Top 10 Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs

Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs

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Our Top 10 Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs list presents the best Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs like “Break Every Chain,” “For Your Glory” and many more. Born and raised in Jesup, Georgia, on July 7, 1981, the gospel singer-songwriter, Tasha Cobbs, started out as a worship leader with her community’s New Life Ministries, an organization started by her father, Bishop Fritz Cobbs. It would be the year 2010 she would bring her vocal talent as a songstress to an audience beyond her local surroundings with her first studio album, Smile.

This independent release won over the attention of EMI Gospel, who would sign her up with their label to release Grace in 2013. It became a number one album on the US Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart, thanks to a pair of number one singles, namely “Break Every Chain” and “For Your Glory.” These two songs played an instrumental role for Cobbs to win Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance in 2014 with the Grammy Awards, as well as the Gospel Artist of the Year Award at the GMA Dove Awards in 2015.

Becoming Natasha Cobbs-Leonard

Since March 3, 2017, this well-gifted singer-songwriter goes by the name of Natasha Cobbs-Leonard after marrying her longtime love, Kenneth Leonard. Approximately two years later, the couple founded The Purpose Place Church in South Carolina, both of them serving as pastors to the COMMUNITY. As of July 2021, the couple adopted a son, Asher. For Tasha, serving the Lord in ministry has been a part of her life since the beginning. In 2006, she toured the United States with Pastor William H. Murphy III and the dReam Center Church for three years before embarking on her solo career in the Christian music genre.

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard Discography

Since her solo debut in 2010, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard recorded and released a total of three studio albums and three live albums. This multi-award-winning talent has certainly come across as God’s gift to the Christian music genre as the fans take in the music and the message behind it.

Top 10 Tasha Cobbs Leonard Songs

#10 – In Spite of Me (featuring Ciara)

“In Spite of Me” was a collaborated single performed by Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and Ciara. From the 2020 album, Royalty (Live at the Ryman), this number seven hit from the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart musically laid out the testimony that despite ourselves, Jesus still cares enough to come and do more than just save the day. Among Christian believers who understand the difference between God’s Word and the world’s concept of it, they know there isn’t a single person immune to sin.

#9 – Jesus Saves

“Jesus Saves” was a number ten hit on the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart for Tasha Cobbs after it was released as a single in 2015. From the album, One Place, this lyrical acknowledgment that only Jesus Christ can save someone from damnation served as a powerful testimony of truth shared among Christian believers who see this as fact. As a ballad, “Jesus Saves” witnesses gospel music at its best as it laid out the very reason why those most loyal to Christianity refuse to abandon the Lord whom they’ve come to recognize as their personal savior.

#8 – My World Needs You (featuring Kirk Franklin, Sarah Reeves, and Tamela Marin)

The collaborated performance of Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Kirk Franklin, Sarah Reeves, and Tamela Marin brings forth “My World Needs You” as a musical plea to God to help his people get through such difficult times. Released as a single in 2017, “My World Needs You” comes from Kirk Franklin’s album, Losing My Religion. On the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart, it was a number-four hit, thanks to the beautiful contrast of vocal talent that each contributed to the spiritual magic of this song. Beautifully performed as a soulful ballad by believers and followers of Jesus Christ, “My World Needs You” served as a musical plea for the Lord to help the people through the downpour of troubled times the world has become bent on drowning everybody.

#7 – Fill Me Up

On the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart, “Fill Me Up” was a number twenty-five hit after it was released from the album, One Place, in 2015. The quest to be filled up with the Holy Spirit was the focus of Tasha Cobbs as she knows there is no other feeling quite like it. This ballad was beautifully performed by Cobbs as she encourages the listener to simply open up themselves to God and let the Holy Spirit fill them up that will elevate them from the mundaneness of the world to a realm that will not leave any room for darkness to find its way in.

