Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs

Neon Dreams Songs

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Our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list looks at a popular Canadian alt-pop duo who write and produce their own music. The duo consists of vocalist Frank Kadillac and musician Adrian Morris. They don’t want to be pigeonholed into one genre of music. They want to create music by their own rules. The duo records pop, rock, folk, EDM, hip-hop, and reggae music. Some of their hits include “Marching Bands,” “Life Without Fantasies,” “Survive,” “High School Dropout,” and “Love Experts,” as well as others.

The band formed in 2015 with four members. Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, Corey Lerue and Matt Gats met in high school. They experimented with their music. They received recognition when Waka Flocka Flame let them remix his single “Hard in the Paint.” They released their first single “Love Experts” in September 2015. Fans enjoyed the single and it rose on the Billboard charts.

Their debut EP To You came out in August 2016. The EP has over 15 million streams. It features the gold single “Marching Bands.” The EP also features the singles “Find a Way,” “If I Say” and “Best of Your Heart,” Neon Dreams won awards for this EP. In 2017, Corey Lerue left the band to run an independent label. He still writes and produces songs for the band. In 2018, Matt Gats left the band to take over managing duties at the label. Neon Dreams became a duo.

Neon Dreams released their debut album Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams in July 2019. The album features the singles “High School Dropout,” “Life Without Fantasies,” “Belong” and “We Were Kings.” The Happiness of Tomorrow was released in November 2020. It features the singles “Sick of Feeling Useless,” “Don’t Go Hating Me Now,” “All the People” and “I’m With You.” Love Child Baby Dolphin was released in January 2023. It features the singles “This Is It,” “Little Dance,” “IT’S ALL GOOD” and “Let’s Not Forget.”

Neon Dreams are a duo who play by their own rules. They don’t conform to what everyone else considers normal. They record their own style of music. They write and produce their own stuff so they have control over their music. Their music is popular on streaming apps for a reason. They write music that means something to the duo. Our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list will shine a spotlight on the duo’s music. We added songs that we think are worth checking out.

# 10 — This Is It

The 10th song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “This Is It” from the Love Child Baby Dolphin album. The single was released in February 2023. The narrator wants to focus on the true reasons for love. He doesn’t want to fall in love for shallow reasons. He goes by what his heart tells him. His heart told him “this is it.” He explains that you don’t fall in love because your heart jumps at the sight of someone.

You fall in love because it’s the truth. He describes what she does for him and why he loves her. She’s there for him when no one else is around. She comforts him when he needs it. She makes the darkness in his life go away. Their love isn’t just puppy love. It’s the real thing. He is infatuated with her. He never wants to leave her side.

“This Is It” is a perfect love song. It describes how it feels when you know you have found the right one. The love he shares with the woman in his life is powerful. Neon Dreams doesn’t just talk about superficial things. They focus on the emotional side of love. This is the kind of track that will restore your faith in emotional love and not just the physical side of it. The lyrics are like reading a love letter that was set to music. It will give you an optimistic feeling that love could actually happen.

The song will make you wish you had someone like this in your life. The music is bouncy and energetic. The melody is similar to Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars’ song Billionaire. The ukulele gives the song a reggae feel. It’s feel-good music that will put a smile on your face. Frank Kadillac’s vocals are easy going and laid back. Frank Kadillac showed his versatility on this song. His vocals go up and down throughout the song.

# 9 — Find a Way

The ninth song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “Find a Way” from the To You EP. “Find a Way” was released in 2016. “Find a Way” is about a man describing how the love of his woman impacted his life. The woman in his life has opened his eyes to new things. She has taken him to places he has never been before. She makes him want to be a better person. Despite his flaws, she still loves him. Our narrator doesn’t know if it’s love or if it’s the thrill of the chase. He intends on making his relationship work. He wants love to “find a way” to make it work. She drives him crazy and he loves it. He is hopeful that their love will last.

