Top 10 Silent Sanctuary Songs

Silent Sanctuary Songs

Our Top 10 Silent Sanctuary Songs list looks at the best Silent Sanctuary Songs like “Pasensiya Ka Na” “Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin” and many more. From Metro Manila, Philippines, Allen Calixto, Norman Dellosa, and Paolo Legaspi first put together Silent Sanctuary as a band in 2001. With experimental sounds that involved mixing classical instruments, the trio added a fourth member, Anjo Inacay. In 2002, after they were asked to guest in UnTV’s In the Raw, Jett Ramirez was asked to create string arrangements for the performance. This resulted in Ramirez becoming a formal member of the band, as well as fellow violinist, Chino David. These six men would put together their first album, Ellipsis of the Mind. It was released in February 2004 as an independent label, not long before Dellosa decided to leave the band for other pursuits.

In Filipino, Silent Sanctuary is also known as Tahimik na Santuwaryo.


Taking Norman Dellosa’s place as a vocalist was Sarkie Sarangay. After the band made its debut with “Rebound” in 2006, Jett Ramirez left, as did Paolo Legaspi. Jason Rondero replaced Legaspi as Silent Sanctuary’s new bassist shortly after the group’s second album, Fuchsiang Pag-ibig, was released.

These lineup changes left Allen Calixto as the only founding member of Silent Sanctuary left. Today, he still serves as the band’s drummer.

In 2007, Silent Sanctuary covered their first remake single, “Tuyo Ng Damdamin,” which was an APO classic hit they released in 1982. This was included in the APO Hiking Society’s compilation tribute album, KaminAPOMuna Ulit. The success of this recording led to Silent Sanctuary’s third studio album, Mistaken for Granted, which was released by Universal Records on March 27, 2009.

Silent Sanctuary Signature

As a group, Silent Sanctuary made a niche out of merging classical music with rock. What started off as an experimental sound quickly became an art form the men mastered, which was really evident in their fourth studio album, Monodramatic. Released in 2013, this was a great comeback for a band that hadn’t produced any new material for four years. After this was 2015’s Langit Luha, the fifth and final studio album released by the group so far.

Currently, the roster of Silent Sanctuary includes Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay as the lead vocalist. He also serves as the band’s guitarist and keyboardist. Anjo Inacay originally joined as a cellist but as of 2017 has also become one of the backing vocalists. Violinist Kim Mirandilla-Ng, bass guitarist Ronnie Ropal, and synthesizer player Poch Villalon complete Silent Sanctuary’s lineup as a six-member group that still rocks the audience with its unique sound.

Since 2006, Silent Sanctuary has earned its place as a global fan favorite as the star quality of the band’s work has earned them a series of nominations and awards from the music industry. In 2006, Silent Sanctuary won the In the Raw Award from the NU Rock Awards. NU Rock was a metro-Manila-based radio station that had this awards program run from 1994 until 2010. As radio station NU 107, it recognized the influential contributions in the genre of Pinoy rock each year.

In 2014 and 2015, Silent Sanctuary was named by the Myx Music Awards as its Favorite Group. Myx has been honoring the finest musical artists the Philippines have been blessed with since 2006. How the voting system works with Myx is sixty percent of the votes of certain favorites come from the fans while the other forty percent come from the artists.

Top 10 Silent Sanctuary Songs

#10 – Tuyo Ng Damdamin

Originally released in 1982 by APO Hiking Society, “Tuyo Ng Damdamin” became a classic hit by the Filipino band that would be covered in 2007 by Silent Sanctuary. In English, the translation is “Feeling Dry.” The song was about a relationship that reached a tipping point where what used to be sweet and satisfying once upon a time now felt like a dry well. APO’s hit single was beautifully performed by Silent Sanctuary which also won over a critical fan base that has been fiercely loyal to APO Hiking Society for many years.

#9 – Sa’yo

At the #MyxMo2014 concert, Silent Sanctuary performed “Sa’yo,” the theme song from the South Korean television series, Angel Eyes. In English, “Sa’yo” was translated as “These,” which was a song that took the “eye of the beholder” cliche into a song that invited the listener to get in touch with their inner feelings to find out what they want out of life.

This ballad is simply beautiful between the lyrics and an incredible piano performance. It’s one of many tunes from Silent Sanctuary that make it hard to listen to without having a tissue in hand as it still has a knack to draw up a string of emotions.

#8 – Di Na Kita Mahal

“Di Na Kita Mahal” earned a Myx Music Award nomination for Mellow Video of the Year in 2017, recognizing Silent Sanctuary for the sheer brilliance of its music video that accompanied this phenomenal tune. This was a breakup song as in English, “Di Na Kita Mahal” means “I Love You No More.”

This acoustic gem laid out the narrative of the heartbroken who had to cope with the reality of a love that went from the pinnacle of a dream full of hope to a pile of ash. Released in 2015, “Di Na Kita Mahal” became a tearjerking favorite among a fan base that saw well over twelve million views on YouTube.

#7 – Parol

One thing about Filipino culture is the strong Christian roots it has. When it comes to celebrations, especially Christmas, there are very few cultures that really seem to know how to capitalize on the true spirit of Christmas. Silent Sanctuary had no problem proving this with “Parol.” Although its 2008 Awit Award nomination for Best Christmas Recording didn’t realize a win, this remains a major fan favorite that has stood the test of time.

