Top 10 Opeth Songs

Opeth Songs

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The band Opeth was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1989. The band started out as more of a Death Metal Band than a Progressive Rock band. However, like so many bands that began the careers in the early 1990’s their sound evolved to progressively incorporate many different genres of music which in essence is the meaning of the word “progressive.”

The band Opeth released their first album in 1985 entitled OrchidAfter the release of the Orchid album, the band continued to release albums on a steady basis  never lingering for too long between records. From 1995 to their latest 2016 release entitled Sorceress, the band has released eleven albums.

Our Top 10 Opeth Songs list takes a look at different periods in the band’s career. Of course it’s just a subjective list, but we believe we have picked some of their finest moments that will entice people who are unaware of the band to go check them out.

# 10 – Reverie/Harlequin Forest

Opening up out Top 10 Opeth songs list is the mind blowing epic “Reverie/ Harlequin Forest.” The song was released on the Ghost Reveries album in 2005. The epic track was written by Mikael Åkerfeldt. It appeared as the fifth selection on this amazing Progressive Rock album.

# 9 – Closure

This grand piece of music was released on the Damnation album in 2003. The record was produced by the God of modern Progressive Rock, Mr. Steven Wilson.

# 8 – The Moor

One of our favorite Opeth albums is their 1999 album Still Life. The song “The Moor,” was the album’s opening track.

# 7 – The Drapery Falls

“The Drapery Falls,” is from the legendary Blackwater Park album.The great Opeth album was released in 2001. The guitar work at the beginning of the song is extraordinary in the way the arrangement transcends back and forth from electric guitars to acoustic. The vocals follow the same pattern of changing resonance to create a cinematic effect that is very powerful.

# 6 – Face of Melinda

Another killer track from the Still Life album is the song “Face Of Melinda.”

# 5 – Black Rose Immortal

Continuing with our Top 10 Opeth songs list we turn to the Morningrise album. The record was released in June of 1996. It was the band’s second album. All the material on the album was written by Mikael Åkerfeldt and Peter Lindgren. The song “Black Rise Immortal,” had the longest run time on the album clocking in at just over twenty minutes.

# 4 – Demon Of The Fall

Everything about the title of the album, the song, and the album cover just creeps me out on this one. But it’s so cool. The My Arms, Your Hearse was the band’s third album release. The record was issued in 1998. 

# 3 – Harvest

As we arrive at the top 3 spots on our Top 10 Opeth songs list, we turn to band’s crowning achievement; the Blackwater Park album. It’s no secret that this is the album most Opeth fan argue was the band’s best. The song “Harvest,” appeared as the third track on the album. The song was written by Mikael Åkerfeldt.

# 2 – Blackwater Park

The title track from the album Blackwater Park was the CD’s closing track. It was also the album’s longest running track. The heavy metal riffs draped in dark strings defined the Opeth sound. Seven Wilsons’s touch is all over this record and you can especially hear it on the title track Blackwater Park. Listen to those killer riffs. Wow! This is heavy.

# 1 – To Bid You Farewell

Our choice for the number one spot on our Top 10 Opeth Songs lost is the great track “To Bid You Farewell.” The song was released on the Morningrise album which was released in 1996. The song “To Bid You Farewell,” was the album’s closing track. It is one of those songs that has en emotional effect on the listener leaving that forces you to keep coming back to the record and its brilliant artistic statement.

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