#6 – Put a Praise On It (featuring Kierra Sheard)

On the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart, “Put a Praise On It” became a number two hit, thanks to the soulful performance delivered by Tasha Cobbs and Kierra Sheard. From the album, One Place, this song of worship once again saw Cobbs give God the credit for all of the blessings bestowed upon herself, her loved ones, and the people who may or may not realize he is the Lord. As a solid believer of Jesus Christ, as well as a devout follower who takes his Great Commission seriously, Cobbs powerfully hammers home the need to put praise on anything and everything that has a spiritual presence that can only come from the Lord himself.

#5 – This is a Move

“This is a Move” was a number-four hit on the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart after it was released as a single in 2010. Now as Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, this non-album single began as an inspiration when realizing God is still on the move today, doing what he’s always done, regardless if the population cares to see it or not. Within the song, shared testimonies of triumphs through trials shared by people who’ve been blessed by God’s presence were beautifully performed in a manner no artist other than Tasha herself could deliver. The live version of “This is a Move” earned a 2019 GMA Dove Award win for Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year, thanks to its inspirational and uplifting delivery of music that livens up the spirit within to join in on such a powerful movement.

#4 – Something Has to Break (featuring Kierra Sheard)

In 2020, the live version of “Something Has to Break” won Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards. For Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and Kierra Shard, this was seen as a blessing as the ladies brought forth a second very successful recording as gospel singers who are very much aware God won’t let the darkness of the world continue in the course it has deceptively been on ever since mankind mistakenly handed control over of it to the enemy so long ago.

“Something Has to Break” is at its mood-lifting best when performed live as the energy from this song does feel as if God himself has played a hand in its spiritual delivery. This song came as an inspiration after the COVID-19 outbreak caused so many to be quarantined in their own homes in what was the most unusual worldly event to happen since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Knowing that darkness can only last for so long, “Something Has to Break” served as an inspirational song, especially among believers who choose faith over fear to deal with the trials they are forced to face.

#3 – I’m Getting Ready (featuring Nicki Minaj)

From the album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit., the duet performance of “I’m Getting Ready” saw Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj combine their vocal talent in their lyrical quest to get ready for the anticipated return of Jesus Christ. On the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart, it became the third time Cobbs would realize a number one hit. For Nicki Minaj, who normally has her music appear as hip-hop favorites on mainstream US Billboard charts, this achievement was her first.

The combination of this dynamic duo gives “I’m Getting Ready” an inspirational boost for Christian believers to get on their feet and let Jesus Christ do what he does best, which is save. Minaj’s rap-style injection to this song beautifully laid out how the trials and trends of modern times don’t change the fact Jesus Christ is indeed for real and he is returning at a date that may seem sooner than some may think.

#2 – For Your Glory

“For Your Glory” was the second of two singles released by Tasha Cobbs to become a number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart. Right on the heels of “Break Every Chain,” the 2013 release of “For Your Glory” served as a lyrical plea to God in a manner that perfectly illustrates what makes Christianity such a powerful faith system. When fueled by the Holy Spirit, the ignition switch of a Christian believer is unmatched, which is evident as Tasha Cobbs musically glorifies the Lord as the one and only who is capable of choosing a Christian to become more than what they currently are.

#1 – Break Every Chain (featuring Timiney Figueroa)

On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, “Break Every Chain” was the first of two big hit singles for Tasha Cobbs after it was released in 2013 from the EP, Grace. It also became a mainstream hit as it peaked at number twenty-nine on the US Billboard Hot R&B Songs and at number fifty-four on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. To date, it has also been her most commercially successful hit as it became a certified platinum seller by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Deservedly, “Break Every Chain” won Gospel Performance of the Year and Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song of the Year at the 2013 GMA Dove Awards. At the 2014 Grammy Awards, it won Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance with its live version. Fans of Hezekiah Walker may recognize the guest vocals performed by Timiney Figueroa as he joined Tasha Cobbs in the performance of this contemporary Christian favorite. Originally, this song was performed by the United Pursuit Band in 2009, then covered by Jesus Culture in 2011. The empowering popularity of “Break Every Chain” reached new heights when Cobbs turned it into a nationwide hit.

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