Top 10 Ozric Tentacles Songs

Ozric Tentacles Songs

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Our Top 10 Ozric Tentacles Songs list takes a look at a band that incorporated multiple styles if music crossing the genres of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Jazz Fusion. The band Ozric Tentacles hails from England. They were first formed in 1983 while they were performing under the name Bolshem People. While performing at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1983 the group changed their name to Ozric Tentacles. The original member of the group consisted of  Ed Wynne, Roly Wynne, Nick “Tig” Van Gelder , and Joie Hinton.

The band Ozric Tentacles did not release their first album until 1989. By the time the band released their debut entitled Pungent Effulgent in 1989, the band’s lineup of musicians had changed considerably. The band go through multiple lineup changes over the course of their career.

While the band went though line-up changes their album release schedule especially in the 1990’s remained highly consistent. After the release of their debut album in 1989, the band released Erpland in 1990, Strangeitude (1991), Jurassic Shift in 1993, Arborescence in 1994, Become the Other in 1995, Curious Corn in 1997 and Waterfall Cities in 1999.

The band continued their successful release schedule into the 21st Century with the release of The Hidden Step in 2000, Swirly Termination also in 2000, Spirals in Hyperspace in 2004, The Floor’s Too Far Away in 2006, The Yumyum Tree in 2009,  Paper Monkeys in 2011, and their latest studio album Technicians of the Sacred in 2015.

Our Top 10 Ozric Tentacles Songs list is a subjective list of ten of our favorite Ozric Tentacles Songs. It is a songs list that attempts to define different aspects of the band;s career with the goal of tuning people on to one of the most interesting bands of the past thirty years.

# 10 – Spacebase

We open our top 10 Ozric Tentacles Songs list with the fun track “Spacebase.” The great psychedelic progressive rock song was released on the band’s The Floor’s Too Far Away album. The record was released in 2006.

# 9 – Epiphlioy

The Ozric Tentacles Song “Epiphlioy,” was released on the album Technicians of the Sacred. The great Technicians of the Sacred  CD was released in 2015. It was the fifteenth album released by the band and stands as their most recent release as of this writing.

# 8 – Holohedron

At the start of the 21st Century the band Ozric Tentacles released their ninth studio album entitled The Hidden Step. The song “Holohedron,” was the album’s opening track.

# 7 – Sunhair

In 1993, the band started their own record label entitled Dovetail Records. The first release on their own label was an album appropriately titled Jurrassic Shift. It was the same year the original Jurassic Park movie was released. Wow! Can believe that movie was released that long ago. And their still making sequels. So much for originality in the film world. Back to the music. The song “Sunhair,” was the album’s opening track on the great Jurassic Shift album.

# 6 – Kick Muck

Continuing with our top 10 Ozric Tentacles songs list we turn to the band’s debut album  Pungent Effulgent. The album was released on CD in 1989. It had been originally released only on cassette by the band years earlier, but eventually the band began releasing official albums. The track “Kick Muck,” appeared as the seventh track on the album.

# 5 – Spirals In Hyperspace

There is nothing better that psychedelic jazz fusion. These guys could play and they had such an original voice. The song “Spirals in Hyperspace,” is amazing. The title track to their 2004 album really showed off their playing chops.

# 4 – Wob Glass

The song “Wob Glass,” was released on the band’s 1995 album, Become The Other. The album featured new members Rad and Seaweed.

# 3 – Sploosh

If we had to choose one Ozrci Tentacles to take on our cross country driving trip it would the mesmerizing Strangeitude album. Just listen to the incredible track “Sploosh.” Cant you feel the adventure?

# 2 – Waterfall Cities

As we get closer to the top of our top 10 Ozric Tentacles songs list it just seems every songs just keeps getting better and betters. Listen to the amazing synth arrangement at the beginning of “Waterfall City.” It is sheer synth golden God perfection. I’m shaking as I write this and listening to this incredible work.

# 1 – Mooncalf

It’s so difficult to choose a song from any band to list in the number one position. Our choice on this top 10 Ozric Tentacles songs list is the great track “Mooncalf.” The song was released on the band’s The Yummyyum Tree album. Give it a listen and hang in there because it’s a slow build up that pays off in the end.

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