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L7 Songs

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Our Top 10 L7 Songs introduces us to an all-female rock band well known for its seditious yet humorous vibe. Formed in 1985, L7 has maintained a profile of spirited live performances, which helped the Los Angeles band grow its fanbase and become a global success in the rock genre. Their journey would start when Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner, both active in the Echo Park Art punk community, met through mutual contacts. They would form the L7 band thanks to the synchronicity in their music interest. Donita and Gardner would later bring bassist Jennifer Finch and drummer Anne Anderson to have a complete punk rock band. Finch would bring in many connections, including Epitaph Records’ Brett Gurewitz, who helped the band record their first demo. Unfortunately, like most bands, L7 would not overcome the force of falling into a hiatus.

The hiatus would happen in 2001 after the band made no tours in promoting its music or entertain its fanbase. At this time, most of the band members pursued their music careers under different projects. However, Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch, and Demetra Plakas would reunite back in 2014. The reunion started with a European Tour, followed by tons of shows in America and Canada. Both L7 fans and critics can agree that the band’s subversive sense of humor and confidence puts feminism at a place of honor thanks to the audacity and comic relief the band trades with their songs. Here are the Top 10 L7 Songs that bring on some purely unforgiving blend of punk rock with a touch of heavy sludge metal from an all-female band.

#10 – One More Thing

Ushering us to the top 10 L7 songs is “One More Thing” from the band’s album, Bricks Are Heavy. “One More Thing” brings the sublime songwriting skills from Jennifer Finch and Daniel Ray. The killer guitar riff adds some glamour to the song, with the chorus and guitar solo making your musical goosebumps rise. With quite a conversational vibe, the song is delivered in sounds on a low but hooky register.

#9 – Fast and Frightening

Featured in L7’s 1990 album, Smell the Magic, the song “Fast and Frightening” brings on the sublime songwriting skills of Suzi Gardner and Donita Sparks. You probably haven’t heard such sublime instrumentals from a lady band that takes on rock ‘n’ roll so hard in an amazing way. However, the guitar riffs in this song provide quite a tune so catchy that you can’t help but sink into the “Fast and Frightening” vibe served by L7. In some way, you can agree that this is one of the most underrated songs from this all-female band.

#8 – Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago

Listening to the song “Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago,” you will feel the 90s vibe take over. However, the song is their first single in the 21st century featured in their 2017 album, Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago. The song is a three-minute burst of crunchy guitar sounds and black comedy, bringing back their hard and fearless 90s vibe. “Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago” is a fictional tweet-flurry with all the mad-eyed humor and fury of females who can barely believe they still have to protest about some crap. Thanks to blending in punk and metal vibe with some politics and humor to serve as a perfect comeback to the music scene for a band so strong in their primes.

#7 – Fuel My Fire

Featured in L7’s 1994 album, Hungry for Stink, the song “Fuel for Fire” brings on some great songwriting skills by Donita Sparks. The song was based on the Cosmic Psychos song “Lost Cause,” thanks to its great vibe that The Prodigy did its cover in 1997. In some way, the song “Fuel My Fire” makes anguish sound better, especially with the song bringing on some massive guitar grind and bludgeoning drum beat.

#6 – Everglade

Bringing on some strong grunge energy is the song “Everglade” from the L7’s third album, Bricks Are Heavy. Jennifer Finch makes this song an iconic one thanks to her sublime lyrics and amazing guitar skills. Tasked with the lead vocals on this song, Jennifer was disappointed not producing one of the most thrilling performances ever for the L7 band. The song would become a hit in the UK, peaking at number 27 on the UK Singles Chart.

#5 – Shove

Released in 1990, the song “Shove” was one of the best songs from Smell the Magic. Written by Suzi Gardner and Donita Sparks, the song “Shove” brought out the best in Gardner’s vocals. Probably, one of the best things that the band did is having most of its members perfect on the vocals. Hence, there is some versatility in the vocal capabilities in the band. Thanks to Suzi Gardner’s sublime songwriting skills and vocals that the song received quite a positive reception even in Germany.

#4 – Andres

Featured in L7’s album, Hungry for Stink, the song “Andres” is among the songs by the band with a personal touch. The band had this one friend named Andres, who they introduced to someone. Sadly, Andres was hurt by the person the L7 band introduced him to. And to make things better between the band members and their friend Andres, there was no better way than to apologize. Taking responsibility for mistakes can have a better ending, and the L7 band would end with Andres accepting their heartfelt apology after this song.

#3 – Wargasm

Written by Donita Sparks, the song “Wargasm” is about the 1991 first Iraq War. Donita viewed the Iraq War as a conspiracy, which the United States used as a distraction. In the song, the band aims at the shallow patriotism displays that require little to no sacrifice. Here they liken the status quo to a sensual turn-on for those who find the experience thrilling.

#2 – Monster

In the number two spot on our L7 Songs list we present the song Monster. This one has a Joan Jett Runaways style era vibe to it. We love the guitar riff that fuels the song that also seems a but inspired by groups like Blue Oyster Cult and Led Zeppelin. It all there if you listen closely. This was a band inspired by so many great rock and roll bands. “Monster,”really defines so much of why we love this great rock and roll band L7.

#1 – Pretend We’re Dead

Probably the highlight of their career, the song “Pretend We’re Dead” is the most popular song ever by the L7 band. The song is a call to action that channels the message that doing nothing is what the powers-that-be want from their opposition. Demetra Plakas provided the band with the catchy murmur “Come On, Come On,” which added quite a nice vibe to the song. The song brings on quite some sublime songwriting skills from Donita, who in 1992 took off her pants after performing it on a TV show.

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