Top 10 Patty Smyth Songs

Patty Smyth SongsOur Top 10 Patty Smyth Songs takes a look at the career of one of our favorite rock and roll singers of the past forty years. We always enjoy composing these lists. However, some we enjoy more than others and this one has been one of the most enjoyable song lists we have written in a long time. Watching the old Patty Symth and Scandal videos not only brought back wonderful memories of the big 80’s, it further cemented just how powerful and passionate Patty Smyth’s vocals truly were. Patty Symth’s songs and albums she recorded with Scandal and as a solo artist define the best of the 1980’s and 90′ rock scene.

Rock and roll fans were blown away by the band Scandal when the video of the song “Goodbye To You,” first began receiving airplay on MTV. At the time, it had become one of the most popular videos on the channel. This was not a video that featured huge special effects or a cinematic storyline. It was a video that featured a band on a colorful sound stage performing a great rock song. It was a video that presented a singer that was immensely captivating. Patty Smyth’s performance of the song “Goodbye To You,” was highly addicting. Forty years later, you still can’t turn it off. The song and video stand as one of the highlights of the early MTV 1980’s era.

The song “Goodbye To You,” was released in 1982 on an EP entitled Scandal. The band released their first and only full-length album two years later entitled The Warrior. After the release of The Warrior album, Patty Smyth left the group to begin a solo career. Patty Symth’s first solo album was released in 1987 entitled Never Enough. Five years later Patty Symth released her second solo record entitled Patty Smyth

Our top 10 Patty Smyth songs list takes a look at ten of our favorite Patty Smyth songs combining the material she recorded with Scandal and her solo albums. Over the years, Patty Smyth also released a few soundtrack songs and a Christmas album entitled Come On December. In the 2000’s, Patty Smyth reunited with her early 1980’s band Scandal to record new music. Amazingly, in 2018, Scandal and Patty Smyth are back on the road once again captivating audiences almost forty years after their debut record was released.

# 10 – Come On December

We start out or top 10 Patty Smyth songs list with the beautiful song “Come On December.” The song was released in 2015 on Patty Smyth’s Christmas album entitled Come On December. 

# 9 – Only The Young

If there was ever a singer that could match Journey’s Steve Perry, it was Patty Smyth. The great song “Only The Young,” was recorded and written by Journey and placed on the Vision Quest soundtrack. Patty Smyth and Scandal recorded a version of the song and released it on The Warrior album.

# 8 – Look What Love Has Done

After Patty Smyth released her second solo album, she recorded and co-wrote the song “Look What Love Has Done.” The song was utilized in the 1994 film Junior. The film starred starring Arnold SchwarzeneggerDanny DeVito, and Emma Thompson. The great song “Look What Love Has Done,” was nominated for a both a Grammy and Academy award in 1994.

# 7 – Beat Of A Heart

Continuing our Top 10 Patty Symth Songs list, we turn to Scandal’s first full-length album entitled The Warrior. The album was released in 1984.  The song “Beat of my Heart.” was the second track listed on the record. The song was written by Zack Smith, Patty Smyth and Keith Mack.

# 6 – Downtown Train

Patty Smyth released her debut solo album in 1987 entitled Never Enough. The second single released from the album was a brilliant cover of the Tom Waits song “Downtown Train.” While the song may not have been a huge hit for Patty Symth, it did break the Billboard Top 100.


# 5 – Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Not Enough

The 1980’s were a time when rock and roll stars loved to sing heartbreaking rock and roll duet ballads. The duet “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough,”bewteen Patty Smyth and Don Henley of The Eagles stands as one of the decades best.

# 4 – Love’s Got A Line On You

Our second favorite song from the debut Scandal EP will always be the classic track “Love’s Got A Line On You.” While the world had already been introduced to the talents of Patty Smyth through the song “Goodbye To You,” it was the song “Love’s Got A Line On You,” that showcased for the first time the brilliant and passionate vocal ability of Patty Smyth.

# 3 – The Warrior

With the success of Scandal’s debut EP, the band did not disappoint their fans when they followed up with their debut full-length album. The Warrior was released in 1984. It was one of the most competitive years in rock and roll history. Huge abums had been released that year that made it difficult for many artists to break onto the charts. Albums from Bruce Springsteen, Prince, The Cars, Van Halen, Metallica, and so many more dominated one of the most spectacular years in classic rock history.

# 2 – Goodbye To You

Goodbye To You,” was the song that turned Patty Smyth and Scandal into household names. The song remains one of the hallmarks of the early 1980’s New Wave era. The video’s low production quality juxtaposed against the high energy performance of Scandal made for one of the most memorable videos of the 1980’s. However, beyond the aspects of the video was an incredible song performed brilliantly by Patty Smyth. It was tough not to list this one in the number one spot on our top 10 Patty Smyth songs list. We just happen to like a song that Patty Smyth released in 2017 a little bit better.

# 1 – Never Enough

Coming in at number one on our top 10 Patty Smyth songs list is the title track from Patty Smyth’s debut solo album entitled Never Enough. The song “Never Enough,” was not a huge hit on the Billboard top 100 as it peaked at number 61. However, it was a top 10 track peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. The song was written by Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian of the band The Hooters. Songwriting credit on the song was also shared by album producer Rick Chertoff, David Kagan, and Patty Smyth.

The song “Never Enough,” was a majestic piece of rock and roll. The song featured world-class songwriting, first-class production and above all, an all-star vocal performance by one of rock and roll’s greatest vocalist of all time. Than you Patty, you have brought us great joy with your passionate vocals and wonderful songs.


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