Top 10 Natalie Grant Songs

Natalie Grant Songs

This Top 10 Natalie Grant Songs list presents the best Natalie Grant Songs including “Held,” “The Real Me,” “I Will Not Be Moved” and more. And no she is not related to Amy Grant.  Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Natalie Grant was born four days shy of Christmas Day in 1971 in Washington. At first, her career aspiration focused on becoming a teacher as she believed her musical talent was meant for the local church. However, this path changed once she felt God’s calling had her embark on a recording career in the Christian music genre instead. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue this musical venture, she signed with Benson Records in 1997 before releasing her self-titled debut album two years later. Unimpressed with the image her first record label expected her to follow, she dropped the label in favor of Pamplin Music. Her second studio album, Stronger, was recorded and released in 2001 just before it folded as a company. She then moved on with Curb Records and produced a total of five studio albums through that label.

Big Breakthrough

Grant’s 2003 album, Deeper Life, was the first of the five albums recorded and released through the Curb Records label. In 2005, Grant’s big breakthrough as a recording artist was finally achieved as Awaken became the first of her albums to realize enough commercial success to become certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). This album paved the way for Natalie Grant to earn a flurry of awards and nominations from the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards and the Grammy Awards.

Her next three albums also earned critical success as 2008’s Relentless, 2010’s Love Revolution, and 2013’s Hurricane, all played instrumental roles in Grant’s Dove Award win for Female Vocalist of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012. According to Grant, there were two key reasons why she enjoyed the level of success she did with the Curb Records label. The first came from the experiences she learned from the previous labels as a tool to help her have better control over her work as a recording artist. The second came from a trip she took to India in 2004 that sparked a new sense of purpose for Natalie Grant as an artist and as a person.

Music That Matters

In addition to producing music, Natalie Grant can also put the role of an author on her impressive resume as she recorded her experiences in a book she published in 2005 titled The Real Me: Being the Girl God Sees. Within the pages of this book, Grant revealed bits about her childhood that included a struggle with an eating disorder. The writing of this book came as an inspiration to not only open up about herself but to share a life-changing experience she had when her travel to India with her husband opened up her eyes to the horrors of human trafficking, a problem that still continues to this day and not just in that particular nation alone.

It was during this time frame that she realized making music that matters instead of meeting commercial expectations not only allows her to be more honest with her work but truly answers God’s calling as Christians following biblical scripture understand its more important to pursue truth than it is to cater to worldly expectations. As of 2020, Natalie Grant has recorded and released a total of ten studio albums, a compilation album, a live album, and twenty-eight singles.

Top 10 Natalie Grant Songs

#10 – Closer to Your Heart

From the album, Hurricane, “Closer to Your Heart” was a number twenty-five hit for Natalie Grant on the US Billboard Hot Christian Song chart and a number nineteen hit on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. As followers of Jesus Christ, the primary goal of a Christian is to become as close to God as possible. Grant’s beautiful delivery of this song of encouragement definitely serves as a melodic source of inspiration to do exactly that. Should one ever feel down for some given reason, “Closer to Your Heart” is as good of an inspirational piece as any.

#9 – My Weapon

“My Weapon” was the lead single from Natalie Grant’s tenth studio album, No Stranger. This number twenty-five hit on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart also peaked as high as number twenty-three on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. The message behind this song came from the biblical scripture of Joshua 1:9, reminding the listener there is no reason to be afraid of anything as God is the mighty weapon who is more than enough to thwart the enemy, along with whatever evil has been intended.

“My Weapon” is incredibly powerful and very much worth the listen, especially among Christian believers who may feel as if the world is proving to be too ominous to handle. This orchestral piece of beauty is like listening to a wave of inspiration while Grant’s angelic voice spared no effort to glorify the power of the Holy Spirit and how it never disappoints for as long as followers stay true to God’s Word and to who they are as a person.

#8 – Hurricane

From the album of the same name, “Hurricane” was a number eight hit on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and earned her three nominations in 2014 with the Dove Awards for Song of the Year, Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year, and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year. It also charted as high as number nine on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart during the year it was released as a single in 2013. “Hurricane” was, and still is, a fantastic contemporary Christian song to get swept up in as Grant’s signature style of producing catchy and meaningful material is not short-changed here by any means. Catchy and rich with a rhythmic beat, it’s hard not to get caught up in some kind of happy dance, especially if you happen to be a bible-believing Christian.

