Top 10 Rammstein Songs

Rammstein Songs

Our top 10 Rammstein songs introduce us to an iconic German band regarded to be among the Neue Deutsche Härte music. Neue Deutsche Härte is a subgenre of rock music that evolved in Austria and Germany in the 1990s and 2000s. The music subgenre had its name coined by the press after Rammstein released its debut album Herzelied in 1995. As the title suggests, music from Rammstein’s first album allude to the Neue Deutsche Welle. While Rammstein might seem so influential on the music stage, the band had quite some humble beginnings, beginning its career after winning a local contest. The band built upon the minor success by recording several demos, later sent to different record labels. Thanks to the transcendent composition, singing, and instrumentation capabilities, the band bagged a deal with producer Jacob Hellner with whom Rammstein released the debut album.

While the album might have sold poorly, Rammstein put in effort in appearing in many live performances, which helped the album peak at number six in Germany. The band received international critical acclaim with its 1997 second studio album Sehnsucht, which peaked at number one in their native land. Rammstein would tour the world, performing their music to Neue Deutsche Härte fans and people who loved their music despite not knowing much German. With each album release, the band’s fame grew now making Rammstein a legendary rock (read Neue Deutsche Härte) act. However, the band would enter a recording hiatus after releasing a controversial music video that featured hardcore porn using this time to tour the world. The band received a king’s reception after more than a decade without new music, with their untitled seventh album having it peak at number one in a total of fourteen nations. Since the band’s formation, Rammstein has changed neither its lineup nor its approach to songwriting. Our top 10 Rammstein songs look at the best releases from these Neue Deutsche Härte legends.

# 10 – Rosenrot

Ushering us into the top 10 Rammstein songs is the album-titled ballad “Rosenrot.” The song’s title is a German name that translates to “Rose Red.” Written by the band members, the song’s lyrics allude to a gentleman who spent a lifetime fascinating and bending his will to a lady. However, it dawned to him that all the struggle was in vain, having him receive a stab in the back. The song’s video is unique, having Rammstein’s band members stand in a circle half-naked while whipping each other to signify how the narrator got tortured by Rose.

# 9 – Engel

“Engel” is a German name that translates to an angel in English. Rammstein released the ballad Neue Deutsche Härte song “Engel” for their 1997 album Sehnsucht. The song lyrics question the whole truth about angels and the afterlife. “Engel” has also been seen by many as a song alluding to living a life without restricting ourselves with the rule of religion. The song became an anthem for non-believers of any religion.

# 8 – Keine Lust

Neue Deutsch Härte band Rammstein released “Keine Lust” as the band’s final single in the album Reise, Reise. The song’s title, translated to English, means “No Desire.” “Keine Lust” has been memorable for many owing to its great video, which had the song nominated for the Best Video Award at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. The band’s guitarist Richard Kruspe revealed that the song was about how the band was uninterested with much in life, having them get the much-wanted fame, money, and success that it dreamt of. Rammstein uses the word “fat” in German to symbolize having an excess of what they wanted.

# 7 – Feuer Frei!

“Open Fire!” That’s what the term “Feuer Frei!” means in English. “Feuer Frei!” is a single from the band’s album Mutter. The song’s lyrics allude to impregnating a woman, however, in a funny way. Would the band be singing nasty about the whole process of impregnating a woman? (Well, the term “nasty” is relative). The band talks of impregnating a woman with a hard thrust that delivers sparks into the subject woman’s womb. The rock fraternity seemed to love the song, peaking at number thirty-five on the UK Singles Chart.

# 6 – Amerika

Number six on our top 10 Rammstein songs is the ballad “Amerika” from the band’s album Reise, Reise. Written by the band members, the song’s lyrics are quite sarcastic, having them comment on America and how it dominates other nations. The song feels more of a protest of how America commands other nations to follow their lead and how the nation does not consider other nations’ affairs. While the song might have been quite a hit, peaking at number thirty-eight on the UK Singles Chart, these are just the opinions of Rammstein and not necessarily the truth. Do you buy the whole theory? 

# 5 – Ich tu Dir Weh

Even though the song “Ich tu Dir Weh” was initially banned in the band’s native land, this didn’t stop the song from receiving quite a positive reception globally. The song’s title translates to “I Want to Hurt You,” something the German government felt too toxic from Rammstein. “Ich tu Dir Weh” was featured on the band’s album Liebe ist Für Alle Da. However, the song’s ban was lifted after the court declared in 2010 that the song contained no material violence description. The song peaked at number twenty-four on the UK Rock Singles Chart.

#4 – Deutschland

After about a decade without releasing music, Rammstein hit the studio to release the band’s seventh album. Featured on the album, “Deutschland” reflects on the band’s native land’s history of conflict. “Deutschland” finds the song’s lead vocalist talking about his relationship with Germany as he considers Germany’s conflict-ridden antiquity.

# 3 – Sonne

“Sonne” is one of the best Rammstein songs featured on the band’s album Mutter. The song’s lyrics allude to indulgence in a quite toxic lifestyle even though it feels the best at the moment. “Sonne,” which translates to the sun, was penned to relate how the sun can be scorching and harmful even though it is a life-giver. The Enola Gay crew can relate to this having them strike success by landing the bomb at Hiroshima only to commit suicide after they were mentally broken, realizing what they had done.

# 2 – Ich Will

Released in 2001 on the band’s album Mutter, “Ich Will” is a magnificent song whose title means “I Want.” The band uses this song to implore the audience to listen, see, understand and finally trust Rammstein. “Ich Will” talks to the band’s fans in trying to make Rammstein understood by many, including the band’s critics. The song peaked at number thirty on the UK Singles Chart.

# 1 – Du Hast

Number one on our top 10 Rammstein songs list is “Du Hast,” a song from the band’s 1997 Sehnsucht. Although some might translate the song’s title to “You Have,” others might translate it to “You Hate,” meaning that the song carries two meanings. The song, whose lyrics allude to marriage, has a first meaning that reveals that someone hates the narrator but still wants to marry him. A second meaning is that someone wants to marry the narrator, but he barely wants this to happen. The song peaked at number twenty on the US Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

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