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Replacements Songs

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Our Top 10 Replacements songs list presents the songs of a Minnesota band that became one of the most important alternative rock bands of the 1980s. For many bands that alternative label was utilized because the groups that came about in the 1980s were so inspired by a cross genre of multiple 1970s acts that they became hard to classify. The Replacements at times sounded like The Rolling Stones and other times like Nick Lowe or The Beatles. There was a little Ramones inside them too. In the end, the Replacements became a band that released six stunning studio albums of brilliant rock and roll that inspired countless bands to not feel pigeonholed into  any one sound. That is in essence the true meaning of alternative and the Replacements showed everyone how to do it.

# 10 – Left Of The Dial

We open up our Top 10 Replacements song with the roaring rocker “Left Of The Dial.” This is truly a great one and we could have placed it at number one instead of ten, but we wanted to catch your attention instantly as to how great this band was. The song’s explosive opening almost sounds like The Who. But of course, once Paul starts to sing, its all Replacements style. This great song “Left Of The Dial,” was released on the Replacements album titled Tim. The album was released in 1985. The song “Left Of The Dial,” was written by  Paul Westerberg,

# 9 – Rattlesnake

Continuing with our Top 10 Replacements song list we turn to the song “Rattlesnake,” which sounds nothing like the previous song on this Replacements songs list. This is pure punk with a great guitar solo. And it’s in that guitar solos that people recognized this was not going to be your typical punk band. These guys were special and you could hear it underneath the song’s typical punk overtones. “Rattlesnake,” was released on the album Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash. The album was released on Twin Tone Records in 1981. The song “Rattlesnake,” was written by Paul Westerberg, Bob Stinson, Tommy Stinson and Chris Mars.

# 8 – Androgynous

Ask any Replacements fan to name their favorite Replacement songs and this one will always come up. This slow style ballad arranged with just a piano and some percussion was released on the album Let It Be. This is a brilliant song that was written against the so called accepted norms of relationships. It was a song widely accepted by those who were not always widely accepted. It was a song featured on an album that looked to elevate the band and Paul Westerberg’s writing to another level of artistic merit. A goal very much achieved on the acclaimed Let It Be album.

# 7 – Color Me Impressed

At number seven on our top 10 Replacements songs list we turn to the band’s second album and a great track called “Color Me Impressed.” This straight ahead rocker was released on the album Hootenany. The album was released in 1983. The record featured Paul Westerberg on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bob Stinson on lead guitar, Tommy Stinson on bass and  Chris Mars on drums.

# 6 – Alex Chilton

Loud tight guitars, a great drum sound and of course the iconic vocals of Paul Westerberg greet the listener right away on this classic song titled “Alex Chilton.” The riff for this one is to die for.  The song “Alex Chilton,” was released on the album Pleased To Meet Me.  Complete with handclaps, some background oohs and a perfect guitar solos, this one was ready for commercial domination. The song just seemed perfect.

# 5 – I’ll Be You

They sound a little bit like The Pretenders on this one in the song’s opening riff. The production on this track is ultra clean. This is simply a great Replacements song which was also super radio friendly. It was released on the album Don’t Tell A Soul. The album was released in 1989. The song “I’ll Be You,” is a significant song in the history of the band because it’s the only Replacements song to be released as a single that was able to break into the Billboard Hot 100 where it peaked at number fifty one. The song had even more commercial success on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks charts and the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks where it hit number one on both charts.

# 4 – I Will Dare

“I Will Dare,” is one of those Replacements songs that makes you want to dance and spin in circles. At the heart of all great rock and roll is always a little bit of the 1950s and the spirit of Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker and Buddy Holly. You can find that sprit in this song. Of course its hidden behind the wall of 80s alternative rock, but its there………all you have to do is feel it. “I Will Dare,” was released on the great Replacements 1984 album entitled Let It Be.

# 3 – Bastards of Young

Oh that opening riff and scream is so legendary. “Bastards of The Young,” is a huge fan favorite among Replacements fans. As well as it should be. This is an extraordinarily great song released on the album entitled Tim. When listening to the music of Paul Westerberg and the Replacement on can hear how big a fan Paul Westerberg was of rock and roll. There are so many different influences that pop out on Replacement songs. On “Bastards of Young,” one can easily heard that like so many of us, Paul Westerberg was a big Rolling Stones fan.

# 2 – Can’t Hardly Wait

As we begin to wind down this top 10 Replacements songs list we turn to a real popular Replacements single. The song “Can’t Hardly Wait,” was released on the album Pleased to Meet Me. The song “Can’t Hardly Wait, was the first single released from the album. As great a song it was, the song failed to break into any of the U.S. Billboard Charts. The Replacements were more of an underground band that was loved by critics and a large core group of fans but just never had much success in the mainstream. Its sad because they were so good.

# 1 – Unsatisfied

Coming in at number one on our Top 10 Replacements songs list is the great track “Unsatisfied.” This is such a mesmerizing track. The acoustic guitars at the songs opening, set you up to wonder for what’s coming, and then bam!, your into Replacements musical heaven. There is a bit of an early U2 feel also going on in this wonderful track. The song was released on their spectacular album entitled Let It Be in 1984.


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