#7 – King of the World

“King of the World” earned Natalie Grant a 2017 Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song after it was released as a single from the 2015 album, Be One. On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it peaked as high as number five and it was a number-four hit on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. This easy-listening fan-favorite served as Grant’s lyrical testimony as she acknowledges and praises Jesus Christ as the official “King of the World.”

According to scripture, God’s Word will outlast the current heaven and earth, which was also a statement Christ himself made more than once within the pages of the New Testament. When he was persecuted by the Romans he was mocked as the Hebrews from that timeline couldn’t bring themselves to believe he was the very subject behind Isaiah’s prophecies that were shared within the pages of the Old Testament. The world which Jesus speaks of where he is king is not the same one we live in now but is destined to replace it. This was made crystal clear throughout the pages of the Book of Revelation.

#6 – In Better Hands

“In Better Hands” was the first of four singles released from the 2008 album, Relentless, and peaked as high as number five on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and at number three on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. This slow number features Natalie Grant at her lyrical best as she made it clear freedom doesn’t come from stubborn independence. It comes when one seeks God’s Word as it’s only his truth that sets a person free. According to Christians, they’re “In Better Hands” when they let go of all the worldly brainwashing garbage and simply put full faith, trust, and obedience in God, via Jesus Christ, as scripture makes it clear this is the only path to freedom that can be truly realized.

#5 – I Will Not Be Moved

2008’s single, “I Will Not Be Moved” came from the album, Relentless, as Natalie Grant lyrically testifies she has taken her stand as a daughter of God who not only acknowledges Jesus Christ as her savior but the very reason why she will hold her ground in the Christian faith. This powerfully unapologetic statement became a number-four hit on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. At first, when “I Will Not Be Moved” plays, the guitar riffs suggest this will be a heavy-hitting number. This is certainly the case as Grant’s single comes across every bit as relentless as the album this uplifting song belongs to.

#4 – Your Great Name

“Your Great Name” has so far been Natalie Grant’s best-selling single of her recording career as it became certified gold by the RIAA after its 2011 release from the album, Love Revolution. On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it peaked as high as number eight and it was a number five hit on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. As a believer of the Christian faith, Grant’s vocal talent shines as this ballad praises God’s name with such a powerful testimony that it’s hard not to get caught up in the beauty of this song and the message it delivers. Is God worthy of such praise? According to Natalie Grant, her fans, and all those who follow the Holy Bible, yes it is.

#3 – What Are You Waiting For

From the 2005 album, Awaken, “What Are You Waiting For” was the second of three hit singles released from it. On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart, it peaked as high as number seven. The beauty behind Natalie Grant’s music is how it has such fan appeal to audiences of all ages. “What Are You Waiting For” serves as a motivational piece for listeners who are in agreement the world’s current situation is unacceptable and that there are changes that need to be made.

That change doesn’t come about by simply sitting and waiting. As powerful as prayer is, it is futile without the actions to back it up. According to scripture, faith without works is dead. This includes taking the opportunity to speak up and take action against whatever is seen as wrong. Throughout the pages of the Holy Bible, there are stories shared by those who followed God who had to pick up the mantle and fight for what they knew was wrong. Repeatedly, God favored those who fully believed in him, ensuring victories that were well-deserved as such believers did more than just sit idly by with prideful expectations.

#2 – The Real Me

“The Real Me” was a book and a song Natalie Grant brought forth as she revealed more about herself as a person and as a bible-believing daughter of God. On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it was a number eighteen hit and on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart, it peaked at number sixteen. “The Real Me” was also Grant’s second crossover hit in her career as it peaked at number thirty on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 2006. It was one of the key songs from the album, Awaken, which served as Grant’s big breakthrough as a recording artist in the contemporary Christian music scene.

This song came as an inspiration after Natalie Grant paid a visit to India with her husband, witnessing for herself a part of the world she wasn’t aware of. Not only was her adventure a life-changing experience as a person but as a musical artist. It shows through the ballad of “The Real Me” as she opened up a bit about herself before finally embracing the very truth she needed in order to truly set her free, not only as a Christian but as a human being.

#1 – Held

On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, “Held” became a number four hit after it was released as a single in 2005. It peaked at number three on the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart and even crossed over into the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number eleven. It served as Natalie Grant’s big breakthrough hit from her album, Awaken, as this piano number seemed to serve as Grant finally realizing who she is as a person and what her mission is as a servant of God. For her, she finally understood what it meant to be “Held” by the very spirit Christianity is about. This song saw Grant seem to finally come out of her shell as a person, bringing forth the style of music she believed God called upon her to do.

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