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Marc Anthony Songs

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Our Top 10 Marc Anthony Songs list takes a look at one of music’s successful Latin singers. He also enjoyed success as an English pop star. Anthony is the most successful Salsa artist of all time. He earned three Grammy Awards and six Latin Grammy Awards throughout his career. He has sold over 12 million albums worldwide. He sold numerous gold and platinum albums throughout his career. Marc Anthony is best known for his Latin Salsa songs and ballads. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the best-selling Salsa artist and for having the most number one albums on the Tropical Albums charts. In addition to his music, he is an actor and TV producer. He starred in Hackers (1995), Big Night (1996), The Substitute (1996), Bringing Out the Dead (1999), In the Time of the Butterflies (2001), Man On Fire (2004) and El Cantante (2007). In 2010, he starred on the TV show HawthoRNe. He created a Latin TV series called Q’Viva! The Chosen in 2011. It’s time to get to know Marc Anthony better.

Marco Antonio Muniz was born on September 16, 1968. He learned to sing in Spanish and English at home. His father taught him how to sing. Anthony’s father was a professional musician. His musical influences were Jose Feliciano, Air Supply, Willie Colon and Ruben Blades to name a few. He began his music career as a session vocalist for freestyle music. He changed his name to Marc Anthony and began working as a songwriter and background vocalist for Menudo and Latin Rascals. He has released several Latin albums that were successful. This Top 10 Marc Anthony Songs list will focus on his English songs so we will discuss his English albums for the list.

People may not know or remember that Anthony had three English albums. If you look up information about his English albums, it appears that he only has two of them. He actually has three of them. His first English album was When the Night is Over. The album came out in 1991. The project is his first album as a solo artist. He collaborated with Little Louie Vega for the album. They co-wrote the album. When the Night is Over is a mostly freestyle album. The album features the songs “Ride on the Rhythm,” “Walk Away,” “Time,” “Let Me Love You,” “If I Had the Opportunity,” “The Name of the Game” and “Ride.” He would go on to have a successful Latin career and decided to return to English music.

He released his eponymous album in 1999. It peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “I Need to Know,” “Da la Vuelta,” “You Sang to Me,” “My Baby You,” “Love Is All,” “Remember Me” and “When I Dream at Night.” The album sold over four million copies. He won a Grammy Award for “I Need to Know.” The success of Anthony’s eponymous album led to a Latin/Pop explosion. Several Latin artists decided to sing English music and it became very popular. He decided to release another English album a few years later.

Mended was released in 2002. This album focused more on his passionate side. The album consisted of songs about love as well as betrayal. The album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “I Need You,” “I’ve Got You,” “Tragedy,” “She Mends Me,” “Love Won’t Get Any Better” and “Do You Believe in Loneliness. The album sold over one million copies. He would go on to record more Latin albums.

Marc Anthony is a talented singer and songwriter. He was a trailblazer because his album inspired several Latin artists to release pop albums. He had to compete with other Latin/Pop stars such as Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. Anthony’s voice is arguably the superior one. He was able to transition from Latin to English music effortlessly. He had a movie career as well as a singing career. He is well known in the Latin genre, but he made his mark in the Pop genre as well. This Top 10 Marc Anthony Songs list will feature his best English songs.

# 10 – Ride on the Rhythm ft. Doug Lazy

Our Top 10 Marc Anthony English Songs list is “Ride on the Rhythm” from the When the Night is Over album. The song has a house music beat. The energetic freestyle song is about dancing. The song is from Anthony’s debut album. It has a classic freestyle sound that was perfect for the time it was released. This is his first number one dance song. The music is wild and crazy. It keeps the beat the entire length of the song. It combines dance with a mix of Latin music.

The keyboard is melodic and rhythmic. The keyboard is a standout in the instrumentation. It features a thumping drumbeat. There’s also a saxophone solo that’s worth a listen. The music is a little dated, but it’s still enjoyable. Anthony’s vocals are strong and it’s hard to believe this is from his debut album. The song doesn’t showcase just how talented a vocalist he is, but he does a good job on it. He sounds like a seasoned singer on the track. Doug Lazy does a rap in the middle of the song. He has decent rhyming skills, but the rap wasn’t really needed.

