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Susan Tedeschi Songs

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Our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list focuses on a talented singer. Not only is she a talented singer, she’s a gifted songwriter and musician. In fact, Susan Tedeschi is one of the most celebrated blues singers of her generation. Susan Tedeschi remains committed to her craft. She records excellent music on her own and with The Tedeschi Trucks Band. The artist earned multiple award nominations for her phenomenal work in music. Fans enjoy listening to her soulful vocals. She knows how to make cover songs sound original. The talented artist also knows how to write creative songs that touch the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Susan Tedeschi rose to fame with her album Just Won’t Burn. The album put her on the music map. Critics and fans loved her work. It made the world take notice of her work. She became a force in music. Fans enjoy the album decades after its release. People compare her vocals to Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin because of her smoky and soulful voice. It makes sense for her to emulate them because they are a couple of her influences. Her other vocal influences include Etta James, Bob Marley, Toots Hibbert, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Bob Dylan, Otis Rush, Walter Beasley, Kenya Hathaway, and Irma Thomas. She learned to play the guitar by listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Doyle Bramhall II, and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. With fantastic influences like them, we aren’t surprised she became an accomplished artist.

The Grammy-nominated artist was born on November 9, 1970. Despite being raised as a Catholic, she became inspired by African American Baptist church music. When Susan Tedeschi was a teenager, the vocalist performed in bands. While Susan Tedeschi was in college, she sat in blues jams and became immersed in the music scene. The artist formed The Susan Tedeschi Band with Adrienne Hayes, Jim Lamond, and Mike Aiello. They released Better Days in December 1995. Critics enjoyed the album. They felt she belonged on the same level as her musical influences. Her voice received praise for its richness and soulfulness. The album features the singles “Gonna Write Him a Letter,” “Better Days,” “Locomotive,” and “Love Never Treats Me Right.”

In February 1998, Susan Tedeschi released Just Won’t Burn. She received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. The album peaked at number two on the Top Blues Albums charts and 181 on the Billboard 200. Critics compared Susan Tedeschi to Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. It features the singles “Rock Me Right,” “It Hurt So Bad,” “Found Someone New,” “Just Won’t Burn,” and “Looking for Answers.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Its success was a rarity in the blues genre. After releasing her album, she collaborated with Double Trouble members Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon on their album. She opened for the Allman Brothers Band in 1999. During the tour, she met musician and songwriter Derek Trucks. He was the lead guitarist for the Derek Trucks Band. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks toured together. They called themselves The Soul Stew Revival. The duo got married in 2001.

In 2003, Susan Tedeschi opened for The Rolling Stones. She gained more attention by performing with the legendary band. In November 2002, Wait for Me hit the shelves. The album peaked at number one on the Top Blues Albums charts and 91 on the Billboard 200. Critics loved the album and praised it for its crossover appeal. She received multiple Grammy nominations for the album. The album features the singles “Alone,” “Wrapped in the Arms of Another,” “Wait for Me,” and “I Fell in Love.”

She released Hope and Desire in October 2005. Susan Tedeschi changed her sound for the project. She switched from blues to soul and R&B music. The singer/songwriter received a Grammy nomination for the album. It features the singles “Share Your Love with Me,” “Soul of a Man,” “Tired of My Tears,” and “Security.” Back to the River premiered in October 2008. It peaked at number one on the Top Blues Albums charts and 71 on the Billboard 200. The album received a Grammy nomination. It features the singles “Learning the Hard Way,” “People,” “Love Will,” and “Butterfly.”

Susan Tedeschi is an underrated artist who deserves recognition for her extraordinary work. We picked songs that showcase her outstanding vocals. Our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list allows longtime fans and new listeners the opportunity to hear her fantastic songs.

# 10 – Wrapped In The Arms Of Another

The tenth pick on our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list is “Wrapped in the Arms of Another” from the Wait for Me album. She released the track in 2002. The song is about the man of her dreams belonging to another woman. She thinks about him all the time and wants to reunite with him. He feels far away from her because he loves another woman. It upsets her to think of her man with another woman. Her heart breaks knowing that he belongs to someone else.

“Wrapped in the Arms of Another” has a relatable theme about adoring from afar. If you ever loved someone who is with another person, you understand the meaning behind the track. Most of us have fallen victim to loving someone dating another person. The emotional delivery of the words and beautiful vocals create a relatable song that resonates with people who long for someone they can’t have. It makes you think about your life and how it feels to lose the person you love to someone else. The song opens with a somber piano beat that matches the theme. Listening to the chords reminds you of heartbreak. The stripped instrumentation allows listeners to hear her vulnerable side. Her powerfully driven vocals sound breathtaking. She sounds like a woman who has had her heart broken. Susan Tedeschi proves she doesn’t need to rely on the guitar to create a masterpiece. 

