Top 10 Steven Wilson Songs

Steve Wilson Songs

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Steven Wilson is the God of Modern Progressive Rock. It’s as simple as that and also hundred times more complex. The complexity lies in the fact that Steven Wilson has worked with so many bands and artists. He has contributed to hundreds of projects and released a nice selection of solo albums. So where do we start when trying to compile a 10 Steven Wilson Songs. Most of the time when we write about artists who have been in famous bands and have also celebrated solo careers, we stick to the artist’s solo work because we already covered their contributions to their famous band in the band article. However, Steven Wilson has worked with so many bands, it would not be fair to ignore his various projects. So with Steven Wilson we will make an exception.

Our Top 10  Essential Steven Wilson songs list will attempt to cover various Steven Wilson projects. We hope by covering the various projects we will turn people on to some great music they might not be aware of. That is in essence the goal of this entire site anyways. We hope readers contribute to this article so that we can all celebrate the work of a modern day progressive rock God.

# 10 – Heaven Taste

There is no better way to start our top 10 Steven Wilson songs list than with a track from his early 90’s days with No-Man. The 20 minute epic instrumental “Heaven Taste,” was released on the band No-Man’s 1993 EP “Painting Paradise. ” This great track was written by Steven Wilson.

# 9 – Pariah

We opened our top 10 Steven Wilson songs list with one of his earliest works. We now jump to his most recent work as of this writing. Steven Wilson’s song “Pariah,” was released on his most recent album To the Bone. The album was released in 2017.

# 8 – Construct I

Steven Wilson’s collaboration with Dirk Serries resulted in a haunting album entitled Continuum I. The album was released in 2005. The album was split into three musical segments. “Construct 1,” was the opening segment.

# 7 – Harmony Korine

The song “Harmony Korine,” appeared on Steven Wilson’s first solo album entitled Insurgentes. The album was released in 2008. The song “Harmony Korine,” opened the album and was released as a single.

# 6 – Drag Ropes

“Drag Ropes,” was the opening track on the Storm Corrosion album. The Storm Corrosion album was a collaboration between Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt of the group Opeth. The album was released in 2012.

# 5 – Open Mind

The song “Open Mind,” was released on the debut album by the group Blackfoot. The group is a collaboration between Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. The album was released in 2004.

# 4 – Postcard

The great Steven Wilson song “Postcard,” was released on Steven Wilson’s second solo album entitled Grace for Drowning. The album was released in 2011. The beautiful song “Postcard,” was released as the album’s first single. 

# 3 – Lazarus

You cant compile a Steven Wilson Songs list that covers different aspects of his career without mentioning the band Porcupine Tree. The problem is, which Porcupine Tree song do we choose. Lazarus seemed to be a good choice. The song “Lazarus,” was released in 2005 on the Porcupine Tree album Deadwing.

 # 2 – The Watchmaker

From the album The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) This great Steven Wilson album was released in 2013. It is regarded by many to be his finest work.

# 1 – Routine

Steven Wilson has composed many pieces throughout his lifetime that can be considered masterpieces, but “Routine,” is on an entire different level from anything that he has ever composed. When great songwriters age, the realizations of mortality often takes their art to an entire new level. With age also comes a finer understanding of simplicity. It’s all there in the beautiful piece “Routine.” The Steven Wilson song “Routine,” was released on Steven Wilson’s solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase. in 2015. It is the perfect way to end our Top 10 Steven Wilson Songs list.


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