The track talks about the ups and downs of love. This song teaches you that love may have roadblocks, but it’s worth it. Love can change a person’s life and make it better. The lyrics showcase the complexities of loving someone deeply. Most of us have felt this way before. It may make you realize how important your relationship is to you. The lyrics are eye opening when it comes to the complex subject of love. The music has a cool beat.

It sounds like something you can hear when you are vibing on the beach. It will make the perfect song for the summer. The track is a mix of pop and rock music. The melody is similar to Bruno Mars’ song “The Lazy Song.” Adrian Morris deserves credit for his instrumentation. He did an excellent job with the music. “Find a Way” has a catchy chorus that makes the song stand out. You may catch yourself singing it. Frank Kadillac’s vocals are fire on this track. He sounds similar to Bruno Mars on this song.


The eighth song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “IT’S ALL GOOD” from the Love Child Baby Dolphin album. The song came out in July 2022. The song is about love and how it makes a person feel. He talks about a woman being sweet as summer Sundays. She has a beautiful complexion. He wants to know all the things she likes. The narrator knows that she likes going to parties. Since she likes to party, he will be going out. He doesn’t like to dance, but she makes him want to do it.

He questions if he should try and kiss her. He decides to kiss her. The narrator wonders if he should leave in the morning or stay for the night. The answer doesn’t matter because they are passengers of life. As the song progresses, the narrator wants everyone to be who they want to be in life. He wants you to take the time you need to be who you want to be.

This is a song about doing things to get you out of your comfort zone. Neon Dreams wants you to do things you don’t normally do. This song is perfect for people who are afraid to take chances. When you find the right person they make you want to do different things. You won’t learn anything new with this song, but it’s a fun track about loving life. It’s a carefree song about enjoying life and trying new things. The song has an infectious beat. It will make you want to dance.

He says he doesn’t want to dance, but the song will make you want to dance. There’s no way you can sit still through this irresistible beat. Adrian Morris’ musical skills with the drums are impeccable. The drums stand out in the beat. The music is energetic. It’s perfect to use for dancing or working out. The energy and the vibe are incredible. Frank Kadillac’s singing will make you want to sing along with him. He sounds like he’s having fun. The hypnotic chorus will stay in your head. This song is an earworm.

# 7 — If I Say

The seventh song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “If I Say” from the To You EP. It came out in 2016. A man is fearful that he will be rejected by the woman he loves. He’s scared, but wants to fit in with people. The narrator isn’t sure who he is. He has lost his sense of identity and worthiness. He talks about a relationship that has ended. His heels are broken from walking. His eyes are bloodshot because he’s been crying over losing the woman in his life. He isn’t willing to call anyone and open up about how he’s feeling.

He keeps thinking about her and how they aren’t together anymore. He feels guilty about the relationship ending. The narrator blames himself for why the relationship is over. He has trouble expressing how he feels. He is having trouble moving on from the failed relationship. He finally gets the courage to acknowledge if it was his fault that their relationship ended. There’s a possibility he could be rejected, but he wants to acknowledge his role in the relationship ending.

This is a poignant song about a person who is struggling with inner turmoil. He is afraid he will be rejected if he acknowledges his wrongdoing. This song is a creative way to talk about a lost love. People don’t usually question whether it’s their fault that their relationship ended. They don’t usually wonder if they should accept their role in why the relationship didn’t work. It takes a big person to acknowledge what they did wrong even at the risk of it not fixing the situation. The story will hold your attention until the song is done.

They use clever imagery to tell the story of a man who wants the courage to step up and accept responsibility for his actions. The energetic beat of the song keeps it from being depressing. It’s hard to be in your feelings when you hear the EDM beat. The track is excellent for the club scene. It’s perfect for dancing at home too. Frank Kadillac sings in a lower octave for this song. You might not recognize his vocals because he tried something different. It could have been a disaster, but he made it work.

# 6 — Sick of Feeling Useless

“Sick of Feeling Useless” is from the Happiness of Tomorrow album. “Sick of Feeling Useless” was released in May 2020. This is a song about breaking out of your shell and getting out of your comfort zone. The song opens with our narrator talking about people being reckless in the past. He opened his mind about what he was going to do next. He was living his best life stress free. He questions what happened to his faith. He used to be free back in the day. Anxiety started to take its toll on him. It convinced him that he didn’t matter. It’s hard to get over things when the world brings you down.

