about his personal experiences and about Texas culture. If we’re going to talk about something, let’s make it worthwhile. In the case of “Something to Talk About,” Koe Wetzel certainly did that as his musical genius poked at how easy it is to give people who love to gossip to spread their idea of news.

# 7 – Tell it All Town

“Tell it All Town” was one of three standout singles released from Koe Wetzel’s breakthrough album, Noise Complaint. In Texas, it became a regional favorite before becoming an out-of-state favorite on streaming services. The popularity of this song became so great that when it was pulled due to licensing issues the fans flooded social media with demands to reinstate it.

As a result, both “Tell it All Town” and Koe Wetzel became even more popular. In a love gone wrong song, “Tell it All Town” Wetzel poured his heart out as a lyricist so beautifully. As a good song to cry to, “Tell it All Town” rightfully earned the admiration of the fans, as well as the backlash red-tape enthusiasts received by allowing politics to get in the way of good, quality music the fans constantly crave for.

# 6 – Forever

From the album, Harold Saul High, “Forever” started off with a guitar intro that clued fans in this would be the start of a great tune. What made “Forever” a standout was the play on words as there was no such thing as forever when it comes to weak relationships utter words they don’t mean. Many fans can relate to this, as well as the honesty behind Koe Wetzel’s lyrics. His delivery as a vocal artist portrayed why he became so much more than a local favorite in his home state.

# 5 – Good Die Young

Sellout was the first major label album Koe Wetzel released, which has since catapulted the man’s career from what seemed like obscurity to nationwide success. “Good Die Young” was a standout favorite that’s well worth the listen as a tale about a man’s honesty about who he is and what he’s about.

In a song that focused more on what we do today as opposed to what tomorrow holds, Wetzel proved yet again why he has such a solid fan base. It is a fan base that’s growing and understandably so. “Good Die Young” has the perfect material as a good life lesson song that’s not just family friendly but good for the soul that could use a good motivational tune. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so why put something off until then when it can be done today?

# 4 – Sundy or Mundy

“Sundy or Mundy” was a song that leaned heavier as a dark number about the daily life of people who deal with challenges that come and go throughout their lifetime. There’s enough tang for this song to pass as a brand of outlaw country but also enough heavy guitar riffs to make it an easy classic rock favorite.

If there was ever an artist talented enough to bring both worlds together as one, it’s Koe Wetzel. The honesty behind his music, especially in the lyrics, comes from a man that doesn’t hold back any punches. Instead of hiding behind the flimsy walls of political correctness, Wetzel blasts everything out in the open, not caring if it’s “Sundy or Mundy” or whatever day of the week.

# 3 – Ragweed

“Ragweed” was a hillbilly-style love song that rightfully earned its place as a fan favorite. The most loyal fans of Koe Wetzel fully understand what makes a song great is the amount of heart and soul that streams out of it. Coming from Koe Wetzel, “Ragweed” was really about sharing a memory of a love interest that made such an impact on him as a person. Most of Wetzel’s music, like a true Texan, came from personal experiences he openly shared with the audience. This is what makes Koe Wetzel so appealing. His honesty as an artist, as well as a person, is as magnificent as a rough diamond.

# 3 – Drunk Driving

“Drunk Driving” was a ballad that came from his album, Sellout. This was a remarkable song about the reality of not just drunk driving but dealing with personal demons that refuse to let go. The absolute genius behind “Drunk Driving” wasn’t just in Koe Wetzel’s incredible vocal talent. It was the delivery of a vulnerable soul who knew he needed to deal with his personal demons, no matter how hard he tried to flee from them. Whether the song was deliberately designed to be a tear-jerker or not, it definitely is one among the fan base who can relate.

#2 – Happier Alone (featuring Austin Meade)

Austin Meade and Koe Wetzel collaborated together for the performance of “Happier Alone.” It was released as a single in 2021 from Meade’s album, Black Sheep. As a song about a troubled relationship, the realization the couple was better off going their separate ways had a great formula of guitar riffs that would have made Kurt Cobain proud. In the music video associated with this song, Wetzel’s role as a janitor at a venue featuring rollerskaters was comical, to say the least. His vocal talent, as well as Austin Meade’s once again highlighted why there is such a loyal fan following.

#1 – Outcast

“Outcast” was a 2008 William Clark Green original that Koe Wetzel turned into a rather haunting heartbreaker for his first major label album, Sellout. By using the sample music of Everlast’s “What It’s Like,” he covered this tune to pay homage to a late friend he used to jam with while the two were still in high school. For Wetzel, it was an emotional number but was a song that was near and dear to his heart.

As a performer, “Outcast” had Koe Wetzel at his best. Even the original artist, Green, seemed to approve. Although “Outcast” may not share the heavier hitting numbers that’s been a Wetzel trademark, it’s one of the best songs that reveal the man’s talent as a vocalist.

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