Top 10 Lene Lovich Songs

Lene Lovich Songs

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Our Top 10 Lene Lovich Songs looks at an artist from the 1970s and 80s who stands as one of the most original rock artists of all time who ventured into the new wave, post-punk, and gothic rock music genres. Born in Michigan, Lene Lovich is a renowned English-American songwriter, singer, and musician who beat all the odds by making it big in the new wave, post-punk, and gothic rock music genres. At the tender age of thirteen years, Lene Lovich moved to England, where she comes across Les Chappell, a guitarist, and songwriter who would later become a pillar in her music career and life partner.

With Lene Lovich developing an interest in art and theater, she enrolled at the Central School of Art and Design, gaining some saxophone skills. Passionate about music, Lene Lovich would join the Diversions band, having her later on write lyrics to Cerrone’s jam “Supernature.” It was not over for Lene Lovich after the Diversions band broke, connecting with Charlie Gillett, who was instrumental to her signing at Stiff Records. What followed was a successful time in her art, and later in 2013, she established Flex Music, her publishing label releasing a re-mastered version of all her previous albums. Here are the top 10 Lene Lovich songs that prove that women too can be a hot deal for new wave, post-punk, and gothic rock music genres.

# 10 – It’s You, It’s Only You (Mein Schmerz)

There is no better way to start the top 10 Lene Lovich songs than with the song “It’s You, It’s Only You” from its self-titled album. The jam starts with a nice and powerful instrumental ushering in some great vocals from the new wave legend Lene Lovich. Thanks to its lyrical content that the song has been a darling for many to date. Notably, the song is about how we fall in love with someone so crazily that we can find nothing else but the subject beings to suit and quench our love needs. And at times, the people we are longing for might be our agony as per Hugo Sinzheimer and Ferdinand Bakker, the song’s writers who added the German name “Mein Schmerz,” which means “my pain.”

# 9 – Home

Gothic rock is never better than expressed with deep emotions and strong instrumentals. Lene Lovich was on point in her song “Home” in bringing out the actual vibe of gothic rock, which some might find scary. Featured in her 1978 album Stateless, the song “Home” has remained a darling for most of Lene Lovich’s gothic rock lovers to date. In the song, she describes the home as a word of many definitions, with the definitions revolving around perceptions and emotion over a physical place.

# 8 – What Will I Do Without You

Released in her 1979 album Flex is yet another gothic rock ballad from the marvelous Lene Lovich. Thanks to her passion for art, Lene Lovich has perfected her vocals to suit the music genre, making her name stand out among big names in the genre. For this song specifically, it is her vocals that prove to be unique and perfect. Lene Lovich is indeed a gem when it comes to gothic rock.

# 7 – Blue Hotel

Written by Lene Lovich, Les Chappell, and Mauro Goldsand, the song “Blue Hotel” is featured in her 1992 album No Man’s Land. Credit to Lene Lovich to have visualized what the world would be like in the future. And right, she was to hypothesize that we would be glued to our phones or rather, ‘screens in our hands.’ Sadly, we can barely have meaningful connections due to the devices to which we are, in most cases, too attached.

# 6 – Say When

Featured in her 1978 album Stateless, the song “Say When” is one of Lene Lovich’s new wave jams that we can barely forget. “Say When” song went ahead to trend the charts featuring among the top twenties in the UK Singles Chart. The song’s background vocals sound similar to those used by Gin Wigmore in “Black Sheep.” Her vocals and the background vocals make the tune of the jam “Say When” quite catchy and a song worthy of mention in the top 10 Lene Lovich songs.

# 5 – I Think We’re Alone Now

Written by Ritchie Cordell, the song “I Think We’re Alone Now” is what some would call the making moment of the current Lene Lovich we know. After her former band Diversions broke up, Lene Lovich would have radio presenter Charlie Gillett get her record a demo of Tommy James and the Shondells’ song “I Think We’re Alone Now.” The song would be released as a single in her debut album Stateless. Among all covers done for the jam “I Think We’re Alone Now,” Lene Lovich’s cover proves to be one of the best, thanks to her magical vocals.

#4 – Angels

Featured in her 1979 album Flex, the song “Angels” is a perfect new wave thanks to the combination of great vocals and a sublime instrumental. The song’s relevance is boldly brought out by Lene Lovich’s hypnotizing voice and quite memorable lyrics. The catchy hooks add to the greatness of the jam. And thanks to the song, Lene Lovich introduced the less informed population to the Australian music TV show Rage.

# 3 – New Toy

Written by Thomas Dolby, the song “New Toy” is featured in Lene Lovich’s first EP, New Toy. Released in February 1981, the song “New Toy” makes fun of the consumer society, which led to its success in charts. The song attained peak positions 19, 29, and 53 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart, Australian Kent Music Report, and UK Singles chart. Thanks to identifying Lene Lovich on a live performance, Thomas Dolby created this song for Lene Lovich.

# 2 – Bird Song

When lovers come together, greater things than just romance happens. In this context, Lene Lovich and Les Chappell put their minds together to write the song “Bird Song,” which is by far one of the best gothic rock jams by Lene Lovich. Featured in their album Flex, the song “Bird Song” was successful, peaking at number 39 in the UK Singles Chart. The song placed Lene Lovich among the top gothic rock and new wave genre female artists.

# 1 – Lucky Number

Released as the lead single in her debut 1978 album Stateless, the song “Lucky Number” is a piece of incredible work by Lene Lovich and Les Chappell. The song’s chorus consists of four dissonant notes sung in rapid succession, coupled with memorable guitar ostinato and rapid vocal shouts from backup singers. Thanks to Lene Lovich’s distinctive voice and sublime production, many are regarded by many as the best of Lene Lovich’s releases. The song peaked at number 3 in the UK Singles chart and number 2 in the Australian Kent Music Report alongside other reputable positions in global chart listing, proving to be the most successful song by Lene Lovich.

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