We all want to be loved. He tries to scream, but no one listens. He’s “sick of feeling useless.” People are selfish which makes you feel dumb and helpless. He goes down memory lane. He used to listen to music to forget about his mistakes. Our narrator used to hang out every weekend. He wants to get back to his carefree times. He didn’t have to worry about anything and no one told him how to live.

This introspective song is about the person inside of us who wants to be accepted. He wants to go back to a simpler time when he was young and carefree. This is a timely message because people feel as if they don’t matter. This is a relatable track to anyone who feels like they don’t belong anywhere. This is relatable to anyone who wants to feel like a kid again. The song captured a nostalgic feeling of what it was like to be stress free. We all want to go back to a time when life wasn’t stressful.

This is the type of song that would never get old because everyone wants to feel this way. The song has a fantastic rock beat. The guitar laden music is perfect for this theme. The music is soft for the verses and builds up to a crescendo for the chorus. The chorus gives you a chance to scream out your frustrations.

# 5 — Walk Away

The next song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “Walk Away.” The non album single was released in March 2020. The song is about a man who falls in love despite his reservations. She does something to him that he didn’t plan. Love works in Hollywood, but it doesn’t work for him. He was walking alone, but she got him off the track. He’s used to sleeping on his own. His heart wants to stay, but his feet won’t let him. He has been hurt in the past and is afraid to trust again. She said she loved him, but he didn’t believe it. He’s hesitant, but he doesn’t want to leave. He feels trapped in the relationship. The narrator considers love a journey and it takes perseverance in order to make it through.

“Walk Away” teaches you that love isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to take risks and face challenges in order to make it work. Despite the risks and challenges, love is worth it in the end. This song will be significant to you if you are hesitant about falling in love. It will open your eyes to the idea of being in love. The lyrics will teach you to move on with your life so you can be open to love.

The music is engaging. It will have you out of your seat as soon as the beat begins. Frank Kadillac shows versatility on the song. He sings in two different pitches. His vocals are layered in the song. He sings lower in the verses and higher in the chorus. It was a nice blend and we got the chance to hear him sing in a different tone. The song is delightful and may make you a fan of the duo.

# 4 — High School Dropout

“High School Dropout” is from the Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams album. “High School Dropout” came out in January 2019. The song is about overcoming obstacles and being successful despite past failures. He talks about people changing and admits that he’s changed too. The narrator talks about being on the rise and how he has confidence. He’s riding the wave of success.

He wants people to keep their heads in the clouds. He wants you to keep dreaming because you can still succeed. The narrator admits to being a “high school dropout.” He was a burnout, but things turned out better for him. He wants his naysayers to realize who is laughing now. He’s living his best life even though he’s a high school dropout. In the next verse, he realized he was going crazy trying to be like everyone else. He realized everyone can’t be like everyone else.

“High School Dropout” is an interesting tale about overcoming obstacles and finding success. He was able to achieve success and he didn’t finish school. He believed he was a failure, but he was able to make his dreams come true. The song has a positive message that your dreams can still come true despite the odds being stacked against you. The song may inspire you not to give up on your dreams because they can still happen. The lyrics aren’t suggesting that you should quit school.

Neon Dreams is letting you know that you can still be successful even if you have to drop out of school. You shouldn’t let anything hinder you from doing what you want to do. Neon Dreams dedicate this song to people who dream and create things. They want to encourage people to pursue their dreams. What we like about this song is that it’s encouraging people not to give up on what they want in life. We love the message behind the song.

We also love the vibrant music. It will pump you up and might inspire you to keep going with what you want to achieve. Frank Kadillac has a double in this song. One is in a lower pitch while the other vocal is in a higher pitch. Both pitches work for the music. He sings in time with the beat changes. He belts the chorus and we applaud that decision.

