Top 10 Bloodrock Songs

Bloodrock SongsOur Top 10 Bloodrock Songs looks at the career of another great Progressive Rock band from the great State of Texas in the United States of America. The band Bloodrock was formed in the 1960’s and stands as one of the earliest bands to emerge in the Progressive Rock scene that boomed in the 1970’s. While they never gained the same amounts of popularity that other 1970’s progressive rock bands like King Crimson, Yes, and Emerson Lake & Palmer enjoyed, they did garnish a large loyal following and significantly contributed to the progressive rock scene at the dawn of that great age of music.

The band’s first album was released in 1970 entitled Bloodrock. The album was released on Capitol Records. The second album released later that year in 1970 by the band was titled appropriately Bloodrock 2. In 1971 the band continued with the numbered album titles released Bloodrock 3. They would eventually drop the continued numbered album titles with the release of their fourth album called Bloodrock U.S.A. The band’s fifth album Passage saw the band headed in more of the Progressive Rock direction with a lineup change of musicians within the group. The band released one more 1970’s album in 1974 entitled Whirlwind Tongues.

Our top 10 Bloodrock songs list is an attempt to define some of the best material the band recorded during the 1970’s.

#10 – Gotta Find A Way

We open our top 10 Bloodrock songs with the lead-off track from the band’s first album Bloodrock. The song and album were released in 1970.

# 9 – Kool Aid Kids

If you’re not a Bloodrock fan after the first thirty seconds of listening to this, than we don’t know what to tell you. This great track was released in the Bloodrock 3 album in 1971.

# 8 – The Power

“The Power,” was released on the band’s fifth album entitled Passages. Listen to that great progressive rock organ solo about half way through the track.

# 7 – A Certain Kind

This beautiful song was released on the album Bloodrock 3. The music on this track defines the wide scope of styles that Bloodrock explored and why this band was so loved by many.

# 6 – Lucky In The Morning

Continuing our Top 10 Bloodrock Songs list we turn to the band’s second album and the great track “Lucky In The Morning.” Listening to this track, we just shake our heads wondering why this band was not a household name.

# 5 – Melvin Laid an Egg

You can hear the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Black Sabbath at the start of this very heavy song entitled, “Melvin Laid an Egg,” by the band Bloodrock. The song was released on Bloodrock’s debut album. It was the closing track on the record.

# 4 – Breach of Lease

We tried spreading this Bloodrock songs list out among all their albums as much as we could, but the Bloodrock 3 album is so outstanding we have to apologize for choosing so many Bloodrock songs from that record. Although, when you listen to these tracks you will understand.

# 3 – Jessica

The song Jessica has nothing to do with the legendary Allman Brothers Band song, but that does nit matter because this one is just as good. Released on the band’s incredible third album entitled Bloodrock 3. 

# 2 – Rock and Roll Candy Man

Heavy, Psychedelic, and Progressive is everything that defines the great Bloodrock track “Rock and Roll Candy Man.” Released on their Bloodrock U.S.A. album. On man does this taste so good!

# 1 – D.O.A.

Coming in at number one on our top 10 Bloodrock songs list is the bands biggest hit of their career entitled D.O.A.. The song was released on the album Bloodrock 2 in 1970.

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