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Foreigner Songs

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From the Fall of 1976 to the Spring of 1977, rock and roll fans were introduced to three new amazing rock groups. In the Fall of 1976, Heart released their first album Dreamboat Annie which included the huge hit “Magic Man.” During the Fall of 1976 we were also all blown away by a new band called Boston who had lovingly gave us one of the ultimate classic rock songs of all time with “More Than A Feeling”. If that were not enough, just a few months later in the Spring of 1977, another new fabulous band released their first record entitled Foreigner which spawned the jaw dropping “Feels Like The First Time.” All these great new bands were launching their caress during a year in which we saw Led Zeppelin release Presence, Rush released 2112, Thin Lizzy issued Jailbreak and The Eagles released Hotel California. I was in high school at the time and I had no idea that I was living in a time period that was celebrating some of the greatest rock and roll albums ever released.

What Heart, Boston, and Foreigner all had in common was they were new bands releasing amazing albums with huge hits singles sung by incredible new fresh voices with unbelievable ranges. Foreigner and especially Heart would continue on to have long and very successful careers. In the end, Boston was a disappointment, but that’s another story. This article takes a close look at the music of the band Foreigner. Foreigner’s above mentioned debut album was released in 1976. The band returned quickly with a fantastic sophomore album in 1978 entitled Double Vision. For the next decade the band continued to release strong albums always filled with great songs and mega hits. Eventually, the sound of the 90’s alternative dark Nirvana / Pearl Jam era took its toll on the sound of classic 70’s and 80’s pop rock bands. Lead singer Lou Gramm  left the band, returned and then left again. In 2017, the band Foreigner still continues to tour often as a headliner with other 70’s and 80’s bands such as Cheap Trick and Whitesnake.

Our Top 10 Foreigner Songs list looks back at a band that delivered some of the best material ever that merged the genres of pop and rock into a sound loved by everyone.

 # 10 – Until The End Of Time

“Until The End of Time,” is the most recent Foreigner song to make our top 10 Foreigner songs list. The song was released on the Mr Moonlight album in 1994. The Mr. Moonlight album is the last Foreigner album to feature Lou Gramm on lead Vocals. The band also did not record another record until the release of 2009’s Can’t Slow Down. That album featured a new singer named Kelly Hansen who had been serving as the band’s voice in concert since Lou Gramm left.

# 9 – Head Games

The hard-driving forceful song “Head Games,” was the title track from the band’s third album. The album Head Games was released in 1979. The album’s first single “Dirty White Boy,” reached the number 12 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. However, its was the album’s second single and title track that we have chosen to place on our top 10 Foreigner songs list.

# 8 – Fool For You Anyway

The great grooving ballad “Fool For You Anyway,” is the only song on this top 10 Foreigner song list to have never been released as a single. However, a great song is a great song and all of Foreigner’s early albums were loaded with great tracks that were never released as singles. This one has always been one of our favorites. It was released on the band’s debut album in 1976.

# 7 – Waiting For A Girl Like You

After releasing three albums loaded with huge hits singles, the band continued on with its string of hits with the release of “Waiting For A Girl Like You.” The heart warming song was issued on the band’s fourth album entitled appropriately Foreigner 4. The album was released in 1981.

# 6 – Urgent

Continuing with the Foreigner 4 album, we turn to another huge smash off the album entitled Urgent. The Foreigner 4 album spawned three big singles. The album also featured guest appearances by Thomas Dolby, Mark Rivera  of the Billy Joel band and Bob Mayo of the Peter Frampton band.

# 5 – Double Vision

The great album Double Vision was the brilliant follow-up to Foreigner’s debut album. The opening track with its slick guitar riff has always been one of our favorite Foreigner songs. Double Vision was the second single released from the album and peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.

# 4 – Cold As Ice

The opening piano hook of “Cold As Ice,” will always go down as one of the signature riffs in classic rock history. The song “Cold As Ice,” was the second single released from Foreigner’s debut album. It was the perfect follow-up choice to “Feel’s Like The First Time.” It was dynamically and melodically the complete opposite of the first single and served the album well as the second track on the record.

# 3 – Hot Blooded

The great track “Hot Blooded,” served as the first single from Foreigner’s second album. The brilliant song proved that Foreigner would be no one hit wonder or one hit album band. Foreigner was all about Mick Jones and Lou Gramm. This song proved it.

# 2 – I Want To Know What Love Is

There are some Foreigner fans that did not care much for the ballad I Want To Know What Love Is. That’s sad, because in the end, the song really serves as the band’s masterpiece. There is a reason why the song became the band’s only Number One Hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s not our favorite Foreigner song but there is no denying its brilliance. The songs production is simply stunning.

# 1 – Feels Like The First Time

There is no denying that these top 10 lists we publish are written from our own subjective point of view. If we were basing it on sales or chart success, than “I Want To Know What Love Is,” would have been the number one song on our top 10 Foreigner songs list. However, our favorite Foreigner song turns out to be the first one we ever heard. It’s probably just a sentimental choice. Nonetheless every time we hear this songs it still feels…….


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