Top 10 Pallas Songs

Pallas SongsOur Top 10 Pallas Songs list takes a look at a brilliant Progressive Rock band that began their careers in the clubs of London in the late 1970’s Like so many bands that came out of the rock and roll club scene of the 1970’s securing a record deal was no easy feat. Even with bands like Pallas who had begun to develop a loyal following, record company interest can come and go.

Pallas released their first album in 1981 entitled Arrive Alive. It was an independent record release that did not have the support of a major label to help them develop on a more international level. In 1984, the band released their first major label release entitled The SentinelThere were many issues with the song selection on the album as the record company wanted to make the album more commercially viable.

Over a thirty year period, the band Pallas released seven studio albums, four compilation albums and ten live albums. Choosing ten songs to define different aspects of the band’s career was no easy task.  The ten songs we have chosen simply represent our subjective view of some of the band’s most interesting material combined with songs that seem to be the most popular among Pallas fans. We hope this introduction to this great Progressive Rock Band Pallas turns you on to this music so that you reach out and start collecting their albums.


# 10 – Arrive Alive

We  open up our Top 10 Pallas songs list with the track Arrive Alive. The song was released on the 1992 CD reissue of The Sentinel album. It is one of the most confusing rock releases ever issued because the tracks to the album were changed multiple times. So depending on which issue you find, the tracks will be completely different. The original album featured musicians, Euan Lowson on lead vocals, Niall Mathewson on guitar, Ronnie Brown on synthesizers, Graeme Murray on bass guitar and Derek Forman on drums.

# 9 – Black Moon

The great remake of the Emerson Lake & Palmer song was released in 2011. It was released as a free download to fans from the band’s website.

# 8 – Paris Is Burning

Continuing with our top 10 Pallas songs we turn to the great track “Paris Is Burning,” from Arrive Alive. The album featured musicians, Euan Lowson  on vocals,Ronnie Brown on keyboards, Nial Mathewson on guitar, Graeme Murray on bass and Derek Forman on the skins. Paris Is Burning was issued as the seventh track on this great nine track CD.

# 7 – Win Or Lose

The great track “Win or Lose,” was released on the album entitled The Wedge. The Wedge album was the band’s second official album release. It was issued in 1986.

# 6 – Midas Touch

The spectacular album The Cross & The Crucible is featured multiple times on this Top 10 Pallas Songs list. The mighty song “Midas Touch,” was released as the next to last song on the album. The CD was released in 2001.

# 5 – Shock Treatment

One of the band’s most powerful songs lands in the number five position. The great track “Shock Treatment,” was released in 1984.

# 4 – The Cross and the Crucible

The title track from the amazing album The Cross and the Crucible will blow you away. Progressive Rock music at its finest.

# 3 – The Last Angel

As we get closer to the top of our top 10 Pallas Songs list we turn to the Dreams of Men album. The Dreams of Men album was released in 2005. “The Last Angel,” was the album’s closing track. The album featured musicians  Alan Reed on vocals, Niall Mathewson on acoustic & electric guitars, Ronnie Brown on keyboards, church organ,Graeme Murray on bass and Colin Fraser on drums.

# 2 – Beat The Drum

“Beat The Drum,” was the title track to the band’s third album. The Beat The Drum album was released in 1999.

# 1 – Rise And Fall (part 1)

“The Rise and Fall (Part 1),” was released on the 1992 CD re-issue of the band’s first album entitled The Sentinel. It had originally been planned as the opening song on their debut album but was shelved when the album tracks were replaced by the record company. This great piece of music stands as our favorite Pallas recording.

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