Top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs

Paul Butterfield Blues Band SongsOur Top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs takes a look at a band that was easily one of the most creative and influential blues bands of the 1960s. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band electrified the blues while giving it a rock and soul swing that had not really been done before. The band was first formed by Paul Butterfield in 1963. Paul Butterfield was a  blues harmonica player who had worked with the legendary blues artist Muddy Waters. Paul Butterfield went on to form the Butterfield Blues Band with Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield on guitar. The band released a handful of albums in the 1960s. Only the first two albums featured Mike Bloomfield on guitar. Elvin Bishop would also eventually leave to pursue his solo career. It was career that included a huge top 10 hit with the song Fooled Around and Fell in Love. Rounding out the band in the early days was Mark Naftalin on piano, Jerome Arnold on bass and  Billy Davenport on drums.

Paul Butterfield continue to release music throughout the seventies and into the 80s under his own name and became involved in various projects. He passed away at a young age during his forties in 1987. This top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band songs list will only look at the music released in the 1960s under name Butterfield Blues Band. These were legendary albums and songs that inspired an entire generation of Blues players and rock and rollers.

# 10 – Screamin’

We open up our top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band songs list with the opening track from side two of the band’s debut album entitled The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The great track Screamin’ was the perfect way open the album’s second side. A pure instrumental in every sense of the word, the band rips it up on this killer track. The song was written by Mike Bloomfield

1965 was a dynamic year for rock and roll. The Beatles released their album Rubber Soul, The Who released My Generation The Rolling Stones released Out Of Our Heads and The Yardbirds released Having a Rave Up with the Yardbirds

# 9 – In My Own Dream

Brilliant musical artists always take risks. Then again maybe risk is the wrong word. Brilliant musical artists and musicians are always looking to grow, to develop. They don’t like to stay in the same place. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band album In My Own Dream defines an artist looking to reach beyond and out of their own comfort zone. Taking musical chances are risky because fans and critics don’t always respond well to change. Nonetheless, it’s what makes the artist brilliant in the first place. Take a listen to this great Paul Butterfield penned song “In My Own Dream,” and this will all make sense.

# 8 – Everything’s Going to Be Alright

Continuing with our top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band songs article we turn to the first of two live songs presented on this list. Both of these songs were released on the 1970 smoking live album entitled Paul Butterfield Blues Band Live. The record was recorded at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. “Everything’s Going to be Alright,” is as smoking as it gets.

# 7 – Love March (Live)

“It’s hard to be serious with a full moon out” The opening spoken word introduction sets up this great live track from the album Paul Butterfield Blues Band Live. It does not get more interesting than this live version of Paul Butterfield’s “Love March.” It’s 12 minute psychedelic blues trip to blow your mind. No one ever performed blues like this. Sign of the times? yes, but it fueled a creativity in the blues that only a few have ever dared to venture towards. This amazing live  two record set was released in 1970.

# 6 – Driftin’ and Driftin’

This great song “Driftin’ and Driftin’ was released on the album entitled The Resurrection of Pigboy CrabshawIt was the third album released by the band. The album also saw the departure of guitarist Mike Bloomfield. However a young saxophone player by the name of David Sanborn joined the band on the record. Sanborn would go on to become one of the biggest selling jazz artists in history.

The song “Driftin’ and Driftin'” was an old blues classic written by Charles Brown, Johnny Moore and Eddie Williams in the 1940s.

# 5 – I Got My Mojo Working

For the second time so far on this Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs list and not the last time, we turn to the band’s debut album entitled The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The band’s version of “I Got My Mojo Working,” will electrify your rock and roll blue shoes.

# 4 – Two Trains Running

T Paul Butterfield blues band debut album blue people out of the water rock and roll fans music fans Blues fans will blown away but what Paul Butterfield did on that great debut album. The band’s sophomore record East-West hey Lisa tell exactly where it’s at yesterdy proved that they were no fluke. The East-West album was released in 1966. Great track presented here entitled “Two Trains Running,” was composed by Muddy Waters. Halfway house

# 3 – Mystery Train

The legendary blues song “Mystery Train,” was released on the Paul Butterfield blues band debut album in 1965. The classic blues song was written by Junior Parker and Sam Phillips.

# 2 – East West

As we get closer to the number one spot on our top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band songs list we once again turn to the band’s second album entitled East-West. The album was released in 1966.

# 1 – Born In Chicago

We close out our top 10 Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs with the opening songs from the band’s debut album The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The classic song “Born In Chicago,” opens up with Paul Butterfield’s trademark harmonica sound basked in a soul fusion groove that turned audiences inside out.

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