Top 10 Metallica Album Covers

Metallica Album Covers

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 The Top 10 Metallica Album Covers list takes a look back at the band’s various studio, live and ep covers. Metallica’s first vinyl record was released in 1983 entitled Kill Em All. Fans may want to take note that this was about a year before the CD began to infiltrate record stores.  Their follow-up album to Kill Me All was released a year later in 1984 entitled Ride the Lightning. Since those early years in the 1980’s Metallica has released seven more store albums. Their new album entitled Hardwired…to Self-Destruct is due in November of 2016. The album features what we believe to be one of the most original Metallica album covers of the band’s career.

In between studio albums, the band Metallica has released an assortment of EP’s, lives albums, cover albums and compilations. We have included some of these releases in our Top 10 Metallica Album Covers List.  Throughout the course of the career that band has also released 37 music singles. The band has won eight Grammys and is considered by critics and fans to be one of the greatest rock bands off all time. Their sound has developed a genre of metal music that has inspired countless bands since the days of the 1980s. We have always loved the covers of Metallica albums. It’s why we choose to write an article depicting our favorite covers. We hope you enjoy the list, and let us know what covers are your favorites.

# 10 – The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited

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This EP was released in 1987. We love the sticker on the cover that defined Metallica’s long time stand against organizations that looked to take advantage of fans through price gauging. It’s amazing how young the band looks on this cover. Not many bands stay together for thirty years.

# 9 – Load

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The Metallica album Load was issued in 1996. The follow-up album to Load entitled Re-Load which was issued in 1997 featured a very similar covers in terms of graphic design. Fans tend to love album covers that feature designs in which one can find many different images displayed within an air of ambiguous art.

# 8 –  S&M (Live Album)

How can you not love this cover? The S&M live album in which Metallica performed with Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Orchestra was released in 1999. Listening to Metallica perform with a full orchestra is a knock em dead experience.

# 7 –  Death Magnetic

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Metallica’s Death Magnetic was issued in 2008. Death Magnetic was the Metallica’s first album to feature bassist Robert Trujillo. This is a pretty spine chilling cover for various reasons. Its brilliant, artistic and perfectly designed to match the album title. One of the scariest Metallica Album Covers in their catalog.

# 6 –  Metallica (Black Album)

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You have to bend the album cover a particular way in order to see the graphic design of the snake and Metallica logo. Otherwise the album cover just appears black, and therefore is known to fans as the Black Album. The album was released in 1991 and simply titled Metallica (not the Black Album)

# 5 – Kill ‘Em All

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Can you think of a better cover or title for a Metal album?  Interesting cover, open for interpretations. The album was released in 1983 and stands as the cover that introduced the world to Metallica.

# 4 – Ride the Lightning

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Now this one would have made a great Heavy Metal Magazine Cover or logo. Metallica”s Ride The Lightning Album was issued in 1984. This one is simply one of the most popular Meatllica Album Covers in their catalog and just bleeds the persona of the band.

# 3 –  Master of Puppets

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If we had to choose the scariest Metallica Album cover of the band’s career, Master Of Puppets would land very close to the top. Even the name is a bit scary. Come on, you know, puppets are scary, or a least creepy.

# 2 – Hardwired…to Self-Destruct

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Well although though we choose Master of Puppets as the scariest Metallica Album Cover, their new album sure comes close. What great design and originality, perfectly adapted to the title. Isn’t that what albums covers are supposed to depict. Metallica’s Hardwired…to Self-Destruct was released in stores in November of 2016. The album is also one of the best records of the band’s career.

# 1 –  …And Justice For All

Metallica Album Covers

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Metallica has always been a band at the forefront of fighting unjust issues on many levels. The cover to their …And Justice For All album was a perfect representation of the band’s social economic and political beliefs. At least that the way fans and critics interpreted the cover. The depth of the meaning of the cover along with its brilliant design makes this one our choice for the number one spot on our Top 10 Metallica Album Covers list.

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