# 9 – Learning the Hard Way

“Learning the Hard Way” is the ninth pick on our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list. Susan Tedeschi released the song in 2008 from her Back to the River album. The single is about a woman breaking free from a controlling man. She gets tired of him bossing her around. He brings her down and never says nice things to her. She prefers to make her own mistakes than stay with him. He never lets her express herself. His opinion is the only one that matters. He tells her what to do without knowing anything about her. She demands that he stop bringing her down.

“Learning the Hard Way” is an anthem about putting yourself first. We commend her for penning a song about standing up for yourself. Everyone needs a reminder to put themselves first in tumultuous relationships. We enjoy the message in the track because she encourages people to face adversity and stay true to themselves. She refused to let a man bring her down. The moving lyrics encourage us not to put up with verbal abuse. She infuses blues, rock, and soul to create the sound. The sizzling guitar riffs shine throughout the song. It includes a fantastic drum section that gives the song a tempo that allows you to move around in your seat. We love hearing Susan Tedeschi belt the anthemic lyrics. Her voice goes up an octave when she belts. It showcases her versatility.

# 8 – I Fell in Love

“I Fell in Love” is the eighth track on our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list. She released the single in 2002 from the Wait for Me album. The song details a woman falling in love at first sight. She fell in love with her lover the moment she laid eyes on him. When she saw him, she melted. She has never seen a man like him before. He took her to a dance. She knew they would be together.

The self-explanatory tune is about falling in love at first sight. She describes feeling an instant attraction to someone. Susan Tedeschi crafted a track that details how it feels to have a lasting love. If you ever fell in love at first sight, you know what she’s talking about in the song. The sweet lyrics take listeners to a simpler time. She makes you a believer in love. Susan Tedeschi wrote a compelling love song that didn’t sound cheesy. The instrumentation has an old-school vibe. It blends rock, country, blues, and soul music. There is a piano solo after the bridge that sells the song. Susan Tedeschi’s flawless vocals shine throughout the track. She sings over the loud instrumentation without straining her voice. Her vocals blow you away. The feel-good song puts you in the mood for love.

# 7 – Looking for Answers

The seventh track is “Looking for Answers” from the Just Won’t Burn album. She released the song in 1998. The song is about a woman asking questions about life. She questions her faith in love and the meaning of life. The singer asks for mercy because she deals with a lot. She seeks answers from a spiritual place. Susan Tedeschi wonders why people live and die.

The spiritual song talks about a woman looking for answers to difficult questions. She longs for a sense of purpose. The introspective track allows listeners to search for answers about life. It allows listeners to reflect on their journeys in life. The lyrics make us feel emotional when we hear them. Anyone who feels emotionally drained should listen to the lyrics. It may give you hope that you will find the answers you seek. We love songs that make you think and feel vulnerable. The blues and gospel-infused instrumentation fits with the theme of the tune. It allows you to ponder the meaning of life. There’s a musical pause that sets the song on fire. Her soft vocals blend well with the gentle music. Susan Tedeschi doesn’t utilize the grit in her voice but embraces her powerful vocals.

# 6 – Wait for Me

“Wait for Me” is from the album of the same name. The single premiered in 2002. Susan Tedeschi talks about a woman whose lover walked out on her. She wants him to remember who ended the relationship. If he wants her back, he can call her. She holds out hope that he will come back to her. No matter how long he stays away, she will wait for his return. He can call her anytime.

The song describes a woman willing to wait for the man she loves to return. It hurts that he left her, but she wants him back. She remains hopeful that he will return. Susan Tedeschi wrote a track that is relatable to anyone who has lost someone they love. The universal lyrics can apply to any love. We appreciate how the lyrics apply to different relationships. The poignant ballad speaks to the hope of love and patience. It features old-school blues and soul music. The ballad caters to her vocal strength. It allows her to dig into her soul and pour her heart out. Everything about the song reminds us of something Aretha Franklin would have performed. You hear the ache in her voice as she describes the pain of losing the man she loves.

# 5 – Angel from Montgomery

The fifth track on our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list is “Angel from Montgomery” from the Just Won’t Burn album. The song debuted in 1998. She sings about a woman who wants more from life. Susan Tedeschi talks about her regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Every day, she longs for meaning in her life. She wants to escape her life and achieve a better one.

