Top 10 Sick Puppies Songs

Sick Puppies Songs

Our top 10 Sick Puppies songs introduces us to a rock band that has won almost every award they have been nominated for. Sick Puppies was formed in 1997 in a high school music room by vocalist and guitarist Shimon Moore and bassist Emma Anzai. At this time, the two were fighting over who would use the music after they coincidentally double-booked it. However, their love for similar artists/bands would create some bond between them join hands playing Silverchair, Green Day, and Rage Against the Machine songs. They would later take the bold move to compose their music. The band would later recruit drummer Chris Mileski to fill up its lineup. The band didn’t have much ability to have them record, so when the Triple J Unearthed band competition was open in 2000, they registered to try their luck.

Thanks to the years of practice and perfecting their skills that Sick Puppies co-won the Sydney region alongside another band with their demo song “Nothing Really Matters.” Sick Puppies were awarded a management deal with Paul Stepanek Management which enabled them to release the album Welcome to the Real World and the EP Fly. With the departure of Chris Mileski and the collapse of their contract with their record label, Sick Puppies decided to move to Los Angeles. Here, the band hired drummer Mark Goodwin who they found after posting an ad on Craigslist. They released their debut studio album Dressed Up as Life in 2007, which shot the band to success. However, Moore left the band after he attempted to dissolve the band through his lawyer, replacing him with former Glass Intrepid and Dev Electric vocalist Bryan Scott. Our top 10 Sick Puppies songs list looks at the band’s best releases from its four studio albums.

# 10 – Stick to Your Guns

Ushering us to the top 10 Sick Puppies songs is a song whose title is crafted from a common idiomatic phrase. “Stick to Your Guns” is a phrase meaning declining change and/or compromising in spite of criticism. Sick Puppies released a lead single for their fifth album, Fury, under the title “Stick to Your Guns” with the purpose of empowering their fanbase. In a great way, the song points to a scenario of a soldier who has to maintain his position under enemy fire. Written by the band members, “Stick to Your Guns” was the first song to feature Bryan Scott, the new vocalist, and guitarist. The song peaked at number thirteen on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

# 9 – Gunfight

“Gunfight” was released as the sophomore single from the band’s album Connect. The song was written by Emma Anzai, Shimon Moore, and Rock Mafia (Tim James and Antonina Armato). Rock Mafia would help Sick Puppies produce this upbeat song famed for its sublime guitar riffs. The song tells of a protest in Tiananmen Square in China where people rose up against the government after the passing of a communist leader. And guess what! The government deployed tons of tanks to try to stop the riots ending up killing hundreds when thousands were arrested. Sick Puppies used this song to remind people that they don’t stand a chance fighting with knives in a gunfight. The song peaked at number fifteen on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

# 8 – Street Fighter (War)

If you have played the video game Street Fighter IV, then it’s quite possible that you have heard “Street Fighter (War).” Featured on the band’s album Tri-Polar, the song was picked by Street Fighter IV to advertise the game prompting even WWE to seek using “You’re Going Down” for one of their spots too. Thanks to the song that the band received even greater exposure, helping it enlarge its fanbase.

# 7 – Odd One

“Odd One” is another great ballad from Sick Puppies’ album Tri-Polar. The song calls anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider telling them to be themselves, and it will be okay. “Odd One” also shows how others can be envious that you are not like everyone else, making you not fit in the society. However, Sick Puppies cannot stress it enough that we should never let judgments define who we are at any point in life.

# 6 – My World

Number six on our top 10 Sick Puppies songs is the ballad “My World.” The song is an original composition by Emma Anzai, Shimon Moore, and Rock Mafia featured in the band’s 2007 album Dressed Up as Life. “My World” is a pulsating song that features sublime hard rock and post-grunge vibes making the Australian band among true rockers of the new decade. The song peaked at number twenty on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

# 5 – There’s No Going Back

Producers Rock Mafia, Sick Puppies’ Emma Anzai and Shimon Moore, and Desmond child collaborated in penning “There’s No Going Back.” The song is an electrifying post-grunge and alternative rock ballad from the band’s fourth studio album Connect. Thanks to the sublime instrumentations and awe-inspiring vocals from the song that “There’s No Going Back” peaked at number two on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

# 4 – Riptide

While “Odd” might have beat “Riptide” to featuring as the sophomore single on the band’s album Tri-Polar, “Riptide” stole the hearts of many compared to “Odd.” While the band might have perceived that “Odd” had stronger lyrical content than “Riptide,” the masses proved that they loved more of “Riptide” than “Odd” owing to its carefree attitude. The song lyrics allude to no need to justify oneself to critics, a message that felt more very powerful and practical for the masses. “Riptide” peaked at number three on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

# 3 – All the Same

“All the Same” has been regarded by many to be Sick Puppies’ breakthrough song from the band’s 2007 album Dressed Up as Life. Written by Emma Anzai, Shimon Moore, and Rock Mafia, the song’s lyrics allude to a relationship that is breaking to pieces. “All the Same” was featured in the Free Hugs Campaign, a social act where hugs were offered as a random act of kindness. The song is Sick Puppies’ second-most successful ballad on the Alternative Songs chart peaking at number eight.

# 2 – You’re Going Down

Featured on the band’s album Tri-Polar, “Maybe” a single from the band’s album Tri-Polar. Written by Emma Anzai, Shimon Moore, and Rock Mafia, the nu-metal/alternative metal song was used by WWE in representing their Extreme Rules 2009. The song peaked at number eight on the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart and number forty on the Canada Rock chart.

# 1 – Maybe

Number one on our top 10 Sick Puppies songs list is “Maybe,” an original composition by Shimon Moore, Emma Anzai, and Marti Frederiksen on Tri-Polar. Released in June 2010, “Maybe” features a bright post-grunge sound which serves the song’s mood right. The song lyrics allude to having enough courage to see oneself through change, reminding us of the risk or, rather, the gamble that Sick Puppies made with coming to America. If not for the chance they took to embrace change, Sick Puppies would probably not have been where they are with their success story, beginning with their move to Los Angeles. The song peaked at number fifty-six on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the band’s first song to do so.

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