Top 10 Ten Years After Songs

Ten Years After Songs

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Our Top 10 Ten Years After Songs list takes a look at classic rock band that originated from the shores of England in the 1960s. Like so many bands that came from the eastern side of the Atlantic, Ten Years After released albums mixed with originals and covers of blues standards.Over time, the albums would be filled with more original material than covers. Ten Years after enjoyed success in both the United Kingdom and United States. Ther appearance at Woodstock in 1969 secured them a spot in classic rock history no matter what they accomplished afterwards. However, like so many bands that appeared at Woodstock such as Canned Heat, Blood Sweat & Tears, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Jefferson Airplane and so many more, their popularity grew dramatically in the wake of the most legendary concert of all time.

The lineup in Ten Years After in 1965 included Alvin Lee on guitar and vocals, Chick Churchill on keys, Leo Lyons playing bass and Ric Lee on drums. Alvin Lee would become the band’s leader and man songwriter when they progressed into releasing albums consisting of mostly original material. Alvin Lee would leave the band in 1973 to pursue a solo career. Lee would go on to work and record albums with some of the all time greats including George Harrison, Steve Winwood  and Peter Frampton.

# 10 – Feel It For Me

We open up our Top 10 Ten Years After songs list with this killer track form the band’ debut album. The album entitled Ten Years After was released in 1967. The Ten Years After song “Feel It For Me,” was the opening track on side two of the album. It was one of the rare original songs on the record. “Feel It For Me,” was composed by band leader Alvin Lee. The album was produced by Gus Dudgeon who would become famous for producing all the great Elton John albums of the 1970s.

# 9 – One Of These Days

The band had come a long way by the time they released their sixth album in 1971. The album entitled A Space In Time would contain the band’s biggest hit of their career. The band had signed with Columbia Records and there sound had begun to change a little further away from the blues. Eventone wanted hits. The record contained all original songs. Presented here is the great opening track “One Of These Days.”

# 8 – Bad Scene

I always thought that Lenny Kravitz stole the lick form this song for his hit “Are Your Gonna Go My Way?” Ten Years After’s song “Bad Scene,” was the opening track to there album entitled Ssssh. The album was released in 1969. “Bad Scene,” was written by Alvin Lee. The album Ssssh was incredibly short clocking in at around just 30 minutes long.

# 7 – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Continuing with our top 10 Ten Years After Songs list we will stick one time with the Ssssh album. Sitting here in the number seven is the band’s spectacular cover version of the blues classic “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.” The great song was written by Sonny Boy Williamson.  The song “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.” is one of the most covered blues songs in classic rock history. The most notable version outside of the Ten Years After cover would have to be The Yardbirds version which was released as a single in the UK in 1964. The Grateful Dead’s cover of the song should also not be missed.

# 6 -50,000 Miles Beneath my Brain

The progressive rock and psychedelic rock movements of the late 1960s had a profound effect on all classic rock bands. You can hear those inspirations on this great track entitled “50,000 Miles Beneath my Brain.”


# 5 – Hear Me Calling

Continuing with our top 10 Ten Years After Songs list we turn to the classic Stonehenge album. The album was the band’s sophomore release. It was released to the public in 1969. The song “Hear Me Calling” was issued as the closing song on the album’s A side. The song was written by Alvin Lee.

# 4 – Love Like A Man

The band’s biggest UK hit was this classic track “Love Like A Man.” The song was released on the album Cricklewood Green. The album was issued in 1970. When the single was released the record company issued a live version of the song on the flip side. The interesting thing about the live version was because of its length the B side had to be played at a different speed that the A side.

# 3 – I’d Love to Change the World

There are many rock fans born after the 1970s that have never heard of Ten Years After. Nonetheless, its highly doubtful they never heard this classic song. By far the band’s most popular songs, “I’d Love To Change The World,” was Ten Years After only big time radio hit. And it was a big one.

# 2 -I’m Going Home (Woodstock 1969 Concert)

Fifty years later, you still can’t forget this legendary performance. The band’s Woodstock performance was surrounded by a nightmare of technical issues that caused their closing song to be the only one filmed. This one is so smoking the firs is still simmering from it fifty years later.

# 1 – Standing At The Station

We close out our Top 10 Ten Years After Songs list with the great track “Standing at the Station.” The song was released on the band’s album Rock & Roll Music to the World. The album was released in 1972. While this might not be the band’s most popular tine, it’s showcases the band’s talents on every level more than any other track they ever released.

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