Top 10 Rockin’ George Strait Songs

George Strait Songs

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Our Top 10 “Rockin” George Strait Songs looks at a man named “The King of Country.” He has been singing for over thirty years and has over sixty number one songs, thirty-three platinum/multi-platinum albums (which is more than any other country music artist). He is in third place behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles. George Strait has had at least one top ten hit every year for over three decades. He has also earned over sixty music industry awards and has one of the largest fan clubs in country music history.

George Strait has appeared on and hosted many televisions shows, starred in his movie Pure Country, and has many hobbies. He takes part in team roping and holds a camp/competition every year. He also loves hunting, fishing, and golf. George Strait is a country music singer through and through. But he has some very upbeat songs that have excellent steel guitar and fiddle solos. That is what I am going to give you today; the top 10 “Rockin” songs by George Strait

# 10 – We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This

We open up out Top 10 “Rockin” George Strait Songs with a track released in 1998 from the double platinum album One Step at a Time, which was his 18th studio album. The song peaked at number four on the country music charts. Even if you are not a big country music fan, this song is infectious, as are some of his other uptempo songs. The songs have a great beat, and a chorus that makes you want to sing along. This song is entertaining. There is a great steel guitar and fiddle solo, though short and sweet, they add that extra “spice” to the song.

# 9 – Adalida

“Adalida” was issued on the album Lead On. The album was released in 1995. “Adalida” was the third single released. Lead On was George’s 15th studio album that was released in 1994 and went platinum. The song peaked at number three on the charts. It is an up tempo song that was inspired by a woman he met in his hometown. It starts off with a great steel guitar solo followed quickly by a fiddle and the drums. This song is great to get up and dance to. The fiddles are outstanding and so is the steel guitar. Nothing like the “rock” solos, but great in their own right.

# 8 – Unwound

Continuing with our top 10 George Strait songs we present a song from George Strait’s debut album, Strait Country, which was released in September 1981. The album peaked at number twenty-six on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums chart and was one of the first albums to be recorded digitally. Unwound peaked at number six on the country charts and was George’s very first top ten hit. The country twang is very prominent and the fiddle playing is just out of this world. Unwound is not as upbeat as the rest of the list, but still worth being mentioned in the top 10 “Rockin” George Strait Song list.

# 7 – Ace in the Hole

The George Strait songs Ace In The Hole is taken from the album, Beyond the Blue Neon, which is the ninth studio album from George Strait. They released it in February 1989 and certified platinum later that year. Ace in the Hole was George’s eighteenth number one hit and his eleventh in a row. This song is very catchy, upbeat, and fun to dance to. The chorus almost begs you to sing along, while your foot taps the floor uncontrollably. The saxophone, steel guitar, and drums sound outstanding. Slide on those cowboy boots, Wranglers, and let’s go two-step.

# 6 – Heartland

At number six on our George Strait songs list is a great track from the movie soundtrack Pure Country, which was released in 1992. This is a movie that George Strait starred in. Based on a country singer named Dusty. They released Heartland in 1993. The movie was out in theatres in 1992 and the album is George Strait’s first soundtrack album. It sold over six million copies. Heartland is an upbeat song, country-rocker, centered on the heart of America. The song hit number one on the charts in March 1993. They feature the song in the beginning of the movie, with George’s ten-year-old son starting the song. The fiddle at the beginning of the song is just amazing! The steel and electric guitar bring a slight rock feel to the song.

# 5 – Right or Wrong

Breaking into the halfway point on our George Strait songs list is the great track “Right or Wrong.” This was George Strait’s third studio album that went platinum. Right or Wrong was the only studio album that was produced by Ray Baker. The song, Right or Wrong, topped the country music charts in 1984. Like a lot of Mr. Strait’s songs, this one starts out with some astounding fiddle playing. There is also the electric guitar, steel guitar, bass guitar, drums, and other instruments. George Strait’s band, The Ace in the Hole, is an extremely talented group of musicians. Paired with George’s vocals, you just can’t help but tap your toes and sing along.


# 4 – The Fireman

At number four on our George Strait songs list is the the outstanding songs The Fireman. It was taken from George Strait’s fourth studio album, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind. They released the album in 1984 and was certified platinum with one-million sales. They released The Fireman as a single in 1985 and reached number five on the country music charts. A critic from Country Universe applauded George for the “fantastic Western swing arrangement.” The song references a gentleman who goes around town cooling down upset women, “putting the fire out.” You can definitely hear the Texas accent while he sings this song. It is upbeat, catchy, and something you could dance to. The fiddle, as always, is amazing.


# 3 – Lovebug

Lovebug is a track from George Strait’s album, Easy Come, Easy Go, which was released in September 1993, it is the fourteenth studio album from George Strait. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart and number five on the U.S Billboard 200. George Jones originally recorded the song in 1965. For George Jones it reached number six on the charts. George Strait’s version peaked at number eight in May 1994.The steel and electric guitars start off this very fun, catchy song. A song that makes you tap your feet, clap your hands, and sing along.

# 2 – Overnight Male

“Overnight Male,” is a song from his soundtrack album, Pure Country. It has an outstanding fiddle solo and electrifying steel guitar sound. This was not one of the more popular songs on the soundtrack, but I love it! It invites you to grab a partner and do some amazing swing dancing or a fancy two-step. Overnight Male is one of the more uptempo sounds on the list. George Strait has a pure honky-tonk sound and a variety of upbeat songs that draw you in and make you want to sing and dance.

# 1 – Write this Down

We close out our Top 10 Rockin George Strait songs with this great track entitled “Write This Down.” The song is from his nineteenth studio album Always Never the Same. They released it in 1999 and Write this Down was number one on the Billboard country charts. It is also George’s thirty-fifth number one single in the United States. The song also reached number twenty-seven on the hot 100 chart. This song centers on a gentleman who is not well with the communication part of his relationship. It is catchy, fun, and extremely enjoyable to sing, no matter how old (or young) you are. A sweet hint to his wife, so she never forgets how he feels about her. Outstanding guitar playing starts the song, and then you just hear the vocals and drums for 15-20 seconds. Amazingly done, and one of his best.

George Strait has had a sensational country music career. Seven of his albums in the 1980s were number one on the charts. They nominated George Artist of the Decade; they elected him into the Country Music Hall of Fame and won a Grammy in the early 2000s. He has many awards from the CMA and ACM, more than any other artist.

George Strait is a HUGE part of Texas. He has donated much of his time and personal resources to help with natural disasters in the area over the years. He lives for God, his family, music, and helping those in need. He has had many accomplishments through-out his life, even before his music career took off. As of this writing, he still has concert dates for his farewell tour scheduled in 2021.

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