# 9 –  Time

The next song on our Top 10 Marc Anthony English Songs list is “Time” from the When the Night is Over album. The song has a house music beat. The regretful song is about a relationship that should have lasted. He regrets the time he lost with the woman he loves. The song also has a classic freestyle sound. The song is freestyle meets Salsa music. The track was his introduction to his Salsa style. The track features pop music too. They threw everything but the kitchen sink in the song to create this sound. The instrumentation is stellar. The electric guitar is amazing.

There is a musical pause is worth a listen even if you just want to focus on the guitar. The drumbeat is outstanding and gives the song the tempo it needs for dancing. Anthony’s vocals are killer on this track. It was better suited for his vocals than “Ride on the Rhythm.” He showcases his stellar and powerful tenor vocals. He holds impressive notes in the song. You would think there wouldn’t be any room for any notes, but he managed to make them fit in the song. The song is very underrated because his other songs are more popular than this one, but it’s just as good.

# 8 – Walk Away

The melancholy song is from the When the Night is Over album. It has a pop and adult contemporary beat. The gorgeous song is about him telling the woman he loves to leave while she has the chance. He advises her to “walk away” and move on with her life despite how they feel about each other. The song is relatable to anyone who’s ever been in love with someone they had to let go. This song was also recorded by Michael Bolton who wrote the track. Michael Bolton and Diane Warren wrote this underrated gem of a song. This is the only ballad on the album. It was a mistake because Anthony has the perfect voice for ballads. He could bring the house down when he sings ballads.

The music is mellow and smooth. It sounds like the pop songs Diane Warren made famous. She’s known for creating beautiful pop and adult contemporary songs so this one fit in perfectly. Marc Anthony’s version of the song sticks to the pattern of Bolton’s version. There’s a slight difference with the music. It’s a subtle change, but there is a difference with the music. Bolton sings the song soulfully while Anthony sings it with more power and passion. Anthony does hold back a little considering he can soar to the stratosphere with his voice. He does show some of his power in the bridge, but he doesn’t reach the heights he’s known to reach. This song should have been a bigger hit.

# 7 – You Sang to Me

This refreshing song is from his eponymous album. The track has a Latin, r&b, pop and adult contemporary sound. The touching song is about a man who finds his muse in life. The woman he loves changes his entire world. He realizes how much she meant to him after she’s gone. The lyrics are passionate and heartfelt. He tells a story about regretting losing the woman he loves. The music has a plethora of genres to please fans of different musical tastes. The musicians include something for everyone to enjoy. It’s perfect to listen to when you are slow dancing or spending time with the one you love.

The lyrics could also help you get the person you love back in your life. Anthony’s plea for his former lover is enough to get his love back in his life. Anthony’s vocals are strong. He sings with so much feeling and emotion that you can almost feel how much he misses the one he loves. He tells a convincing story about wanting his former lover back in his life. He sings in time with the hypnotic music. He is talking about a romance and not just about sex. He doesn’t hold any notes in the song, but they weren’t necessary. He kept the track simple which was all it needed. He didn’t need to shout or belt to get his point across in the song.

# 6 –  Do You Believe in Loneliness

The moving song is from the Mended album. The song has an adult contemporary sound. The tender song is about him being lonely. He misses the love of his life. He asks about “believing in loneliness.” He thinks about her when he closes his eyes. He doesn’t feel alone when he thinks of her. These lyrics are exquisite and would make anyone melt. Anyone who misses someone they love would definitely be able to relate to this track. The music combines Latin with adult contemporary music.

The music is haunting and somber to match the theme of the song. The music and lyrics are passionate. The music is soft and perfect for relaxing. Marc Anthony is in his wheelhouse with this heartbreaking ballad. He pours his heart and soul out in the song. He starts the song softly and then belts towards the end of it. He doesn’t hold back once he gets to the climatic finale of the song. He turns the track into a power ballad. It’s a shame that this is on his last English album. He makes you want to hear more of his phenomenal vocals.

# 5 –  Remember Me

The next song on our Top 10 Marc Anthony English Songs list is “Remember Me” from his self-titled album. The song has a Latin and pop sound. The heartbreaking song is about him pouring his heart out to his former lover. He wants her to remember his love for her. People who have lost someone they want back can relate to this track. The song seems like it would be about a love song and not a song about heartache. The track is proof he can make any song sound beautiful. The moving music is heartfelt and haunting. The Latin music makes the song sound even better.

