Top 10 Spooky Tooth Songs

Spooky Tooth Songs

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Our Top 10 Spooky Tooth Songs list takes a look at a classic rock band first formed in 1967. While the group may not be a household name across mainstream culture, classic rock fans are well aware of the great music this band released in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The band’s original lineup is also known for what they did after they left Spooky Tooth. The band’s keyboardist, chief songwriter and lead vocalist Gary Wright left early on to pursue a solo career that resulted in two number two records in 1976 entitled “Dream Weaver,” and “Love is Alive.” The band’s bassist Greg Ridley left after the band’s second album to form the iconic group Humble Pie which also featured Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott. Spooky Tooth’s guitarists Luther Grosvenor left the band and eventually worked with Stealers Wheel, Mott the Hoople and Widowmaker. Spooky Tooth’s lead vocalist and keyboardist Mike Harrison is really the only Spooky Tooth member whose musical career was mostly dedicated to the band Spooky Tooth.

Spooky Tooth’s first album was released in 1967 entitled It’s All About. In 1969, the band released their sophomore debut called Spooky Two. The album Spooky Two became the band’s classic record and easly stands as one of the greatest rock albums released in the late 1960’s. The band released a collaboration album with French artist Pierre Henry in 1969 entitled Ceremony. In 1970, the band released the album The Last Puff. By the time The Last Puff was released, Gary Wright and Greg Ridley had left the band.

In 1973, Gary Wright re-joined the band for the album You Broke My Heart So … I Busted Your Jaw. The album also featured new member Mick Jones who also would eventually leave and form Foreigner three years later. Later that same year in 1973, Spooky Tooth released another album entitled Witness. One year later in 1974, the band would release the album The Mirror. The album was in essence the band’s final album. The group staged a comeback in 1999 with the release of the album Cross Purpose.

In the 2000’s Spooky Tooth reformed multiple times with various lineups of past members. The reformed Spooky Tooth did not release any new music. The band reformed with the purpose of performing live concerts. There was a DVD released of some of the concerts the band performed in Germany in 2004.

Our Top 10 Spooky Tooth songs list takes a look at the band’s entire recorded output form their first album in 1967 labeled It’s All About to their 1974 album The Mirror. However, the band’s second album Spooky Two was such a strong record, it has evidently dominated our top 10 Spooky Tooth songs list.

# 10 – Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree

We open up our top 10 Spooky Tooth songs list with the great epic psychedelic track “Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree.” The song was a complete adventure in psychedelia and progressive rock. The song was released on Spooky Two. The song was the closing track on one of the best rock albums released in 1969

# 9 – Self Seeking Man

This great track opens up with Gary Wright’s heartfelt piano playing that is soon met by his soulful vocal. The song was released on the album entitled You Broke My Heart…… So I Busted Your Jaw. The album was released in 1973.

# 8 – Waiting For The Wind

The great song “Waiting For The Wind,” was the opening track on the band’s glorious second album Spooky Two. While most of the songs on Spooky Two were composed by Gary Wright, the song “Waiting For The Wind,” gave songwriting credit to Gary Wright, Luther Grosvenor, and Mike Harrison.

# 7 – Feelin’ Bad

“Feelin’ Bad ,”is one of the most popular songs Spooky Tooth ever recorded. The song was released on Spooky Two. “Feelin’ Bad,” appeared as the second track on the album.

# 6 – I am The Walrus

Spooky Tooth’s killer version of The classic Beatles song “I Am The Walrus,” was released on the album entitled The Last Puff. The album was released in 1970. It was the first album to completely features Mike Harrison on lead vocals since the departure of Gary Wright on the band’s previous album Ceremony. We always try to stay away from cover songs on band’s top 10 lists, but this one was just too good.

# 5 – Tobacco Road

Another great cover too good to exclude from this top 10 Spooky Tooth songs list is the band’s brilliant recording of “Tobacco Road.” The classic blues song is one of the most popular blues songs ever written. It has been done by many classic rock artists such as Edgar Winter, David Lee Roth, and Jimi Hendrix and so many more. However, Spooky Tooth’s version is the most original interpretation of the song we have ever heard.

# 4 – Better By You, Better Than Me

Continuing with our top 10 Spooky Tooth songs list we turn once again to the bands great second album Spooky Two. The song “Better by You, Better than Me” was issued as the seventh track on the album. “Better by You, Better than Me,” was composed by Gary Wright.

# 3 – That Was Only Yesterday

Three out of the top four Spooky Tooth songs that appears on this list were released on the band’s second album Spooky Two. If you intend on buying only one Spooky Tooth record, Spooky Two is the one to get. The song “That Was Only Yesterday,” was issued as the sixth track on the album. The song was written by Gary Wright.


# 2 – Evil Woman

The great Spooky Tooth song “Evil Women,” is not to be confused with the Electric Light Orchestra song “Evil Women.” They are two completely different songs. Spooky Tooth’s “Evil Women ,”was issued on Spooky Two. 

# 1 – The Mirror

“The Mirror,” may not be Spooky Tooth’s most popular song, but the track was simply stunning. The song was released on The Mirror album in 1974. The Mirror would become Spooky Tooth’s swan song as it was the last album the band released for at least twenty five years until 1999’s Cross Purpose which did not include Gary Wright. 

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