The haunting track is a remake of John Prine’s song. It deals with regret and missed opportunities. The tune speaks to people who feel stuck in life. It relates to anyone who feels trapped and wants something better in life. If you feel like you never accomplished anything, the tune reminds you that you are not alone. The lyrics evoke different emotions inside of you. “Angel from Montgomery” has a soul-stirring melody that moves listeners to tears. We understand the lyrics because we know how it feels to want a better life. Susan Tedeschi changed the instrumentation in her version of the song. John Prine’s version sounds country, while her version sounds bluesy. He sings the song softly while she projects her voice. Susan Tedeschi nailed the vocals. She made the song her own with her stellar vocals. If you love John Prine’s version, you will fall in love with Susan Tedeschi’s.

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# 4 – Just Won’t Burn

“Just Won’t Burn” is from the album of the same name. She premiered the song in 1998. The song is about finding strength when you feel lost or overwhelmed. She deals with a lot but knows everything will work out for her. There are times when she feels helpless but knows things will get better. She’s not afraid to take on challenges.

The lyrics talk about resilience. Susan Tedeschi wrote a song about personal struggles. She feels vulnerable but has hope things will change. It captures the raw emotions of human life. The tune resonates with listeners dealing with adversity. We never knew we needed the song until she released it. She wrote the song decades ago, but it works today. Personal struggles never get old. The blues instrumentation fits with the theme of the track. It features musical pauses which allow you to embrace the music. We get lost listening to her soulful vocals. She makes you feel as if you are in a blues club. Susan Tedeschi sings from the depth of her soul and holds your attention until she finishes the song. 

# 3 – Alone

The third song on our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list is “Alone” from the Wait for Me album. It hit the shelves in 2002. She wants her lover to come back. The singer thought about the last time they spoke to each other. She hopes to see him at their favorite restaurant again to tell him how she feels. Susan Tedeschi thinks about him all the time. The singer feels alone and wants him back. He needs to listen to his heart and come back to her.

“Alone” tells a story about a woman who wants her ex back. She feels alone without him. The compelling lyrics paint a picture of loneliness and regret. It makes you think about the one who got away. Listening to the lyrics makes you think twice about breaking up with someone you love. Susan Tedeschi beautifully captures the feeling of love and loss. The emotional track evokes sympathy from listeners, especially if you relate to the lyrics. It features phenomenal instrumentation that jumps out of the speakers. Susan Tedeschi channels her inner Bonnie Raitt throughout the track. Her vocals soar in the chorus. The infectious chorus stands out and stays in your head long after you finish listening to it. “Alone” is arguably one of her best songs because it features soul-stirring music and spine-tingling vocals.

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# 2 – It Hurt So Bad

“It Hurt So Bad” is from the Just Won’t Burn album. The song debuted in 1998. Susan Tedeschi talks about missing her ex. She gives details about their intimacy. The singer misses the way he used to kiss her. He was the best man she ever had. It was wrong to let him go. Leaving him was the biggest mistake of her life. His arms made her feel safe. She let a good man get away from her and now regrets it.

The song deals with regret and heartbreak. She blames herself for letting a good man walk away. Susan Tedeschi allows listeners to see her vulnerable side. Most people know how it feels to let good people walk away. It hurts to let the person you love go. The pain becomes unbearable when you regret it. “It Hurt So Bad” is a heartfelt blues ballad that expresses the pain of letting someone go. If you let someone get away, you understand the depth of the lyrics. Her emotional vocals shine like a diamond. She channels her inner Janis Joplin as she belts throughout the track. Her spine-tingling vocals give you chills. The bridge features a magnificent guitar solo that sets the song ablaze. 

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# 1 – Rock Me Right

The number one song on Our Top 10 Susan Tedeschi Songs list is “Rock Me Right” from the Just Won’t Burn album. She released the hit in 1998. The lyrics are about a woman who wants affectionate love. She craved love for a long time. The singer felt she would never find romance again. She longed to feel physically and emotionally intimate with her partner. As the song progresses, she gets the man she wants. He makes her feel special and treats her right. The man makes her a believer in love.

The song expresses her desire for intimacy. She had her heart broken in the past and wants it repaired. It resonates with anyone who wants to give up on love. The message tells you that if you wait for love, it will come your way. Susan Tedeschi gives listeners hope that love exists. You get chills listening to the track. We love how the tune combines blues and rock. It gives Susan Tedeschi a rock edge. She channels her inner Janis Joplin. Her bluesy and soulful voice blends with the music. The grit in her voice shines when she sings the chorus. This track showcases her talent as a singer and musician. She could teach lessons on how to play the guitar. Anyone who appreciates music would enjoy this exemplary track. She proved why she’s one of the best blues singers in the business.

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