Top 10 Motorhead Songs

Motorhead Songs

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Motorhead was first formed in 1975 by Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister. After being fired from the band Hawkwind.  Lemmy formed the band Motorhead with the intentions of being one of the loudest groups on the planet. From 1975 until Lemmy’s death in 2015 the band had released close to fifty albums including all live records and compilations. Choosing 10 songs from a band that has released 22 studio albums is no easy feat. However, we compose these lists as an introduction to bands for young fans who may not know much of the band’s music. Its also fun to hear the older fans bust our chops for not including their favorites.

Some critics and fans have described Motorhead as death metal, thrash metal, heavy metal and just about every other genre of rock music. In the end, they were simply a great rock and roll band that played real loud.  Like all the great bands of the classic rock era such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and so on, Motorhead were defined by their own unique sound. A sound sculpted by the talents of Lemmy on bass and vocals, Larry Wallis (1975–1976), Phil Campbell (1984–2015), Eddie Clark (1976–1982), Brian Robertson 1982–1983), Michael Burston (1984–1995) on guitar and Pete Gil (1984–1987) ,Mikkey Dee (1992–2015) on drums. All these great musicians played at various time periods as noted with the band. However, Lemmy was the one constant. When Lemmy died, so did the band. However, their music and legend lives on. Below is our testament to the great band Motorhead.

# 10 – Line in the Sand

Opening up our top 10 Motorhead songs list is the great track Line in the Sand. The song was originally released on the WWE’s soundtrack album, WWE ThemeAddict: The Music, Vol. 6. The album was released in 2004. The song’s long opening single guitar line catapults into a sea of heavy guitar riffs. It’s heavy metal perfection.

# 9 – Built For Speed

The Motorhead song “Built for Speed,” was released on the smoking Orgasmatron album. The song opened up side two of the record. The Orgasmatron album was released in 1986. The album was produced by Bill Laswell who had previously worked with the Ramones, and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

# 8 – Killed By Death

The No Remorse album which was a compilation album of Motorhead songs was released in 2004. The first single from the record was the great track “Killed By Death.”

# 7 – Brotherhood of Man

The intensity of the song “Brotherhood of Man,” was perfectly used in a death sequence scene on the television show Son’s Of Anarchy.

# 6 – Motorhead

The song Motorhead was originally written by Lemmy for his band Hawkwind. It was released on the 1975 album Warrior on the Edge of Time.

# 5 – Overkill

Overkill was the title track to one of the greatest Motorhead albums ever released. Don’t miss this one.

# 4 – Born To Raise Hell

Is there a better more rebellious title in rock and roll than Born To Raise Hell? The song was issued on the Bastards and Airheads (Original Soundtrack) in 1994.

# 3 – The Game

The song “The Game,” was released on Motorhead’s 2002 album Hammered.

# 2 – HellRaiser

The great song Hellraiser which was also recorded by Ozzy in his post Black Sabbath years was issued on the 1992 Motorhead album March ör Die.

# 1 – Ace Of Spades

Coming in at number one on our top 10 Motorhead songs list is the classic track “Ace of Spades,” from the Ace of Spades album. The record was released in November of 1980.

Updated 7, 2020

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