The Spanish guitar is a standout in the music. The keyboard sounds melodic and matches the theme of the track. It’s time to focus on Anthony’s gorgeous vocals. He sounds incredible on this song. He shows a lot of control. He builds up to the climatic end of the song. Once he soars to the top, he never comes back down. He turns the song into a power ballad with the breathtaking notes he holds towards the end of it. He wants the world to know he can soar to the stratosphere with the rest of them. The song should have been released as a single because it’s just as good as the other songs.

# 4 –  I’ve Got You

The appealing song is from the Mended album. The song has a Latin and pop sound. The loving song is about staying with the woman he loves. He could have many things in life, but he wants to be with her. There have been other songs written like this, but he manages to make his stand out. He mentions his career and how he would rather be with his lover. The energetic music is perfect for dancing. The musical arrangement is fire. The track is very danceable and has a lot of energy. It’s impossible to sit still listening to this song. It sticks with his Latin and Salsa roots.

The music makes you want to get up on the dance floor. Anthony’s vocals are fire on this track. He sings the song in a fast paced way. He needs excellent control over his vocals to pull off the pacing of the song and he has the talent to do it. He sings the chorus and the verses very fast. It might be a challenge to keep up with him. He didn’t let the up-tempo song keep him from showcasing his powerful vocals. He holds little notes and belts in the song as if it’s a ballad. You could get lost listening to the man’s wonderful voice. He proves he can put his heart and soul in a ballad as well as an up-tempo song.

# 3 – My Baby You

The touching song is from his self-titled album. The song has a Latin and pop sound. The beautiful song is a tribute to his daughter Arianna. The lyrics are about his love for his daughter, but it could still be about a relationship. If he didn’t say his daughter’s name at the end, it could still be about his girlfriend. There aren’t too many songs out that are tributes to singers’ children. It’s noteworthy that a father is doing a tribute to his child. The fact that he dedicated the song to his daughter makes the song even more precious. The song is stripped down to allow the listeners to enjoy his singing.

The music stays soft and sweet until he hits the bridge. After the bridge, the music builds to a crescendo. There aren’t enough words to express how beautiful Anthony’s vocals are on this track. He proved he could sing the alphabet and make it sound good. His vocals are so passionate and moving. He could hypnotize you with his irresistible vocals. He goes up and down like a roller coaster. He takes his voice to a different place. He holds a killer note that is jaw dropping. There’s no way his daughter couldn’t be proud that this beautiful song was dedicated to her.

# 2 –  I Need to Know

The catchy song is from his self-titled album. The song has a Latin, r&b and pop beat. The questionable song is about him wanting to know how a woman feels about him. He needs to know what she thinks about him. The song blends different styles of music. The music features the violin, piano, trumpet, timbales and congas to make the perfect Latin, r&b and pop sound. He made an excellent choice blending these genres of music. Everything about the music works. It opens with a synthesized violin and piano chords.

After that, it turns into a mid tempo sound. The song is a nod to Anthony’s Salsa roots. It’s a sexy dance number that will have you moving around. It’s impossible to listen to this track without feeling the need to move around. Anthony sings in time with the energetic music. He never misses a beat. He keeps up with all of the beat changes. He sings the track without taking much of a breath. He sings and then starts holding notes immediately in the chorus. The chorus is catchy and captivating. It will grab your attention immediately. He commands you to sing along with it. It’s a battle that he will win because it’s impossible not to sing it with him. This was the perfect single to introduce this album because the music and his vocals were unstoppable.

# 1 –  Love is All

The number one song on our Top 10 Marc Anthony English Songs list is “Love is All” from his self-titled album. The track has a Latin and pop sound. The passionate song is about a relationship. He talks about the ups and downs of a relationship. He describes a relationship that is about to end, but they manage to make it work. This song is in Marc Anthony’s wheelhouse. He sings songs about love and heartache so this track is perfect for him. The music is moving and tender. It’s a meaningful song with excellent music. The melody of the song is similar to “My Baby You.” The music is touching and emotional. The string section is a particular standout in the song. It gives the music its Latin flare.

The somber keys and the drums give the song a pop sound. Marc Anthony’s voice is truly a gift from Heaven. He sounds like an angel. He is such a gifted artist and this track is proof that he’s one of the best male vocalists of all time. He knows when to sing softly and when to vocally erupt. He starts to bring the song home with the bridge. The music builds up and he starts belting. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, he proves you wrong. He soars until the song is done. This wonderful song will stay in your head after he’s done. You won’t want the song to end. The musical fade out is just as good as the lyrics and his vocals. This song should have been a single and deserves the top spot on our list. We saved the best for last.

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