Top 10 Stevie Nicks Soundtrack Songs

Stevie Nicks Soundtrack Songs

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Our Top 10 Stevie Nicks Soundtrack songs list is one of those articles that many writers here at fought over to write. Who does not love Stevie Nicks? With the recent news that she would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, we thought it was the perfect time to start digging deeper into her fabulous catalogue. Over the years, Stevie Nicks songs have found their way on many film and television soundtracks. Our top 10 Stevie Nicks Soundtracks songs list is an attempt to chooses 10 of the best.

In order to make this list stand apart from our top 10 Stevie Nicks songs list, we only listed Stevie Nicks songs that appeared on soundtracks and not her official studio albums as either a solo artist or with Fleetwood Mac. In some cases, some of the soundtrack only songs wound up appearing as bonus tracks on her remastered catalog that was released in the 2010s. However, that was usually many years after they had only been available on the soundtrack albums or some of Stevie Nicks assorted greatest hits or box set compilations.

We hope you enjoy this list. Collecting rare soundtrack songs by a loved artists had always been a challenge among music fans before the youtube era. Now all you need is a cool article to point you the way.


# 10 – If You Ever Did Believe

We open up our Top 10 Stevie Nicks Soundtrack Songs list with one of two Stevie Nicks songs released on the soundtrack to the movie Practical Magic. The other song “Crystal,” had already been released on Fleetwood Mac’s album Fleetwood Mac and the Buckingham Nicks album.

# 9 – Free Fallin’

Stevie Nicks mesmerizing cover version of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin,” was released on the soundtrack to the television show Party Of Five. The soundtrack was released in 1996.

# 8 – Sleeping Angel

The Stevie Nicks song Sleeping Angel appeared on the soundtrack to the legendary coming of age film Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The film and soundtrack were both released in 1982. The film starred Jennifer Jason Leigh and a standout performance by Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli.

# 7 – Twisted

The song “Twisted,” was released on the soundtrack to the movie Twister. The song was co-written and performed with Lindsey Buckingham. This was the second time Stevie Nicks appeared on a soundtrack that also included a Sammy Hagar vocal.

# 6 – Somebody Stand By Me

The song “Somebody Stand By Me,” was released on the Boys On The Side soundtrack in 1995. The song was written by Sheryl Crow.

# 5 – Battle Of The Dragon

The mystic of Stevie Nicks rings clear on this great song released on the American Anthem soundtrack in 1986.

# 4 – Blue Lamp

This very cool Stevie Nicks song was released on the ultimate rock and roll film soundtrack. In 1981, many rock artists fought to be included on the Heavy Metal Soundtrack. It was also released as a bonus track many years later on the Bella Donna Deluxe version dual CD release.

# 3 – Violet And Blue

Violet and Blue was released on the soundtrack to the movie Against All Odds. The film was released in 1984. It starred Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward and James Woods. The song was also released as a bonus track many years later on The Wild Heart Deluxe version dual CD release. It was also included on the Stevie Nicks box set Enchanted.

# 2 – Touched By An Angel

The beautiful Stevie Nicks song “Touched By An Angel,” was released on the Sweet November Soundtrack. It’s one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard Stevie Nicks sing. It’s also one of her most unknown songs. That’s why we compose these lists.

# 1 – Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go

This heartbreaking song was released on the soundtrack to the film The Book of Henry. The film was released in 2017. The movie starred the beautiful Naomi Watts. This is simple one of the most emotional songs that Stevie Nicks has ever performed. Simply breathtaking!

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