Top 10 Superchunk Songs

Superchunk Songs

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Our Top 10 Superchunk Songs acquaints us with an American indie rock band whose energetic music style has been influenced by punk rock. Formed in 1989, the band would have its name majorly inspired by a misspelling on its original drummer’s name Chuck Garrison as “Chuck.” They would adopt the moniker Chuck only to change it to Superchunk to avoid confusion and lawsuits with a jazz band who had assumed the name before them. Superchunk’s original lineup included guitarist and singer Mac McCaughan, drummer Chuck Garrison, guitarist Jack McCook, and bassist Laura Ballance.

In the same year, McCaughan and Laura would also create a record label under the name Merge Records where the band would make releases of their songs. Merge Records became more than a record label for the band and their friends, helping produce music for international artists with songs featured on the Billboard music charts. However, making some of their releases under Matador Records was more of a necessity to help them receive critical acclaim quicker.

Superchunk songs have blended sublime lyrical compositions and awe-inspiring instrumentals, awarding the band quite some popularity among indie-rock fans. Like most of the band’s Superchunk has undergone an evolution, especially in their lineup change. However, Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance have been constant figures in the band. In addition to the vocalist and bassist, Superchunk’s other members include drummer Jon Wurster, guitarist Jim Wilbur, and backup bassist Jason Narducy. Here is our Top 10 Superchunk Songs list that brings the best releases from this indie rock band.

#10 – Throwing Things

Ushering us into the Top 10 Superchunk Songs is “Throwing Things,” one of the best indie-rock ballads from the band’s album No Pocky for Kitty. “Throwing Things” received positive reception amongst rock fans owing to its perfect expression of mood ranges evoked aggressive romanticism to sorrowful sentiment. In addition, the song serves as a perfect roadmap of how the band has grown over the years, polishing their aesthetics to become one of the most reputable indie rock bands in America.

#9 – Like a Fool

“Like a Fool” is a perfect guitar-led song that exhibits the great talent of Jim Wilbur. Even without Jack McCook, Superchunk proved that they still can rock and do it hard! The most invigorating aspect of this song is its sublime instrumental, a style that imitates most Superchunk songs from their studio albums. However, emotions run deep in this song, and you can even tell it through McCaughan’s vocals.

#8 – Precision Auto

Featured on the band’s album On the Mouth, “Precision Auto” is one of the best Superchunk songs that have not gone unnoticed by other artists. “Precision Auto” has been among the most covered song from Superchunk by other musicians and bands, including Jimmy Eat World. The song brings the arty and random footage that added glamour to the 90’s indie rock music. You ought to love the band’s energy in this high-tempo indie rock hit song.

#7 – The First Part

You can barely tell about Superchunk’s album Foolish without mentioning “The First Part.” The best part of the lyrics is “one good minute can last me a whole year,” which brings positivity to a whole new level. And true to the word, the song lasted more than a year and is still one of the best Superchunk songs ever released. Thanks to Merge Records for the great production of this great Superchunk hit. 

#6 – Digging for Something

Featured on Superchunk’s album Majesty Shredding, “Digging for Something” has been regarded by many as a perfect pop gem from the band. Released as the first single in the album, “Digging for Something” has every single beat inspire the next, thanks to the sublime work done by each of the band’s instrument players. The song’s video exhibits how good the band is at comedy, bringing back the fun to Superchunk fans.

#5 – Driveway to Driveway

“Driveway to Driveway” is a perfect hit song that helped add glamour to Superchunk’s album Foolish. Many have said that most of the songs in the album were inspired by Superchunk’s vocalist Mac McCaughan with bassist Laura Ballance. Probably this might have been true with “Driveway to Driveway,” finding McCaughan in a state of mending a broken heart as depicted by the lyrics. Pouring out emotions in such a manner is not Superchunk’s typical way of expression, but this song beat all odds to be one of the hits they are identified with.

#4 – Void

Featured on their 2013 album, I Hate Music, “Void” was the perfect way to poke fun at their fans while still reminding the world that they still have it in them to release a great indie hit song. What happens when old chaps go to a live show after ages? Well, you can find out in the official video of this song. “Void” is about the feeling of being out of one’s element. The old chaps can barely match up the energy and coolness depicted by the young blood in the room!

#3 – What a Time to Be Alive

Do you curse or celebrate the current times compared to other times you have read, heard, or even lived? We all have a share of what we can take pride in and probably what we hate about the current times. In “What a Time to Be Alive,” Superchunk wishes for the death of bitter old chaps who make life a living hell. The band wishes for the rise of brave young men to end the unfair power structures. Notably, the whole of Superchunk’s album, What a Time to Be Alive, is much of a protest or political status-inspired album.

#2 – Hyper Enough

“Hyper Enough” is one of the band’s songs that led to their mainstream success having it featured in the film Tromeo and Juliet and video game NCAA Football 06. The song is about the band members seeking help from a therapist. Thanks to the catchy tune and self-awareness humor that the song carries, it became one of their best releases from the 1995 album Here’s Where the String Come In.

#1 – Crossed Wires

Number one on our Top 10 Superchunk Songs list is the hit song “Crossed Wires” from the band’s album, Majesty Shredding. Its music video is a parody of viral ca videos, with most of it seen through the eyes of a nasty kitty who is a troublemaker to everyone he meets. The video is so hilarious that it might have you forget the troubles of the world for a little while. “Crossed Wires” features some sublime vocals from the band’s vocalist Mac McCaughan which blend in well with the song’s instrumentals.

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