Top 10 Fear Factory Songs

Fear Factory Songs

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Our Top 10 Fear Factory Songs list introduces us to an American band that has excelled in the industrial and groove metal subgenres. Formed in 1989, Fear Factory would start its music journey under the name Ulceration, which the band thought was cool. They would later change their name to Fear Factory, inspired by a highly guarded factory a short distance from the band’s rehearsal space. Guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera would tag in bassist Dave Gibney and phenomenal vocalist Burton C. Bell to make the first lineup. Thanks to the sublime vocals of Burton that Fear Factory songs received quite a nice reception at the beginning of their career. On the other edge, Cazares has over the years been the force behind magnificent lyrics in most of the best Fear Factory albums. However, the extreme nature of Fear Factory hits slowed the band’s process towards achieving critical acclaim with their first album.

The band would take tours with other metal bands such as Sepultura and Sick of It All to promote their album Soul of a New Machine. Demanufacture is among the best Fear Factory albums featuring music with a futuristic feel thanks to the refined production. Years later, metal fans would listen to Fear Factory songs on the radio quite often due to their quality and catchy tunes. Currently, the Fear Factory lineup includes guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Burton C. Bell, drummer Mike Heller, and bassist Tony Campos. Here are the Fear Factory top songs that prove why the band is one of the most influential in the heavy metal scene.

#10 – Fear Campaign

Ushering to the Top 10 Fear Factory Songs is “Fear Campaign” from the band’s 2010 album Mechanize. “Fear Campaign” depicts how the present world was shaped by fear by controlling authorities. Back in the days, writers predicted such a world where misinformation, distraction, and fear tactics are used to control the masses. And when all is said and done, people have fallen for the trap, making fear their god. The song illustrates the fear of an assortment of miseries, including failure, war, loss, and hate.

#9 – Edgecrusher

“Edgecrusher,” is an indirect version of the “Fear Campaign,” featuring almost the same theme. Featured on the band’s 1998 album, the song serves as a description from the view of government-controlled media about a rebel who broke out of jail and the aftermath of the action. In this context, the rebel is a machine-human who’s fed up with taking orders from higher authorities seeing how it adds pain to the world.

#8 – Demanufacture

Featured on the band’s 1995 self-titled album, “Demanufacture” is a ballad whose title was perceived as the contrary of the term manufacture. The song was written when Los Angeles was going through tons of issues that the band felt like they were deconstructing its glory. The city had seen more destruction than growth, from natural calamities to social problems such as police brutality and gang violence. Fear Factory took it upon themselves to address these matters in a song that helped their 1995 album gain more sales.

#7 – Descent

Released on the band’s album Obsolete, “Descent” is one of Fear Factory’s songs that got massive airplay on the radio in 1999. Burton C. Bell would deliver the lyrics to the song, having it express the despair felt by Edgecrusher from their previous album as he relaxes temporarily on his flight from pursuing other forces. At this time, he questions his personal mission’s worth only to decide to fight his oppressors. “Descent” performed great on the charts peaking at number 38 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#6 – Zero Signal

“Zero Signal” is yet another song from the band’s second album Demanufacture worth mentioning on the top 10 Fear Factory songs list. Tagging bassist Christian Olde Wolbers was a great deal for the band, having him help Burton C. Bell is in the songwriting process for most of the songs. “Zero Signal” also brings the best out of Olde Wolber’s skills on the bass, probably the reason some might dub him the god of the double bass. Many might remember this song from the film Mortal Kombat.

#5 – Cars

When Fear Factory took on Gary Numan’s hit debut solo “Cars,” it is without a doubt that they gave it their best! While “Cars” might have been included as a bonus track in their album Obsolete, it became one of the band’s greatest releases. The cover received great enthusiasm amongst Fear Factory fans raising its status on the charts. “Cars” is about how people use technology and material goods, only isolating themselves from human contact. The song peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#4 – Resurrection

Featured on the band’s album, Obsolete, “Resurrection” is a favorite among Fear Factory songs to lead vocalist Burton C. Bells. The song is more tuneful compared to other releases from the band without compromising on the heavy beats common with their music style. “Resurrection” is an uplifting narration of how man seems to be winning on the battle between him and the tech takeover.

#3 – Powershifter

Fear Factory’s 2009 album Mechanize would not have been complete without “Powershifter,” a song that had the band’s popularity reawakened. The song is about personal struggles against a governing and incompetent organization. “Powershifter” brings the theme of change too bold, proving that it is a choice not easy but necessary in the course of humanity. Thanks to vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares for the sublime lyrics to the song.

#2 – Linchpin

Featured on the band’s album Digimortal, “Linchpin” is a ballad built on the success of musical compositions from the band’s previous albums. The song was one of the band’s best-performing hits peaking at number 31 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. “Linchpin” describes the future possibility of both man and machine joining together. 

#1 – Replica

Number one on the top 10 Fear Factory list is a song that crowns the band as true metal music stars. “Replica” is a song inspired by the story of a child born of rape who is scared that some defective genes might have been inherited, making him become a ‘replica’ of his father! Like children who suffer from growing in abusive families, “Replica” displays worries in a child born out of rape, making it one of the most touching songs by the band. In addition, the song was instrumental to the success of the band’s album Demanufacture, paving the way for even greater success in the music industry years that followed.

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