# 3 — Life Without Fantasies

Coming in at number three is “Life Without Fantasies” from the Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams album. The song was released in July 2019. The track is about what it would be like without dreams and desires. The narrator wants to have a luxurious life. He wants luxurious things. These things would make his grandmother proud. He wants to spend money on a one night thrill.

The narrator wishes he could see his teacher’s face when he drives by in a fancy car. He asked what is “life without fantasies.” In the next verse, he talks about the people in his life. He wants love and companionship. He doesn’t need material things. He just wants love in his life. He doesn’t need to have everything he could ever want. He just wants someone to love him.

In the third verse, the narrator would love to get everything off his chest and say everything he wanted to say to the people who hurt him. “Life Without Fantasies” tells the story about how important it is to have dreams and fantasies in our lives. The narrator is torn between wanting material things and love in his life. He may have it all, but he’s willing to give it up to have love in his life. The contemplative lyrics may have you thinking about your life goals. The lyrics will make you think.

The best types of songs are the ones that make you think about things. Neon Dreams are good at writing songs about living out your dreams and fantasies so they are right at home with this type of song. This is the type of song that is fun to listen to. The track is danceable and contagious. The song has great summer vibes. When you listen to it the song may make you think of a summer day. It’s excellent for chilling out with your friends. The song may make you smile especially if you need one.


# 2 — Survive Vanze ft. Neon Dreams

“Survive” is a non-album single that was released in December 2016. This song is about a man who wants his lover to come back to him. He told her to walk away. That was his first and last mistake. The narrator can’t “survive” without her. The only thing he wants is for her to come back to him. He is caught in the middle of life and needs her to survive. The narrator won’t accept their relationship being over. He refuses to settle with being her friend.

It’s not too late for them to make amends. He’s at a loss of what he could do because he’s drowning without her. He needs her by his side in order to “survive.” She wants him to do right by her so she could give him another chance. She lets him know that he’s only living in his head. He lets her know that he can’t “survive” without her.

“Survive” is a sentimental plea to a former lover to come back to him. The lyrics are heartfelt and sweet. The lyrics are a sincere look at a man who needs his lover in his life. You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the lyrics. This will hit home for you if you want a former lover to come back in your life. The lyrics are universal. It’s told from a man’s point of view, but women can relate to it as well. The song is for anyone of all ages because anyone can lose the love of their lives.

The music starts off softly and picks up in the chorus. The track goes through different transitions. It slows down and speeds up through the song. This move keeps the music from being predictable. The music has instrumental pauses which will help you appreciate the music. Frank Kadillac’s vocals are beautiful. His vocals blend in with the music. His vocals are strong enough to be heard over the music. His talent shines in the song.

# 1 — Marching Bands ft. Kardinal Offishall

The number one song on our Top 10 Neon Dreams Songs list is “Marching Bands” from the To You EP. The song came out in August 2016. The track is about a person who changed his life. He fell into her arms. He believes if he never left Toronto, he wouldn’t be this happy. She changed his life. If he didn’t need her, he would die. They were meant to be together. Their love has outlasted history. They have a strong bond. He reminisces about when they first met each other. It felt like “marching bands” playing when they first met.

When he wasn’t with her he was going through the worst time of his life. He was distant at the time, but it was a defense mechanism. The narrator reassures her that they were made for each other from the start. He wants her to let the walls down around her heart. He’s afraid insecurity will break them up. She is the real thing and he wants her to know that he loves her. He wants her to know that meeting her was the best day of his life.

“Marching Bands” tells a story about a woman who has changed a man’s life. The title may be misleading. The song is not about “marching bands.” Neon Dreams use the phrase as a way to describe how he felt when he met the love of his life. He felt like a marching band was playing. This is a clever way to describe falling in love. The song has an irresistible dance beat. It will be hard to sit still while you listen to the beat. The song will make you move your hips. The chorus is addictive and sells the song. The vocals are outstanding. Frank Kadillac and Kardinal Offishall are great. They allow each other room to shine on the song.

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