The Awit Awards are given out each year by the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry (PARI), recognizing the extraordinary craftsmanship of musical artists. In Filipino, “Awit” means “song.” The Awit Awards began in 1969 and ran until 1972 before PARI brought it back in 1988.

“Parol,” was a Christmas song that came from the 2007 album, Fuchsiang Pag-Ibig. In the lyrics, the narration expressed how important the person sung to is as a soul mate. The idea behind Christmas is to use the occasion to reflect on what’s most important in your life. The importance of faith, family, and friends was demonstrated loud and clear in “Parol” as a song and as a music video.

#6 – Meron Nang Iba (featuring Ashley Gosiengfiao)

Collaborating with fellow Filipino artist, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Silent Sanctuary produced the single “Meron Nang Iba.” This song earned both artists an Awit Award nomination for Best Collaboration in 2014, thanks to this incredible performance by such incredible talent. “There Are Others” is the English translation behind a song that revealed there was now a new lover in the picture to a relationship that felt like it had already grown cold.

In the lyrics, the demise of the relationship came about after spending so much time apart. As a result, the need for love was found in the arms of someone else, which officially put an end to a relationship that felt dead. The popularity of “Meron Nang Iba” earned over twenty million views on YouTube since its 2013 release as an easy-listening single from Silent Sanctuary’s album, Monodramatic.

#5 – Dambana (featuring Aia De Leon)

In 2019, “Dambana” earned a Collaboration of the Year nomination from the Myx Music Awards. Silent Sanctuary teamed up with Aia De Leon to record and release this single which quickly became a Filipino fan favorite. It also became a popular hit worldwide. In English, “Dambana” means “Altar.” Among Filipino fans, this became a major favorite as the perfect wedding song. Even among fans who understood what “Dambana” meant, this quickly found a place in the music list for romantic occasions.

Even if you don’t understand a single word but are a romantic at heart, “Dambana” is definitely worth your time. Nearly two million YouTube viewers felt it was and the list is growing as the world outside the Phillippines is in agreement this song is too good to ignore.

#4 – Ikaw Lamang

Released in 2007, “Ikaw Lamang” was nominated by the Myx Music Awards in 2008 for Favorite Song. Although the win went to Sarah Geronimo’s “Ikaw,” Silent Sanctuary’s journey as one of the Philippines’ finest Pinoy rock bands demonstrated this group wasn’t about to fade off into obscurity anytime soon.

Technically, “Ikaw Lamang” was written by Ogie Alcasid that was first interpreted by Gary Valenciano. It was the theme song used in the 2005 Filipino motion picture, Dubai. Later, Valenciano recorded and released a teleserye version, which was a more orchestrated version than the movie’s acoustic performance. It was covered by Silent Sanctuary as one of the tracks featured on their album, Fuchsiang Pag-Ibig.

This was a love song as the lyrics shared a devotion through a promise where the performer vowed to always be there for his love interest, no matter what. “Ikaw Lamang,” is the Filipino equivalent to “Only You.”

#3 – Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin

“Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin” was one of Silent Sanctuary’s best singles that also became one of the band’s signature songs. Released in 2013 from the group’s fourth studio album, Monodramatic, it earned three nominations from the Awit Awards, namely for Best Rock/Alternative Recording, Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist, and Music Video of the Year.

“Come Back to Me” is the English translation of “Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin,” which was the plea made in what was truly a magnificent song composed and performed by Silent Sanctuary. This easy-listening gem pointed out the obvious that human beings are prone to making mistakes. The trick is to rise above the occasion and make a point to put the past behind you as you strive to be a better version of yourself today. It’s also key to understanding the art of love and forgiveness, which was also the theme behind this incredible song.

#2 – Dahilan

What makes Silent Sanctuary great is how this band shares the same qualities as the finest wines that seem to improve with age. “Dahilan” was nominated by the fans in 2020 as a People’s Voice Favorite Group Artist for the Awit Awards, as well as Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist. Although the win officially went to “Pagtingin” from Ben&Ben, this recognition proved Silent Sanctuary was still a solid fan favorite.

“Dahilan,” in English, is “Reason.” Released in 2019 as a single, the song asked the love interest why did they leave without offering any warning or explanation. As a song, this was quite the tear-jerker as it dealt with a breakup that took place without offering a reason for it. In the song, the amazing vocals, combined with the mix of classical and rock instrumentation, were Silent Sanctuary at its finest.

#1 – Pasensiya Ka Na

“Pasensiya Ka Na” was a hit song for Silent Sanctuary that earned a MOR Pinoy Music Awards nomination for LSS Hit of the Year in 2017. This demonstrated even after sixteen years since the band first came together as a Pinoy rock group, they still had what it took to stay on top as star performers. It was also nominated by the Awit Awards for Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist in 2016, the year after this single was released from the album, Langit Luha. This song was classic Silent Sanctuary as the group made a niche out of delivering intensely emotional music that knew how to tap into an audience.

“Pasensiya Ka Na” was a heartbreaking song where there was a plea for forgiveness. With well over eighty million views on YouTube, this amazing ballad clearly won over a fan base that isn’t just limited to the Filipino audience. If you’ve never listened to Silent Sanctuary before, take the time to listen to “Pasensiya Ka Na.” Whether you understand the lyrics or not, odds are it will be difficult to listen through without something tugging away at your heart that may also cause a few teardrops.

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